Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School


Lauren Swan (2006)

Co-founder of Salty Vibes Artwork

Talented Glenaeon Alum Lauren Swan is co-founder of Salty Vibes Artwork along with her husband Brad Swan. They create original art and design pieces with a difference - Salty Vibes Artwork specialises in transforming musical instruments into impressive works of art.

Lauren left Glenaeon in Year 11, 2005 and went on to study at the Karl von Busse (KvB) Institute in North Sydney, graduating with a Certificate II in Art & Design. She then studied Fine Art at Brookvale TAFE for two years and received a Diploma in Fine Art.

What have you been doing since you left Glenaeon?

I can't believe how many years have gone by now since I left Glenaeon!  After school, I travelled to parts of India, Asia and North America. Once I got back from traveling I got part time jobs here and there while I studied art. After I graduated, I started painting musical instruments and anything else I could put paint on too. I enjoy painting and making art so much so that I wanted to build my own business and now I have the privilege of being able to make a living doing what I love - art and painting!

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

Glenaeon was always a driving force in my love of art. The curriculum fostered creativity and gave me the freedom and the encouragement to pursue my own interests, mine always being art.

What is your favourite memory of Glenaeon?

I was at Glenaeon for most of my teenage years so there are so many good memories! I guess I remember all the little things that make Glenaeon so special and unlike any other school. Being able to spend the days surrounded by nature and in the beautiful architecture of the classrooms. The art fairs and festivals, the morning classes, the supportive teachers who were always there to talk too, and of course my classmates who were all so creative and talented and made my school years special. 

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