Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School's Early Childhood Programs provide a nurturing foundation for the growing child. We believe that through our daily activities a strong foundation is laid for future academic success. By nourishing the mind and the senses through a healthy, beauty-filled environment, our program fosters the development of the whole child. Through imaginative play, artistic activities, simple crafts, verses, songs, puppetry, and fairy tales, the child's emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life are strengthened.

  • Songs and nursery rhymes cultivate intimacy with language and the world of words. 
  • Listening to stories and participating in dramatic play strengthen the power of memory and imagination. 
  • Counting games and rhythmic activities build a solid foundation for arithmetic and number skills. 
  • Artistic activities and crafts help the children develop fine motor skills, coordination, and the ability to concentrate. 
  • Ample time for free creative play, both in the classroom and playground, enables the children to strengthen their bodies, forge healthy, long-lasting social relationships and engenders interest in the world around them.

Our Early Childhood Programs strive to meet the needs of children and their families.
We offer playgroup programs for children under five at our Castlecrag campus and at our Preschool, and a Preschool program for 3-5 year olds. We also offer a part-time and full-time Kindergarten program at our Castlecrag K-2 campus.

Glenaeon Preschool and our Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School are members of the Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education

Here is the link to a study 'Children learning to read later catch up to children reading earlier'.