Welcome to the 2020 Class Teacher Intensives

We are looking forward to getting together in January

(We now have 20 hours NESA approved PD)

We have some new and well-loved guest lecturers and workshop leaders in the Class Teacher Intensives in 2020.

Valentin Wember will speak about the 12 senses in a double workshop and give lectures on previously unseen indications by Rudolf Steiner for Supporting the Children to experience their Eternal Self. He will also speak about the Mystery of Teachers Working Together in a Learning Community.

Tom Brunzell-Trauma Informed Positive Education. Tom trained as a Steiner teacher in New York and at the Melbourne Seminar. He cooperated with Lisa Devine while working on his PhD and as part of the Berry Street Education Model has developed a program for teachers to use with students in an integrated way throughout the day. This meets the needs of students with challenges in focus, connection and healing past trauma. The program incorporates his experience in Steiner education as well as best practice and research.

He will deliver two workshops with practical demonstrations and participation. Some of the many themes include de-escalation, grounding, attachment, redefining power, teacher self-care, emotional intelligence, resilience, stamina for independent learning, cultivating wonder, values hope and gratitude.

Lisa Devine will lecture on the teacher’s only real opportunity for engagement with children- Moments in Time and how we can be awake to them.

Annette Barone will bring skills for Observing the 4-fold being of the Child in her lecture. She is a Steiner teacher, psychologist and Extra Lesson practitioner who lectures in Australia and New Zealand.

Vanessa Snaith and Julia Byrne will be there for art through the classes. Vanessa painted our brochure picture!

Program details and registration information can be found by clicking this link.

Warm regards,

Peggy Day
Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School