Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Class 5

Ancient Epochs & The Greek World

Having lived in the world of the fairytale and myth in the first four years, the children of Year 5 are now ready for the borderland between mythology and history proper. Through vast pictures of human evolution the children move from the dawn of pre-history in the ancient culture of India through story and biography through Persia, Babylon, Egypt and Ancient Greece, the great cultures of the ancient world.


Year 5 Main Lessons: English (3); Mathematics (4); Local History, Local Geography; Botany (Science); Ancient Epochs.


  • Stories/ myths from the Ancient Epochs
  • Grammar work: writing; editing; punctuation.
  • Reading: Novel study


  • Fractions continued in greater complexity
  • Geometry of the Circle
  • Decimals and conversion to fractions

Botany (Science):

  • The plant kingdom

Geography / History – orienting the child in time:

  • Local environments: a wider region of Australia
  • History: the local story : Australian explorers
  • Ancient epochs: India, Persia/Mesopotamia, Egypt.
  • Ancient Greece: The Trojan War; Classical Greece

Other subjects:

  • Craft: Four Needle Knitting; Woodwork: Hand-carving
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Games: Olympic Games event: Pentathlon
  • Eurythmy
  • Languages: Japanese & German
  • Music: singing/ treble recorder: Rounds/ Canons; Harmony; Part songs
  • Drama: Class Play
  • Technology: typing/ word processing/ publishing