Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

New Roles, Familiar Faces

It has been a great pleasure this week to be announcing the new step in our leadership structure.

The positions of Director of Students (Dani Finch) and Director of Studies (Liz Nevieve) are being converted into two Deputy Head of School positions, responsible for Classes K-6 and Years 7-12 respectively.

As the school grows more complex, the need has emerged for more global responsibility in these two parts of the school, providing additional support for teachers, students and parents. Liz and Dani have each proved to be very capable in managing complex situations in their particular areas, and are ready to step up to these positions.

Both Liz and Dani are very familiar faces to parents, having been closely involved with school leadership as members of the Educational Executive.

Liz attended Glenaeon herself through the Class Teacher period and is steeped in our traditions. She trained as a Eurythmist in Stuttgart, Germany and has been a high school Eurythmy teacher at Glenaeon for over 15 years. She has been a Guardian twice, taking two classes through Years 9 to 12 and providing excellent pastoral care and academic mentoring. The HSC results for both her classes were outstanding, positioning Glenaeon just above 50th place in the top 100 school rankings. Over this time she also branched out into the wider fields of Curriculum and school management. She has been our Curriculum Coordinator and most recently Director of Studies. She managed the whole school’s curriculum compliance for our registration and accreditation with NESA in 2017 with great skill, worked exceptionally well with our faculty coordinators and demonstrated her impressive attention to detail. As Director of Studies she has been a quasi deputy for the high school already and her new role is a natural step.

Dani Finch came to Glenaeon in 2005 to learn about Steiner education via our part time training course. A trained primary school teacher, she had worked at Wenona for some years and was looking for fresh perspectives in education. Within a few years she had enrolled her two young boys in the school and was our part time Junior Librarian. She soon became our full time Librarian and overhauled and renovated the senior library, making it a very happy place. She later became our Middle School Coordinator, joined the Education Executive and demonstrated her flair for supporting students and parents with warmth and understanding. In these roles, and more recently as Director of Students, she played a key role in providing wellbeing services in high school, and coordinated our new Mentor structure in Years 9 to 11. She has continued to teach Junior Library classes throughout this time, and maintained a close connection with the primary classes.

Dani will move into an office in Reception at Middle Cove to be more visible and present for the primary classes, and she will also be at the Castlecrag campus a number of times each week to meet with teachers and speak with parents. Liz will move into Dani’s former office to be present within the high school building. Their new roles will formally commence next Monday February 11th. There will be a transition time as they step into their new roles.

All other roles on the Educational Executive will remain as they are, including Catherine Pilko and Rodney Dean as Senior Teachers at Castlecrag and for Class Teachers respectively. We will update our protocols to reflect the flow of communications regarding who parents go to if you have questions and for information. There will be specific messages for K-2 at Castlecrag, Classes 3-6 at Middle Cove, and Years 7 to 12.

Liz and Dani are both very enthusiastic about serving the school in these new roles of Deputy Head of School. They have both contributed so much over so many years that it goes without saying we can look forward to them continuing to work in the spirit of our collaborative and servant leadership impulse. I am personally excited to be working closely with them, and about the additional service they will provide the school, for parents and as support for our students.