Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

School Leadership and Management

We picture our school as a living organism, hence our emblem of the tree. A happy and healthy education for children and young people is our core task and the fruit of our work. Management and governance work to support this core activity.

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School is an independent, co-educational school from Preschool to Year 12. It is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. About →

Head of School – Andrew Hill

The Head of School is the focal point for vision and leadership of the School, and chairs the School Executive.

Deputy Heads of School:

Danielle Finch - Classes K-6
Elizabeth Nevieve - Years 7-12

School Executive
Including Educational Executive members

Head of School: Mr Andrew Hill
Director of Students: Ms Danielle Finch
Director of Studies: Ms Elizabeth Nevieve
Daily Coordinator: Ms Brigitte Tietge-Rollans
Senior Class Teacher: Mr Rodney Dean
Castlecrag Campus Senior Teacher: Ms Catherine Pilko
Preschool Director: Ms Peggy Day
Operations Manager: Ms Julie Skuja
Finance Manager: Mr Rohan Wijesinghe

Other Management Staff

HR Coordinator: Ms Helen Thompson
Enrolments Registrar: Ms Chandra Kennedy
Director of Development: Ms Nicole Crabb