Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

A Magic Beyond!

This week is concert week, and all students from Class 5 to Year 11 have been involved in preparation, rehearsal, and tonight, performance in The Concourse, Chatswood. From the concert program….

“Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!” 
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Much has been written about the power of music to move us beyond all that we know and do: the intangible beauty that is can calm the unquiet mind, uplift our spirits, and transport us to other places. Music at Glenaeon is like breathing, both a necessity and a nourishment, and part of every student’s experience from Kindergarten through high school. We all need to touch the ineffable inner places where melody, harmony and rhythm can take us. Just to be part of a choir, an ensemble or an orchestra should be a fundamental part of every child’s education, establishing a connection with the world of music that can then take root and flourish throughout the rest of life as a living form and force within us. The process is as important as the product, and while performance is a vital end product, so too is the daily practice that lays a life- long foundation of musicianship.

As always it’s a great pleasure to be introducing the 2017 Glenaeon School Concert to you. Our program is again a balanced blend of style, genre and scale, and showcases the musical talents of our students, and the quality of the music program in the school. 

Our Music teachers Mr Manu Prasad and Ms Pru Borgert have brought another inspiring concert program together, and we thank them for the many hours of rehearsal and organisation. All the instrumental tutors have worked solidly to prepare their students, and the teachers of Class 5 and 6, and Years 7 to 11 have made sacrifices and put in extra time in helping organise the massed ranks of Glenaeon’s choral and instrumental forces. Behind the scenes Operations Manager Sarah Sandberg and Stage Manager Evan Saunders, along with new Music Secretary Julie Monteban, have managed the detailed logistics admirably.

To all our students in the concert, your teachers and parents say thank you for the work, dedication and extra effort you have put into preparing for tonight’s event. May your experience in performance tonight help music to continue to be a magic beyond all that you do, everywhere!

60th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Also opening tonight is our 60th Anniversary Art Exhibition showcasing student work from across the school in the Art Space at The Concourse. There will be drinks and snacks from 5.30 pm until the concert begins at 7 pm, so please drop in and be impressed with the quality of work on display.

Strategy Planning:

We have begun our planning for the new Strategy that will guide the school over the next five years. Our teachers have reviewed our progress and started planning for the future. We will be inviting parents to a Strategy Planning session so that all stakeholders are involved. Please mark Wednesday August 23rd from 7 – 8.30pm in your calendars as the night to join us in this important next step in the school’s development.