Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Parents: Stay Informed on Uniform

When Sylvia Brose established Glenaeon in 1957, she made an important decision; one which we as current custodians of this school, respect and maintain 60 years later.  The decision: that Glenaeon students wear uniform.  Miss Brose’s reasoning for this was that (unlike Germany and the USA where almost all students do not wear uniform), being located in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, she wanted her school and her students to be known for the wonderfully different and creative offerings of our teaching methods and curriculum – not as ‘the school that doesn’t have a uniform’!

Uniform begins in Class 4, after the early and unconscious years of childhood at Castlecrag and Class 3. We now have what we believe is a very happy blend of non-uniform in the early years, then a stepping up into the demands of the upper primary with a simple play based uniform, then as the children move into high school, a more formal but still simple uniform that keeps them smart and well groomed.

Of course in 1957, our uniform was much more restrictive and formal – blue woollen blazers and slacks for the boys and a woollen tunic for the girls.  These days, we are pleased to offer a flexible ‘multi form’ with options that can be worn by both genders in any weather.  We do however, aim to maintain Miss Brose’s high standards and expect our students to represent our school by wearing their uniform correctly and neatly from the moment they leave home in the morning until their return on the afternoon.  

Our students are our school’s ambassadors – every kind action, each giving up of a seat on public transport or assisting a younger child as well as the way they are presented, speaks volumes to the wider community about our values.

With this history and intent firmly in mind, I remind you of our school uniform policy – that is, that we have a uniform and it is to be worn every day by every Glenaeon student from Class 4 to Year 12.  Unfortunately, correcting uniform infringements takes valuable teaching and mentoring time and sets a negative tenor.  We ask that you reinforce this message at home and ensure that your children are correctly dressed each day.  Specifically at present, we draw your attention to:
High school students may wear a white short sleeved thermal / merino top under their shirts – they can then layer with the jumper and blazer.  
The sports jacket may be worn only for sport in the high school but can be worn any day by primary students
IF it is raining, students may wear any rain coat 
Scarves may be red or white or blue
Beanies, gloves and ear muffs are not permitted

A Short History of Mid Winter Balls

Last Saturday’s Fabulous Fifties night was our 10th straight Mid Winter Ball: ten Balls is something to celebrate, and celebrate we did last Saturday. Through the Naughties (2000’s) there were a few random dinner/dances held in the Hall: a Brazilian/Jazz night, a Garden Party, a Leap Year Latin night. Then In 2008 we held our first formal MidWinter Ball, a black tie event at Northbridge Gold Club. The following year there was a question raised: couldn’t the Glenaeon parent community be creative enough to come up with its own imaginative Mid Winter Ball based on a theme? With dress ups?
So was born the first “themed” Mid Winter Ball in 2009, hosted by the parents of Year 8: a Medieval Ball! Almost everyone showed up as a lady or a knight, a jester, a duke, or whatever medieval costume took their fancy. There were medieval barbeques, food and wine, and medieval entertainment. A great time was had by all, and it was resolved to do it again next year. What the next theme was is lost in the mists of time, but ever since, in June, there has been a MidWinter Ball. The gig was given to Year 7 parents and over the years there has been everything from an Arabian night, a Shanghai Nightclub night, a Circus night to a Bollywood night, and everything in between. And last Saturday it was the Fifties, celebrating the school’s 60th Anniversary.
We owe very special thanks to all Year 7 parents for the fabulous mood, décor and ambience of this great once- a- year night! The band deserve special commendation: parents Fiona Adie and Damien de Boos-Smith brought their wonderful Euro jazz band and not only gave us some smooth fifties swing but also some solid fifties rock ‘n roll classics like Shout and Great Balls of Fire: their wild piano player even out- Jerry Lee Lewis’ed Jerry Lee Lewis! Lynne Hutton also needs special thanks for the huge array of offerings that she begged, borrowed but I hope didn’t steal for the Silent Auction, a massive job that had people checking bids and counter bids all through the night. 
The financial result can wait, but for the moment the human result was one very happy bunch of parents and teachers and friends. And there were even, as there are every year, a small group of Ball pioneers, some of the original Year 8 parents of 2009, whose children have long left the school, but who come back every year to enjoy the very special and unique ambience of the Glenaeon MidWinter Ball. Thank you again Year 7 parents !!!