Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Principles of Primary Education (Class Teacher period)

  • A class teacher through the primary years who supports emotional stability and security within each student. Students gain confidence and are inspired when the same teacher is with them year after year. This method is a common feature of education in Scandinavian countries which rate among the highest performing of OECD education systems.
  • A Main Lesson every morning for up to two hours through to Year 8, and 80 minutes to Year 12, focused on one “Big Idea” or topic area for a three week period eg The Alphabet, Norse Myths, Classical Greece, The First Fleet, The Renaissance, Conic Sections. Through this sustained and integrated teaching method students learn to concentrate and experience material imaginatively and in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • Teachers use a multi-sensory approach to learning and work rhythmically and imaginatively with students
  • Music plays a key role in the curriculum and all students play recorder together each day and a stringed instrument from Year 3.
  • Respect the natural environment and seasonal cycles through the celebration of a range of festivals (seasonal, cultural and faith) during the year.
  • Introduction of two languages other than English from Class 1: a European (German) and an Asian (Japanese) language reflecting our heritage and geographic position..
  • Laptop computers are introduced in Year 7. In the years before, the focus is on ensuring children have mastered the art of reading, writing, drawing and expressing themselves verbally and creatively using their human skills.