Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


The Main Lesson
The primary school day begins with the Main Lesson, a two-hour period focused on one topic area for three weeks. The Main Lesson is a unique element in Steiner education and it is during this uninterrupted time that the class teacher presents the current academic subject artistically, descriptively and dramatically. The central theme of the Main Lessons is explored through a range of integrated activities – movement, speech, music, story, practical activities and formal academic work. Each Main Lesson is linked to others across the same year and also provides a springboard for others in subsequent years. The children create their own Main Lesson books, reflecting their work in words, pictures, charts and diagrams.

The Class Teacher
Through the primary years, each class group is taught by one of our specially trained, multi-disciplinary educators. The Class Teacher guides a class through the primary years as guardian and mentor, creating an intellectually and emotionally healthy space, balancing challenge with reassurance. They present the Main Lesson and coordinate additional input from special subject instructors. This method is a common feature of education in Scandinavian countries which rate among the highest performing of OECD education systems.

Curriculum Overview
In the early primary years, a deep introduction to literacy, numeracy, history and science is made by immersing each student in the rich and imaginative world of story, poetry and song. Fairy tales, stories from around the world, the natural environment and the Dreamtime form a part of the child’s daily experience in the early grades. This approach of thematic studies, an integrated curriculum, and an immersion in aural and visual beauty, cultivates in each child a strong inner imaginative capacity. The capacity of imagination – a very powerful cognitive tool – will form the foundation for future creativity, problem solving and innovation in adult life.

The Arts
Creativity is further nurtured and supported through the study of the arts. All students take part in weekly drawing and painting classes as well as singing and instrumental music tuition. This emphasis on working artistically results in creative thinking individuals with the capacity for self-expression and flexible thinking. Years 1–6 perform an annual play, and all students benefit from the skills imbued in theatre: public speaking, team work, the emotional intelligence of playing someone else. Music also occupies a key role in the curriculum and all students play a range of instruments from Year 3.


Glenaeon fosters a global awareness through the curriculum by ensuring all students learn a language other than English through to Year 8. We teach two languages from Year 1: a European language (German) and an Asian language (Japanese), reflecting our heritage and our geographical location.

Happy, fulfilled, and wonderfully engaged in learning... my child has flourished at Glenaeon.

Year 4 parent