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Daniel Stukel Beasly (1998)

Daniel Stukel Beasly is an architect, lecturer and founder of Stukel Stone.

What have you been doing since school?

I studied Architecture at UNSW and graduated with first class honours in 2005. That same year I joined PTW Architects and commenced a senior role on the team designing a major extension to the National Gallery of Australia. The responsibilities included: facades, structure and high-performance internal glazing. There was also the extraordinary opportunity to realise a significant permanent artwork by the USA artist James Turrell, ‘Within Without’.

Seeking autonomy and a chance to develop my own design voice I started my own solo practice when I turned 30.The early projects explored themes of science and lighting and finding dynamic forms revealing the functional concept.

Discovering a collaborative synergy with my life partner, a costume and set designer for live theatre, the current business Stukel Stone was founded in 2014.I now co-direct this hybrid practice which offers Architecture and Performance Design services. The team of six work out of a characterful warehouse studio in Redfern.

An ongoing affiliation with UTS School of Architecture offers me current sessional work as a lecturer, tutor and guest critic. Also being an educator enables me to make a valuable contribution to the vocation.

What impact did Glenaeon have on your career choice?

True to the aspirations of the Glenaeon curriculum, I sought a well-rounded education studying high-level maths, English, languages, art and sciences.The challenge was to pursue a vocation which would continue this broad spectrum of skills and interests, and architecture seemed to be the best fit.An architect knows a little about almost everything, a true generalist, rather than a specialist. This was a chance to continue with a well-rounded education moving through adult life.

What is your favourite Glenaeon memory?

Experiences at Glenaeon are more a feeling than a memory. The sanctuary of the bushland campus and rituals in the day marked by class greetings, versus and focused main lessons, were a wonderful context within which to grow.I am confident that the encouragement to develop one’s unique individuality by the teachers and mentors is the genesis of a Glenaeon graduate’s free thinking, unfettered by social constructs.

What are your plans for the future?

Stukel Stone is the primary focus in my life at the moment. The practice is gaining momentum with industry recognition and exciting public commissions, but most importantly it is attracting clients who represent a good fit and who understand what we value. The intention is to continue approaching each new project with originality and optimism, hopefully uncovering a little gem of ingenuity.

For more information, check out Daniel’s website, Facebook page and Instagram

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