Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Class 6

The Roman World

Our journey through the great epochs of the past brings the students in Year 6 to the world of Ancient Rome, a time that fundamentally shaped and still influences our law and even our contemporary political traditions.

Now awakened to space and time, the Year 6 student is ready for a more scientific approach to the phenomena of the world. At this introductory stage our key methodology is a delicate empiricism, where scientific enquiry is awakened through accurate observation. As always we attempt to show that the human being finds within himself the key to the riddle of nature and the world.

For the student of Year 6 the idea that they can become the sculptor of themselves, that they have everything within to become thoughtful and caring, can be gently brought. The students are now encouraged to take on more individual responsibility both in their behaviour and their work and to do it from an inner understanding of what is right and less from an externally applied authority.


Year 6 Main Lessons: English; Mathematics; Local History, Local Geography; Geology , Astronomy (Science); Ancient Rome


  • Stories/ myths from Ancient Rome
  • Grammar work: writing; editing; punctuation. Parts of speech
  • Reading: Novel study
  • Literature: The Ballad


  • Fractions continued
  • Geometry of the Circle continued
  • Decimals and Percentages with fraction conversions
  • The Maths of Money: Business Maths

Science - Geology / Astronomy:

  • The Mineral kingdom
  • Astronomy: sun, moon, planets and stars

Geography/ History:

  • Local environments: the Australian continent
  • History: the local story: Federation/ explorers
  • Ancient epochs: Alexander the Great/ The Journey of Aeneas
  • Rome: the Birth of Empire; the Fall of Empire

Other subjects:

  • Craft / Woodwork,
  • Painting / drawing,
  • Games: team sports,
  • Eurythmy
  • Languages: German & Japanese,
  • Music: singing/ treble recorder: Rounds/ Canons; Harmony; Part songs,
  • Drama: Class Play,
  • Technology: typing/ word processing/ publishing/ research.