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“The face of the country would change”: The Power of Music Education

Our annual school concert is fast approaching. Please mark Friday August 24th as the date for hearing, and seeing, our choirs, orchestras and ensembles in action at The Concourse, Chatswood. Music making is one of the most transformative of the arts, a view affirmed in a comment from Richard Gill who has been one of Australia’s foremost music educators for decades, now sadly and seriously unwell. In an article in this weeks’ Australian, he reminded us of the power of music in education, particularly singing, and here is an extract. Glenaeon puts his advice into practice, every day.

Music education at a foundational level doesn’t have to involve expensive instruments or large ensembles: it starts with the voice. Gill argues that at schools where singing is taught, the students are motivated, teachers report greater attentiveness in the classroom and their schoolwork improves “exponentially”.

For these reasons and more, Gill really would like to teach the world to sing.

“My view is that if we had music in every single school, especially preschools through to grade six, the face of the country would change,” he says. “We’d start to look like European countries where music is hugely valued. It’s not that we want these kids to be Bach or Beethoven — or Dave Brubeck or Quincy Jones — it’s actually about wanting them to have a rounded education which includes music.”

Our annual music concert is on Friday 24 August and tickets are now on sale through Ticketek -