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Class 6 play, Pinocchio

Class 6 performed Pinocchio, their class play last week

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Class 6 performed Pinocchio, their class play last week, and Kindy teacher, Catherine Pilko, was inspired to write this beautiful reflection about the play and the students.

An old Kindy teacher's reflection upon a Class 6 play

I have just arrived home from seeing the Sunday performance of the Class 6 play, Pinocchio. What a wonderful experience! I came away with so many special memories and so much to reflect upon.

As I begun to watch the play, I was delighted to recognize a number of children whom I had previously taught in Kindergarten almost 7 years ago. In fact these children were part of the first Kindergarten I taught at Glenaeon. These children taught me so much about Kindergarten teaching and the world of the young child and for this I am extremely grateful. As I watched the characters in Pinocchio emerge I felt so moved to see these very same children play out their parts with such confidence, maturity, sensitivity and joy. Despite the fact that each of these children had grown up so much, I could still see the eager enthusiastic Kindergarten child shining out from the faces of these children. I also recognized many of the other children that had been in the other Kindergartens at that time.  I felt so privileged to have known these children so well in Kindergarten and to be now given the opportunity to ponder and witness the mighty transformation that had unfolded in the 6 years since they had left Kindergarten. 

The choice of play also gave me a further opportunity to ponder this transformation. Just as Pinocchio was learning how to become a real person in the real world, so were the children in Class 6 eagerly showing their readiness to leave childhood behind and to learn the lessons they need to learn, to live in the grownup world which looms (or perhaps beckons…)ahead. The delightful song that was composed by Evan Saunders and was sung at the end of the play captured this transition beautifully. It was so moving to hear the children sing of this moment in their lives where they are leaving behind the secure and held world of the young child and looking ahead with courage and heart to the lessons of the future. As with the rest of the play there was a beautiful heartfelt innocence to this song that allowed us all to see the young child that still shone in the heart of each of these Class 6 children.  

For me, it was also wonderful to reconnect with parents that I had met in Kindergarten. As I reflected upon the transformational journey undertaken by the children, I also began to then reflect upon the journey undertaken by the parents. I felt humbled and inspired by the magnitude of this journey that in many ways asks so much and yet gives tenfold. The Class 6 play was indeed a beautiful gift for all who were there to receive it. Thank you!

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