Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Toby Thatcher (2007)

Established conductor and founder of Ensemble Eroica

Toby Thatcher (2007) is a renowned conductor and founder of London-based chamber orchestra ‘Ensemble Eroica’.

Following school, Toby went on to study a Bachelor of Music Performance (Hons) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2011. At 19, Toby was invited to participate in the Symphony Australia Young Conductor Development Programme, where he was worked with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Philharmonic and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

After completing his degree, he was accepted to study a Master of Arts at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London. During this time, Toby was offered a trial with the Royal Philharmonic (which is still ongoing) and performed with the Philharmonia at the Royal Festival Hall and further afield. He has also performed with the London Sinfonietta and travelled around Europe for various master classes including to Bulgaria and Estonia.

Toby is currently developing yet another young chamber orchestra in London – ‘Ensemble Eroica’ and has been invited to conduct contemporary music group Ensemble x.y. In February 2015, Toby took part in the Georg Solti Conducting Competition which is one of the biggest conducting competitions in the world. He was a finalist and awarded 3rd place, which is an incredible achievement.

Congratulations Toby on all your success!

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

Influence is such a hard concept to grapple with, as knowing what I would have done had I had a different upbringing feels fantastical. I can say categorically though that being surrounded constantly by creative people, pursing creative methods for education, led me perfectly into my current life. I continue to draw, paint, and write fiction and I feel that these hobbies came about largely due to the enormous amount of creative outlets at Glenaeon.

What is your favourite memory of Glenaeon?

Definitely the most memorable is splitting my head open on mossy bricks outside the Class 5 Classroom and having to be whisked away up that enormous hill in an ambulance. Possibly not imbued with fondness, but I have certainly kept physical evidence to remind me of it!
Favourite memories were the enormous amount of time spent outside on the incredible oval between classrooms. Everything creative, and the two excellent teachers I was fortunate to learn from during my time at Glenaeon.

What are your plans for 2015 & beyond?

I'm presuming that some sort of world limit should be imposed, so I shall be impossibly and painfully concise. I plan to develop my orchestra to the point of registering as a professional company, learn German, conduct an opera, read some more, start playing cricket again, complete the novel I am currently working on, travel to places I haven’t seen, eat food I haven’t tasted and possibly get a tattoo. Back to Where are they now