Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

5 Foundational Programs

Each child unfolds his or her unique journey through five foundational programs that interweave through each year from Year 1 to Year 12.


A rigorous education that takes the growing child through a broad and inspiring range of subjects , meets all of the requirements for the NSW Education Standards Authority, and produces excellent results in the HSC.


A rich aesthetic program of Art, Music, Drama and Eurythmy - each child is seen as an artist and as an individual with creative ability, which can be used in adult life to awaken new ideas, new solutions, new modes of thought and consciousness.

Each Year from 1-8 performs a yearly play, culminating in a full production of Shakespeare in Year 8. In Year 10 an unabridged musical is performed. All students attend weekly drawing and painting classes and singing and instrumental classes.


A creative program that develops 'intelligent hands' through Design and Technology, Wood and Metal Crafts, Ceramics and Textiles. We experience our humanness through the useful and beautiful things we make and use.

Active Wilderness

A resilience-building program of sport, camps and outdoor challenges in nature, as well as caring for the earth through gardening.


A program building a culture of respect and responsibility through our school discipline policy, fostering self-discipline and respect for others, and service projects for the community.