Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Strategic Plan

We are very pleased by the results of Glenaeon’s Strategic Plan for 2014-17. Our review revealed substantial success in achieving the measures that were identified, and in practice the strategies adopted have enabled the school to build sound educational, social and financial foundations for future growth.

It is therefore with considerable pleasure that we introduce the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Strategic Plan for the years 2018-22.

Glenaeon has a distinguished 60 year history during which time it pioneered a new form of education to equip young people for the challenges of the 21st Century. Sylvia Brose’s founding vision for a school of excellence, imagination and creativity springing from the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner continues to be foremost in our mind. The challenge has been to establish the pedagogical structures and organisational supports that will enable this vision to be realised in a form suitable for the conditions of this new century.

This plan consolidates the existing strengths of the school and builds a future designed to be prosperous, sustainable and engaging for all stakeholders. Dr Rudolf Steiner’s insights were ahead of his time: his work in education, human relations, finance and ecology provide an inspiring stimulus for us to address the challenges Glenaeon will be presented with in these fields in the coming years.

This Strategic Plan was developed through a process of consultation involving parents and teachers, and prepared by Council and the Executive of the school. In addition, a specific management operational plan is in place with particular measures for each initiative of the plan.

Glenaeon has a remarkable community of committed students, teachers and parents. We commend this plan to you as we unfold our journey together into the future.

Andrew Hill
Head of School
On behalf of the School Executive

Lee Hill
On behalf of the School Council