Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Ways to Give

The Giving Program at Glenaeon provides opportunities for the entire Glenaeon Community to contribute to scholarships, new buildings, in kind donations and small projects. Tuition fees only support the day to day operation of the school so we depend on your support to continue to develop our facilities.

Donate Now


Through our giving program you can help make a difference for your children and future children who attend Glenaeon.

Simply make a donation to the School's development program through clicking here. Alternatively, please tick the box "Building Fund" when paying tuition fees.


Our Annual Giving Program helps support specific projects which will benefit the lives of current students and future generations of students. In 2019 we need to raise $100,000 to HELP GLENAEON GO GREEN IN 2019!

At Glenaeon we have long recognized the importance of leading strongly and acting decisively in addressing global warming and climate change. That’s why this year we have chosen to focus on Sustainability for our 2019 Annual Giving Program. As well as reducing our carbon footprint we will dramatically reduce our costs.

With your help we can

  • Install Solar Panels at our Middle Cove Campus on the Sylvia Brose Hall roof and the Design and Technology roof
  • Replace standard lighting with LED energy efficient lighting
  • Create a more comfortable learning environment through Installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems in classrooms


Shaping young lives for well into the future is arguably the greatest gift one could make. For many past students and their parents attending Glenaeon has allowed them to fill their lives with vast opportunities and deep, enduring friendships.


Your gift may not be cash but rather a valued item such as a musical instrument, a painting or your services at a social event. All these gifts help Glenaeon to raise funds for ongoing development and progress.

For further information or to discuss how you can help please contact ‘Rohan Wijesinghe Finance Manager on (02) 9932 2300 or email [email protected]