Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Glenaeon offers a range of Playgroups that are joyful, nurturing and supportive of the young child’s developmental stages. The intention is to nourish the body and soul through activities and interactions that capture the imagination and allow parents and their children to enjoy a good time together.

Each Playgroup meets once a week and is led by an experienced Early Childhood Teacher who guides the group through the day’s activities – including stories and songs, circle activities and free-play both indoors and out.

A shared morning tea is provided and each week, children take home skills for crafting life from domestic arts and sciences such as toy making, kitchen and garden alchemy. Our playgroup room is furnished with quality wooden and handmade toys while the natural bush playground is a haven for exploration and active tactile play.

Parents benefit from the wisdom and experience of the playgroup teachers, who share ideas for nurturing the young child at home and overcoming some of the challenges of 21st century parenting. New skills are acquired while connections and friendships are made among children and adults.


Sandra's Tuesday and Wednesday Playgroup

Wednesday 9.30am – 11.30am
Join us with your children for a joy-filled, wholesome and nourishing play oriented morning. This is a structured, ‘family style’, relaxed time to connect with your child/ren and each other and with nature, in beautiful expansive setting both outdoors and indoors. Beautiful handmade toys augment artefacts from the natural world.

A professional Early Childhood Educator, Sandra offers delightful stories, songs and movement games interspersed with age-appropriate, meaningful activities. Parenting needs are identified and supported with practical proven guidance. Together we create a welcoming, safe, nurturing, mindful social group for all.

Sandra has four decades of experience creating dynamic educational programs for children and their families in a unique celebration of life.

Ebba's Thursday Playgroup

Tuesday, Thursday 9.30am – 11.30am
Playgroup families come together in a two-hour session, journeying through the year together and experiencing treasures of the seasons with stories, songs and festivals. A steady rhythm of boisterous and quiet outside and inside activities, storytelling, baking and circle time allow children to come with confidence and trust to a rhythmical morning.

Children will play with handmade toys created with natural materials which encourage the healthy development of the sense of touch. They will explore, dream and be held by a group of caring adults learning to share and make friends. The parents enjoy listening to stories, singing, sharing time with each other and making toys for their children in play/ craft time. Some educational themes will be discussed and may be helpful for home life. Morning tea is provided and is a favorite time for all.

For bookings and information contact:
Castlecrag Administration
email: [email protected] phone: 02 9958 0774


Monday “Welcome Home” Bush Playgroup

Monday mornings: 9.00am -11.00am 
A playgroup at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Preschool. We offer:
  • A warm, supportive play-based program for parents and young children (birth to three). 
  • Nourishment for parents and children as we learn and grow together. 
  • An indoor and outdoor program: in the cottage, in the garden and the nearby parkland and bush. 
  • We will be cooking, making stories together, learning songs, and will take part in games for young and old, puppetry and toy making. 
  • Parent Education discussions at each play morning, a place for questions and developing answers including creative discipline, children’s development, Steiner education, routine, rhythm and ritual, celebrations and health and illness

118 Sydney St, Willoughby
Please call Sandra on 0413 271 308 or Preschool on 9412 4457 or email [email protected] to register your interest.