Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Year 9

From Polarities to Balance

Year 9 students are at the height of adolescence in all its polarities, the best and the worst. It can be a time when they become lost in their own personal inner world and yet they are also capable of compassion, endurance and intellectual prowess.

They can be carried away by their own impulses and yet they have high aspirations. Our balanced programme aims to both challenge students academically, and ground them in practical tasks that build a broad base of service, resilience and leadership skills. From Year 9 all students undertake the Duke of Edinburgh bronze level award. Adolescence is a time of tremendous physical and chemical change. The body is in revolution and the soul is in conflict.

They need to be taught in such a way that they are led to the feeling that everything in the world is important. All Board of Studies requirements leading to the School Certificate are incorporated into the curriculum.

Main Lessons:


  • Australian Literature
  • Drama (performance)


  • Making of a Nation
  • Australian Biographies


  • From Gondwanaland to the National Parks
  • Australian Communities


  • Trigonometry
  • Conic Sections


  • The Science of Communication
  • Organic Chemistry


  • Prehistory to Rome
  • Medieval to Impressionism


  • English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Music, Visual Arts, PDHPE


  • German or Japanese

Major Electives:

  • Music, Visual Arts, Design & Technology

Minor Electives include:

  • Digital Design, Jewellery, Sculpture, Elective Sport

Active Wilderness Program:

  • Wilderness hiking camp, snow camp, surveying camp.
  • Bronze medallion Life Saving.
  • Bronze Level Duke of Edinburgh Award