Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Main Lessons

The Main Lesson is a uniquely effective factor in Steiner education.

Each morning for three weeks, every class from Years 1 to 11 learns about one ‘big idea’, one topic in which they can immerse themselves for this three-week period. In this block of time, teachers and students can explore in great depth the intricacies and subtleties of one large topic, ranging all the way across such big ideas as the Alphabet in Class 1, to Pythagoras, Shakespeare, or the Origins of Literature through high school.

Our Main Lesson curriculum tells the story of Humanity and our journey over epochs from the primal consciousness of legends and fairy tales, all the way to how we think now in the contemporary world, and the Greeks occupy a special place in this journey. The Main Lessons give every student as they pass through the school a connection with the narrative that is Our Story, the human story, locating each student in a living tradition.

The very institutions we prize so dearly are based on this story. As Barack Obama put it in his visit to the Australian Parliament in 2012, democracy and human rights might have emerged and flowered in just a few places on earth (ancient Greece and then the West), but they now belong to everyone on earth. Our Main Lesson curriculum tells the story of the emergence of democracy and human rights and all that accompanied these two fundamental pillars of a contemporary society.

Our Main Lessons tell this story in sequence very deliberately. As Edmund Burke famously said “Those who don’t know History are doomed to repeat it.’ From Glenaeon’s perspective, we say, ‘Those who are inspired by the stories of the great epochs of the past will be inspired to build a greater future.’

The stories from our Main Lessons are a hand from the past reaching out to take the hand of every Glenaeon student, and accompanying them on the path to the future.