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On Sunday the Year 10 Elective Sports class took part in the Bay Run

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On Sunday August 5 the Year 10 Elective Sports class gathered in Leichhardt Park adjacent to Iron Cove Bay in the Inner West to take part in an official run, Sydney’s 16th Bay Run over 7 km. This run attracts over 3000 runners of all age groups and promotes health and wellbeing in the community. Students hear about fitness, health and wellbeing in class and the successful participation in this run was an assessment task for them they had diligently trained for, for over four months. Parents were invited to take part as well and we all started out together in the Glenaeon sports uniform as a team at 8:00am. Tim Bacon ran the 7 km in an incredible 25:35 and arrived before his teacher who came in second. Everyone completed the run successfully and was awarded a participation medal and received hugs from parents and equally exhausted classmates. It was a great event and for many the first time to take part in an official run. It inspires students to take up running and promotes cardiovascular activities as a great way to stay fit.

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