Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

The Gentle Cafe dedication and farewell to Michele

Naming of the Gentle Café

We were reminded yesterday of Isaac Newton’s famous words “We see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants”. Glenaeon’s place in the world today was built by the gifts of generations of teachers and parents, mostly quiet and unobtrusive, but consistent, solid and enduring. They were giants in their generosity.

The naming of the Gentle Café was a moment to reflect with gratitude on the work of earlier generations. This was the final icing on the cake of our kitchen/deck and walkway projects that now provides a beautiful centre to the Middle Cove campus. The café has been named after Rosemary and the late Stuart Gentle, a couple whose collective contribution was decades-long and gigantic in its context. We heard some wonderful stories of the life and times of both of them, their colleagues and friends, of the school’s founder Sylvia Brose, and of the families who helped to build Glenaeon through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

School historian Glennis Mowday gave a lovely tribute to the Gentles that captured so much of the rich history of our community, and you can read it here

Farewell Michele!!

While it was a happy day yesterday for the naming of the cafe, it was also a sad day as it was Michele Harris' last day. After three years as Communications Coordinator, Michele departed the school, and this Newsletter, and is already settling into her new position at the ABC. After training in journalism, Michele aspires to a media role and it is wonderful for her that she is able to step in this new direction. Michele has created our Communications role single-handedly, transformed the Newsletter into the formidable communication channel it has become, and been a wonderfully vibrant and happy presence throughout the school. We wish her all success at the ABC, and know she will be back (often) to visit!

Open Days

The Middle Cove campus was full of visitors last Friday for our Open Day. This Saturday we focus on High School and Year 7 entry, so we extend an invitation to all parents from Kindergarten to Class 6 to come along for a specific tour on high school entry. Liz Nevieve, Deputy Head of School for Years 7 to 12, and other high school teachers will outline the exciting program that builds on all the Class Teacher years, how our unique Steiner education approach blends into the demands of the HSC program in the senior years leading to success in Year 12 and future careers. Bookings can be made via the website.