Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Seaton Kay Smith (2004)

Seaton came to Glenaeon in 1994 and graduated in 2004.

What have you been doing since school?

After graduation, I studied a Bachelor of Human Movement Science at Southern Cross University. After university, I began working in the entertainment industry. I got into stand-up comedy, I wrote a book, I spent two years writing on The Roast at the ABC, and, with a couple of friends, I started a film and design agency called Paper Moose- where I now, nine years later, work as Head Writer. I also continue to act, perform stand-up comedy. However, I don't do anything even remotely to do with human movement science anymore. Paper Moose is an award-winning boutique film and design collective based in Sydney. With specialised film, design and sound production departments, Paper Moose takes a holistic approach to creating content.The company has grown since its early days and now has about 10 or so employees Seaton’s book is science fiction and is called "A Fistful of Clones". It was published as an eBook by Harper Collins in 2015. It discusses the factors that influence your personality - experiences versus genetics /2 nature versus nurture.

What impact did Glenaeon have on your career choice?

The main impact Glenaeon had on my career choice, I think, was the level of importance the education placed on creativity and imagination.

What is your favourite Glenaeon memory?

Spending time with friends in a great environment, running through the bush - don't worry, I wasn't out of bounds - using our imaginations. The bushwalks were great too, the chats, the fun times, the teachers. There are lots of great memories. I think my favourite memory is the memory of having so many great memories, which I've just had now, it’s a new memory I’ve formed where it’s me sitting at my computer remembering my memories as I try and work out exactly how to spell ‘Eurythmy’.

What are your plans for the future?

Merge with a machine so I can live forever. I'm joking. Make TV, films, write, act, live, laugh, vote, eat, sleep, tennis of all sorts, exercise.

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