Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Co-curricular Activities


French Fun Club

Delphine Banse
Professionally designed course involving songs, drama and a lot of lively games. Places are limited! Contact Delphine NOW to enrol and for more details
Time: Every Monday afternoon 3.45pm to 4.45pm
Venue: Senior library
E: [email protected]

Mandarin classes

Katrina Pau
Mandarin will be a major world language by the time our children finish school and now Glenaeon offers this language as a co-curricular subject. The class’s aim is to focus on the classical (traditional) form of Chinese characters, Chinese culture/custom and legend/history through playing, speaking, singing and fun learning.
Time: Wednesdays 3:30-4:40pm. Resumes 25 July
Classes are available for students from Class 3 to Year 9.
Venue: Junior School Library
Fees: $ 200 (Material included, one Term per student)
Please contact Katrina Pau - [email protected]

Duke of Edinburgh

Donna Miller
A Youth Development Program which empowers young people to explore their potential. Although voluntary, Glenaeon encourages all Year 9 students to participate in the Bronze award. It comprises four components which the participant undertakes by setting a goal and working consistently over a period of time to achieve it:
1. Service (there are options to do this in school through a mentoring program, assisting Class 3 with reading as well as other opportunities like the Student Representative Committee, Environmental Care, Café assistant in Food Preparation, etc)
2. Physical fitness     
3. Skill
4. Adventure Journey (to a large degree, this part of the Duke of Ed is actually factored into the School’s Outdoor Education Program)
Students in Year 10 and who have turned 15 Years old have the opportunity to undertake the Silver Award and from 16 Years old, the Gold Award which has a further aspect in Residential Project.
For more information, email [email protected]

Maths Olympiad

David Cordiner
The Maths Olympiad is a national competition which involves five formal tests, held once a month, each consisting of five questions which students battle out individually. Maths Olympiad practice sessions will be absorbed into practice maths lessons.
Time: Tuesday lunch, from Term 3
Venue: Senior Library
E: [email protected]


Lynne Collett
Social Chess for classes 3-6 and interested high school students
Time: Wednesdays at lunchtime
Venue: Junior Library
The chess club is open to anyone who is interested in playing or learning chess

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Dani Finch
The SRC organises fun events for high school (eg. Talent Quest, Gleno Cup) and fundraising events.
Time: Wednesday lunchtime
Venue: Japanese room



Christian Lillicrap
Our Sinfonietta group is larger than a chamber ensemble but smaller than a full-size or symphony orchestra. Audition-based entry.
Time: Tuesday mornings 7.45am-8.45am
Venue: Music room
[email protected]

Jazz Band

Adriaan Mees
Time: 3.30 – 4.30 on Tuesdays
Venue: Music Percussion classroom
By invitation.


Liza Lillicrap
A small choral group open to any unbroken voices in Year 6-12 who enjoy singing unaccompanied harmonies.
Time: every Tuesday lunchtime 
Venue: Christian’s music room
[email protected]

Lyre ensemble

Coral Patterson
Glenaeon’s lyre teacher, Coral Patterson, has been at the school for over 50 years, and today runs the Sydney Lyre Ensemble, made up of current students, alumni and other lyre players in the Sydney Steiner community. The ensemble is open to anyone with compatible playing levels.
Time: Saturday afternoons
Venue: Glenaeon music rooms
Contact Coral on [email protected]


All activities go for the whole year, new ones might start (depending on student numbers).
All activities only run during term time and incur a cost of $75/term if not otherwise mentioned (fencing/archery).


Simon O’Connor from Sydney Archery
Available from Class 4 up to Year 12, and also available to parents.
Time: Friday afternoon 3.45 – 5.00pm
Venue: Middle Cove Oval
Cost: $14 a session, in every weather. If cancelled, they will offer a make-up session first Friday in the holiday!
Contact: [email protected]


Jonas Stoebe
This morning activity is available to parents as well as students for an hour of fun, challenging activities. There is a mini-breakfast included at the end of each session.
Time: Tuesdays 7.30am-8.30am
Venue: Basketball Courts
Contact: [email protected]


Jacob Ditchfield
This is a weekly practise session for boys and girls.
Time: Tuesdays 3.45pm-5.00pm
Venue: Basketball courts.
Contact: [email protected]


Matt West
This is a weekly session for boys and girls of all ages.
Time: Tuesday 3.45pm-5.00pm
Venue: Basketball courts
Contact: [email protected]


Andrew Szandurski
Fencing is open to all students at Middle Cove. No experience is required.
Time: Thursdays 8.00am-8:45am
Cost: $ 11/session
Venue: Sylvia Brose Hall
Contact: [email protected]


Jack Gray
This is a weekly practice session for boys and girls
Time: Wednesday 3:45-5:00 pm
At oval
Contact: [email protected]


Alethea Johnston
This is a weekly practise session for girls most of whom also play in a local competition.
Time: Wednesdays 3.45pm-5.00pm
Venue: Basketball courts.
Contact: [email protected]


Parkour is a training method for movement through any environment at speed. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault.
This activity is suitable for all ages.
Time: Mondays 3.30pm-4.45pm
Venue: Basketball courts.
Contact: [email protected]


Daisy Arrowsmith
There is separate training for boys and girls.
Time: Thursday 3.45-5.30pm
Venue: Meet on the oval.
Contact: [email protected]


Bryn Arnold
This is for students who want to improve their squash as well as have a good time. Students will join a squad run by Bryn at the Willoughby Squash Centre
Thursday afternoon from 4-5pm with Glenaeon Year 11 student Bryn Arnold.
Price: please contact Jonas for details
Contact: [email protected]
Or speak to or email Bryn Arnold directly: [email protected]