Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Class 4

The Norse World

The Norse myths are the story material for the year, together with a strong emphasis on local aboriginal culture and story. In these stories the separation of humanity from the heavenly worlds resulting in the loneliness of the individual is expressed. These stories are full of humour, courage and adventure against the forces of darkness and evil and the children respond enthusiastically to such images.



Year 4 Main Lessons: English (4); Mathematics (4); Local History, Local Geography; Animals and Human (Science)


  • Stories from the Norse Myths (3 Main Lessons)
  • Grammar work: writing; editing; punctuation.
  • Pen, Paper, Ink: The History of Writing


  • Fractions
  • Long multiplication and division
  • Times tables used in many permutations
  • Free Hand Geometry

The Human Being and Animal Kingdom (Science):

  • First observational science: phenomenology
  • Human architecture: the threefold form
  • Animals: form and function

Geography/ History:

  • Orienting the child in space: local environments
  • History: the local story

Other subjects:

  • Form Drawing – Celtic knots, both free-hand and guided
  • Craft: Cross Stitch, Woodwork
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Games
  • Eurythmy
  • Languages: Japanese & German
  • Music: singing / recorder: Rounds / Canons
  • Drama: Class Play