Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School extends a warm welcome to our Alumni.

There is now a sizable diaspora of Glenaeon students spread across the country, indeed the world, people who have in one way or another shared in the Glenaeon spirit.

Classes have regular reunions and there is a camaraderie that lives on between those who have been comrades in arms in Glenaeon classrooms. We have enjoyed a number of events over the past two years that have brought together former students, parents and teachers of the school.

The school has a tradition of strong community built through work, fun and shared endeavour. The stories of many GlenXer's make inspiring reading, and I hope you enjoy connecting, or reconnecting, with former friends and colleagues you met through the school.

Like any developing organism that needs to remain contemporary, Glenaeon has been through a number of changes over the years, but has always stayed true to our core task of providing a quality Rudolf Steiner education to the children and young people of Sydney, striving to enable them to take their place in Australian society as men and women of distinction. There is no higher ideal for us than to help every student in our care become the individual they are destined to become.

As one of Rudolf Steiner’s verses puts it so beautifully:

To wonder at Beauty,
Stand guard over Truth,
Look up to the Noble,
Resolve on the Good…

These remain our core values, untarnished by time and still spoken by many classes every afternoon.

Andrew Hill
Collegiate Chair