Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

About Glenaeon

Our Heritage

Our school draws its origins from a special moment in Australian history: Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin first came to Australia in 1913 at the founding of Canberra, after winning a world-wide competition to design our nation’s capital.

They laid the groundwork for Canberra’s urban design, and later moved to Sydney, where during the 1920s they developed Castlecrag with a new vision of community. Here they pioneered the study of Dr Rudolf Steiner’s work. In particular it was Marion Mahony Griffin who laid the seeds of Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School: her working relationship with Eric Nicholls as the successor of Walter’s architectural practice, and the inspiration she provided to the young Sylvia Brose, Glenaeon’s founding teacher, were the two key foundation stones in the establishment of our school. Her role in our school’s history is acknowledged in our naming of our BER-funded hall on our Castlecrag campus as the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, opened by The Hon Peter Garrett AM in 2010. Eric Nicholls was the founding Chair of our School Council, and our founding teacher Sylvia Brose OAM opened the doors of Glenaeon to just three students in 1957.

Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin were ahead of their time: their work has left a heritage of values that today we recognise as fully 21st Century values: sustainability, living in harmony with the natural environment, community, design, the importance of the Arts, plus a fundamental commitment to a non-denominational spirituality.

Today Glenaeon builds those values into our vision of a global education for every student. Underlying all our work is a sense of the balanced human being: our time is appropriately digital, and we strive to maintain a commitment to the sense of human wholeness so needed in our digital age, which we support by an education for the head, heart, and hand.

Building on Walter and Marion's inspiration, we now see realised Sylvia Brose’s founding vision for a school of excellence, imagination and creativity springing from the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner.