Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Vision and Mission


To realise a contemporary understanding of the wisdom of Dr Rudolf Steiner that will prepare students to take their place as young men and women of distinction in Australian and world society.


“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives” Rudolf Steiner

Our Values

A Glenaeon education is:

  • developmental: we value the foundation that a healthy childhood gives to a successful life. We support the need for children to play, be part of nature and enjoy a time free from the early commercialisation of childhood; we also value the developmental picture of human consciousness that has evolved through the ages of history
  • balanced: we provide a uniquely balanced education fostering the development of clear thinking, rich emotions and a strong will delivered through a high quality academic program, a flourishing creative and performing arts experience, and a practical training in traditional and contemporary technologies for every student
  • international: along with over 1000 Steiner schools around the world, we promote an international understanding and tolerance of diversity
  • compassionate: we value an approach that fosters collaboration over competition as the basis for both individual achievement and community harmony: we strive to make every classroom a learning community
  • individual: we value the uniqueness of each individual student, recognising that each is on a path of biographical development unfolding his or her sacred essence of Self: 'Unfolding Individual Journeys' is our school logo
  • sustainable: as Dr Steiner was a pioneer in sustainable agricultural practice in the early 20th Century, so we aim to continue this tradition through working in harmony with the forces of nature in a creative, collaborative manner
  • Spirit-inspired: we value the expressions of the 'wisdom of humanity' that have guided humanity in the great world religions and traditions, and through the curriculum, festivals and study we will nourish and support students, teachers and parents in creative, contemporary ways in harmony with Dr Steiner’s work