Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Welcome to 2019!

The year has begun very smoothly with all our new and continuing students settling in, particularly our two intake years of Kindergarten and Year 7, and new students in almost all classes through the school. Only Little kindergarten is yet to start and will commence on Monday.

At Middle Cove we held a Welcome assembly to celebrate Year 12 stepping up into their role as senior class in the school, and at the same time we welcomed Class Teacher Katherine Arconati and her Class 3 onto the campus. At almost the same time, Lucy Armstrong our new Class 1 teacher was welcoming her class stepping up from Kindergarten 2018 into Class 1 2019 at Castlecrag.

Our first day had a sense of freshness about it, that scent of new beginnings that offers a promise for the year ahead. New beginnings often come with a special grace, as the Nobel Prize winning author Hermann Hesse famously put it in his poem Steps, :

The heart must give itself courageously
to life’s call without a hint of grief,

A magic dwells in new beginnings,

Protecting us, and teaching us how to live.


New Timetable:

Our new timetable is in place with longer session times, and high school teachers are already commenting on the quality of these longer learning periods for lessons and fewer movements between periods, all contributing to a smoother flow of the day.  Start times for the school day at the Middle Cove campus:

·         Classes 3 to 6: 8:50 am

·         Years 7 to 12: 8: 40 am

Please be on time. One of life’s great learnings and the hallmark of a successful person is punctuality: please play your part in helping your child learn this most essential human virtue.

Traffic Movements at Middle Cove:

Our new pedestrian gateway and walkway is now complete, and the main gate will continue to be closed from 8.20 to 8.50 am, and from 3.15 to 3.45 pm.

Parents of Class 3 to Year 12, please remember and abide by our Traffic Plan for the Middle Cove campus, a plan which works very well to maintain the safety of our students and of vehicles including cars and buses in the very narrow suburban streets around the school.

Executive Summary:

1.       Class 3 and 4 parents only may use Glenroy Avenue for drop off and pick up: laminated traffic permits are to be displayed.

2.       Class 5 to Year 12 students are to be dropped off and picked up in Tyneside Avenue or North Arm Road (see attached map), or use public transport: there is a traffic attendant and teachers on duty to supervise crossing Eastern Valley Way.

3.       Do not drop off, pick up or park in Greenfield Avenue.

For parents who cross Eastern Valley Way with children, please note the crossing rules: only groups of 15 are allowed across at any one crossing. Mary our Traffic Controller is vigilant with this rule and has maintained an excellent level of safety as a result. Please follow Mary’s directions at all times while crossing Eastern Valley Way.

Welcome to 2019

Come and join the fun of celebrating the start of 2019 on Friday February 8th, 6.30 to 9 pm in the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall at Castlecrag. This is a Glenaeon Parents Association event to welcome all parents to the school, with music, drinks and canapes, and good company. For catering purposes please RSVP via TryBooking.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy start to 2019!