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Honor Tremain (1996)

Nutrition journalist and health practitioner based in QLD

Glenaeon Alumna Honor Tremain (1996) is a popular health writer and nutrition journalist, a qualified complementary health practitioner who has studied not only nutrition, but also herbs and homoeopathy. In April 2015, Honor released her first health/diet and recipe book, A Diet in Paradise, which combines holistic wisdom with the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition.

What have you been doing since you left school?

Since leaving Glenaeon I went on to do design, and then decided Nutrition and science were my thing, so I gained a diploma in Nutrition and a Bachelor in Health Science at Uni.

I was fascinated with writing, and somehow landed my first writing gig as a columnist for The Fitness First Magazine, where I am now head nutritional journalist.

I have been a nutritional medicine supervisor for one of NSW’s largest health colleges, Nature Care College, and now write my own health column for all Queensland APN newspapers.

I’m excited because I just released my first health/diet and recipe book, A Diet in Paradise, earlier this year.

How did Glenaeon influence your career?

Glenaeon definitely allowed me to find my passion for learning, and to build on my strengths and passions in varying fields, which has always been to my advantage. I still have a great desire to keep learning more, not only in nutrition, science, health and writing, but in Egyptology, Astrophysics, Art and Music, and will endeavor to encorporate aspects of them into my career when I can.

What are your favourite Glenaeon memories?

My favourite Glenaeon moment was the main lesson covering Egypt, as it sparked an intense curiosity and wonderment with this highly intelligent and creative culture. This has stayed with me ever since.

What are your plans for 2015?

My future plans are to complete and release my next two books, which are children’s focused books, both of which will have healthy kids recipes in the back, and the second of which I will illustrate myself. I plan on creating them as an app once I’m done. I am also looking into cooking segments and lots more fun stuff, all of which wouldn’t have been possible if I had not had the privilege of attending Glenaeon!

You can purchase ‘A Diet in Paradise’ HERE and don’t forget to ‘like’ Honor Tremain on Facebook

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