Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Years 7 & 8

Glenaeon offers a program for Years 7 and 8 that is designed to meet the needs of approaching adolescence in a time that is itself challenging. When new inner forces are emerging in the growing young person, a healthy series of appropriate challenges provide a stimulus to balanced development.

Initiation marks the movement from one stage of life to another, from one state of consciousness to a higher one. We offer a broad program of academic, aesthetic, social and physical courses that will stimulate and inspire students as they leave childhood and prepare to enter the new world that lies ahead.

In our challenging age, when many of the traditional supports that guided the emerging young person through adolescence no longer operate as they once did, the school supports the child in a holistic manner. The program is intended to embrace a broad picture of the journey through puberty, to strengthen the young person in three areas:

  1. Mind/intellect, principally in the main lesson program that takes the children through key experiences of the Humanities, Maths and Science;
  2. Heart/social development, in the arts, and service to the wider community;
  3. Body/physical, in challenges that build strength and resilience, enabling the children to face their new stage of development with confidence
Head Heart Hands
Vision Aesthetics Resilience
Imagination Service Skill

Each year of the Steiner curriculum at Glenaeon covers a stage in the development of human experience through the ages. After the Ancient Roman World of Year 6, we move historically through the Medieval World in Year 7 followed by the Industrialising World in Year 8. The stories of these ages provide a thematic background to learning which meets the inner needs of the students at each step in their development.

Main Lessons:


  • King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  • Wish, Wonder, Surprise: Creative Writing
  • Shakespeare
  • The Power of Words


  • The Medieval World
  • Age of Discovery
  • The Renaissance
  • The Age of Revolutions: industrial, political, artistic
  • Makers of Change: the Birth of the Modern World


  • Pythagoras
  • The Golden Section: Maths in Nature and the Human Being
  • Rhythms in Humanity and Nature
  • Platonic Solids: the 3 D World


  • East and West: World Geography
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Our Fragile Planet: World Ecosystems
  • Commerce: the World of Money


  • The Chemistry of Fire
  • The Mighty Five: Mechanics
  • Human Health and Hygiene: Physiology
  • Hydraulics: Science of the Industrial Revolution
  • Food Chemistry
  • Anatomy

Weekly Sessions in:

English, Mathematics, Science (BOS courses), Information technology integrated across the curriculum.


  • Choir; Winds/ String ensembles


  • Painting, drawing, modelling.


  • A class play performance: Year 7: Medieval theme. Year 8: Shakespeare


  • Japanese and German

Design and Technology:

  • Woodwork, Textile crafts


  • Eurythmy, Sport, Hiking/ Abseiling, Camp

Year 8 Project:

Personal exploration culminating in presentation.