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No Tech for High Tech Parents

There is a new book out in the US that you will find very interesting: Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse is Making Our Kids Dumber. The authors point out in huge deta.. Read More

The Importance of Homework

Homework builds healthy work habits, and an important step at the start of every year is ensuring that these healthy homework habits are laid down as a daily and weekly rhythm. Parents, your role is.. Read More

The Dreaded Phone Issue

Jacqui Wan is our new Drama teacher in the high school. She joins us from another school where phones were tolerated. Her immediate comment after only a week at Glenaeon is how refreshing it is as a t.. Read More

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018 and best wishes for the year ahead. The School has been very busy over the break, completing Maintenance projects such as replacing guttering on two buildings, re-turfing the Cast.. Read More

Movements at the Station

The end of the year brings movement, and we both farewell a number of teachers and staff who are leaving Glenaeon as well as look forward to new people who will join us in 2018. Moving out: .. Read More

Carol Service

Thank you to all parents who attended and supported our Carol Service on Monday evening, helping to bring our year one step nearer to a gentle close in very fine and harmonious fashion. The evening wa.. Read More

Carol Service

Carol Service Glenaeon closes the year with a non-denominational marking of the Christmas season for our community. We celebrate the essential elements of the Christmas story through music and song .. Read More

Founders Day Assembly

Our Founders Day Assembly yesterday for Class 6 to Year 11 was a tribute to our school’s founding spirits, and a celebration of 60 years of Glenaeon education. Our keynote speaker David Jacobson.. Read More

Utes, BridgeClimb and the Future of Australia:

Year 12 Graduation Address November 10th 2017 Dear Year 12, the usual graduation speeches are intended to give wise words to a graduating class. But today I ‘m taking as my subject somet.. Read More

Remembrance Day Assembly 2017: Keeping the Peace

We are here today to remember the tragedy of war, and by commemorating the end of the first World War at 11 am on November 11th, 1918. Let me tell you what I learned from a letter written just a month.. Read More