Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

View From the Hill

In Praise of Pirates

The show was sheer joy from beginning to end. No matter how well you knew the Gilbert and Sullivan show and its inspired silliness set to sumptuous music, you would have been swept away by the Year 10.. Read More

Well Said, Sam!!

This week brought a very special surprise. I received a call from the office of Mr Trent Zimmerman, our local Member of Parliament for North Sydney, to tell us that Sam Street in Class 6 had won the p.. Read More

How to build real confidence in children: the antidote to Snowplough and Concierge Parenting

There are new words to describe overprotective parents: it used to be the helicopter parent who always hovered, but now it’s the Snowplough parent who intervenes and removes all obstacles. Anoth.. Read More

Communities of Hope

After the shocking event in Christchurch, there will be questions that every school and every family will need to consider. Evidence from previous such incidents is clear, that the more people watch t.. Read More

Design Thinking, Debating and World Café

Debating @ Glenaeon: Years 7 to 10 Debating can be an important part of a high school education and while there will be debating opportunities within the core English lessons, there is nothing qu.. Read More

The Gentle Cafe dedication and farewell to Michele

Naming of the Gentle Café We were reminded yesterday of Isaac Newton’s famous words “We see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants”. Glenaeon’s place in.. Read More

Is the Pen Mightier than the Keyboard?

A recent article in the Macquarie University journal The Lighthouse was a welcome reminder of how some of the basics in education are still valued. Having times tables by heart, and writing with cursi.. Read More

For the Love of Learning: Academic Achievement Assembly

It was an enormous pleasure this week to welcome back some of our Class of 2018 to celebrate their achievements at the HSC. Our Academic Achievement assembly on Wednesday was an opportunity to acknowl.. Read More

New Roles, Familiar Faces

It has been a great pleasure this week to be announcing the new step in our leadership structure. The positions of Director of Students (Dani Finch) and Director of Studies (Liz Nevieve) are bein.. Read More

Welcome to 2019!

The year has begun very smoothly with all our new and continuing students settling in, particularly our two intake years of Kindergarten and Year 7, and new students in almost all classes through .. Read More