Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

End of Term Notes

Farewell Sarah Sandberg
This week we farewell Sarah Sandberg from her role as Operations Manager. Sarah has been completing a Master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster response management in Melbourne. She is keen to complete this program and work on a further significant project in Disaster response planning that may evolve into a PhD. Sarah has played a very significant role in the school over the past eight and a half years and she leaves the school in a far stronger position than it was when she started. Among her achievements are the project management of the construction of the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall at Castlecrag in 2010 as part of the BER program, and the substantial renovation of the Senior Library and high school building. In addition she has provided valuable expertise in such a range of areas including WHS, policy and procedures, IT, risk, strategic and Masterplanning as well as campus management and construction, and all done with considerable warmth, finesse and charm. We owe Sarah a huge debt of gratitude for her considerable and significant contribution to Glenaeon.

Welcome Julie Skuja
I am pleased to announce that Julie Skuja has commenced this week as our new Operations Manager: Julie has moved from her positon as Facilities Project Manager at the Business School, University of NSW to join us at Glenaeon. She brings us a wide skill set: at UNSW, she managed strategic procurement, capital works and WHS across the Business School (home of the Australian Graduate School of Management), and she brings wide experience in operations, allied with a very personable manner, which I believe will enable her to fulfil this role very well. She commenced on Monday and will have a number of days hand over with Sarah over the first week of the non term time. She will be fully in harness ready for Week 1 of Term 4.

End of Term:
Thank you to all parents for your support over this past term. The harvest of feedback and ideas from our World Café evening in August is being synthesised and refined by the school Directors and the Educational Executive, ready for a further presentation in Term 4.

The Spring Festival was a wonderful celebration of the season, an enlivening and uplifting program of music, dance and song, including a memorable Maypole dance from Class 5. Thank you to those parents who were able to join us and share the moment, and especially for being part of the heel and toe polka which brought the festivities to a resounding and uproarious conclusion.

Teachers return on Tuesday October 10th, and students return on Wednesday October I1th. I wish all families a restful and refreshing break, and look forward to the new and productive term that will bring 2017 to a close.