Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Years 7, 8 and 9 are a series of transition points in the development of students in the Middle School.

Year 7 is the first step from our Class Teacher years in the primary school where one teacher provides overall curriculum and pastoral care to the class. As students mature and grow, they look to a range of authorities who can be specialists providing guidance and leadership in their particular subject disciplines. This transition occurs over a number of years from primary to high school, and our Middle School is the bridge between the two.

Our Middle School and Senior curricula have been designed with needs of the developing student in mind. Year by year, following the developmental stages of childhood, the curriculum mirrors an individual’s inner development allowing for the educational experience to be experienced to its full potential. In addition to providing a balanced Steiner education, Glenaeon is able to comply with all aspects of the Board of Studies curriculum and students consistently score well in the HSC and other standardised tests.

The model for Middle School teaching creates a structure that meets the needs of students moving from a younger stage of learning to the demands of high school learning and pastoral care: while from time to time this staffing arrangement may change depending on people available, their qualifications and specialist abilities, the broad shape is as follows:

Year 7

In Year 7 the Guardian and Year Advisor work closely with the students, teaching a majority of Main Lesson with the year group. This arrangement is much like the class teacher period (primary years), enabling the teachers to get to know the students and their families very well. Teachers provide a warm, supportive environment for students to enter into the high school environment.

Year 8

In general the Year 7 Guardian continues with the class and becomes the Guardian in Year 8, but teaches fewer Main Lessons and possibly only one subject.

Year 9

In Year 9 a new high school Guardian is appointed who provides pastoral care only while the students are taught by a range of teachers with specialist qualifications in their subject.

The Guardian meets the class each morning in dedicated Guardian time, 10 minutes at the start of every day to greet the students individually, take the roll, review homework and begin the day. This regular contact maintains the pastoral care relationship and enables the Guardian to monitor each student’s well being on a daily basis. The Main Lesson subject teacher then takes over to deliver the Main Lesson through Period 2. At the end of the day the Guardian rejoins the class for the last 5 minutes after Period 8 to finish the day with a closing verse, and to say goodbye to each student.