Welcome to the 2020 Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives.

The Intensives begin on Sunday evening with the first lecture at 7pm and before this will be the Introduction Course and Interest Groups 2-6pm, registration 1-2 and 5-7pm. We are happy that the work with the deepening of the Steiner Curriculum can continue. Please do not forget to bring notepaper, a camera, coloured pencils, crayons, recorder, ruler and geometry equipment. Also, as we have an earlier afternoon finishing at 4pm on Wednesday to go to Collaroy beach for a swim and dinner, it would also be good to bring swimmers and a towel.

Download Class Teacher Intensives 2020 Brochure


The timetables are up and Resources will be put up again over the next few weeks.


Could all those people who have booked in hoping to move around groups and make an individual timetable please contact me before the intensives on peggyd@glenaeon.nsw.edu.au

We need to coordinate this for room size and numbers in each session as well as giving advice to those new to Steiner Education. This needs to be done before the intensives begin.


The buses stop along Eastern Valley Way and there is a laneway/stair through from the bus stop to nearly opposite the school gates.

The gate will be locked by cleaning/security just after 10pm.

Morning and Afternoon Tea and Lunch are provided for all participants. The caterers will need the hall kitchen from 8.30 am until 5.00pm.


The library will be open and staffed for photocopying and wifi access between 8 and 8.30 am and at lunchtime and afternoon tea. There is a phone available also.


Airport buses for Friday can be booked from the phone at the school office. Urgent messages can be passed on from the office and will be put on the message board in the hall.

The Rudolf Steiner Bookshop will attend during the week from Tuesday-Thursday for sales and Friday for pre-arranged pickups only. They will be at the school on Tuesday and Thursday lunch and the afternoon after the last session from 5.30-6.30 for more relaxed browsing, on Wednesday they will be open at morning tea and lunch.



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For further transport information contact Glenaeon School:

Administration & Classes IV-XII
5a Glenroy Avenue, Middle Cove NSW 2068
Ph: 61 2 9417 3193 Fax: 61 2 9417 5346


The noticeboard in the hall will have the timetables plus any messages from the office. Please put a list and suggested time for any network group you would like to set up on the noticeboard also.


Sunday Evening

We will be at the school down in the hall at the end of the driveway from 1-2 pm and 5-7 pm on Sunday for registration.

Monday Morning

The administration staff will be on the veranda/hall entrance from 7-8.30am on Monday for registration of those unable to come on Sunday.

Each morning except Wednesday will start at 8.30am in the hall with a time of singing together. We feel that this is important and the lecture will start as the singing finishes.


There is a First Aid cabinet available in the hall kitchen and in the library kitchen. During the day there is a first aid officer in the school office


There are ticks in Sydney generally, and they live in the bush and grassy areas around the school buildings. Ticks can carry harmful pathogens and cause severe allergic reactions. Please do not sit on the grass (without a picnic rug) or walk in the bush unless you have informed yourself of the risks and have taken protective measures including closed in shoes, long trousers and long sleeves and repellent. Various repellent types of differing strengths are on the market but you should check that it has an APVMA number and is noted as a repellent for ticks on the label. At school we generally use ‘Mosi-Guard’. Further information will be supplied at the school.


Airport buses: Shuttle buses can be booked door to door. They cost $35-$45 and must be booked ahead of time.
Beachside Shuttle - 02 9982 2257
Forest and Beaches Shuttle - 02 9453 1639
Airport Shuttle North- 1300 505 100

Participants coming from the city: Catch the 207 bus from York Street (Wynyard Station), alight at Victoria Avenue in Middle Cove and cross the street to walk through the pathway near the bus stop into Glenroy Avenue. The school entrance is through the large gates.



Do not park in Glenroy or Greenfield Avenues

We suggest you part on the other side of Eastern Valley Way in:
Tyneside Avenue
Megalong Avenue