Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Ltd is a not for profit company: the directors of that company form the Council which is the governing body of the school. The directors maintain a role in providing an overview of long term strategy, maintaining the school’s financial solvency and protecting the school against risk.

While most of our directors are or have been parents of children in the school, in stepping onto the Council they move out of the personal role of being a parent of particular children in particular classes. They take on a broader stewardship role where they champion, advocate and oversee the governance of the school as a whole. Directors go through a detailed selection process, and the Council maintains a balance of professional skill sets that encompass education, finance, human resources, law, marketing, and facilities.

Directors are volunteers, contributing many hours of service to the school.

Chair: Mr Lee Hill

Deputy Chair: Ms Stephanie Graham

Ms Robin Borrud
Mr Alasdair Fuller
Mr Earle Macgregor
Mr Simon Wiltshier
Ms Helen Wicker
Mr Neil Harrison
Ms Georgina Michaelis
Mr Peter Candotti