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Open Day

Our annual Middle Cove Open Day will be with us again on Friday April 6th. All our classrooms from Class 4 to Year 12 will be open with tours available to provide commentary and discussion of our many programs through the school. A highlight is always the preview of scenes from our Year 10 Musical, this year The Little Mermaid.

The Open Day is an opportunity for parents from our Kindergarten and Primary years to see the quality education that lies ahead, and to speak directly with teachers in the high school.
Our three lab’s with senior classes in all of Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be open, and as well Shakespeare, Trigonometry, English, History, Technology, Visual Arts, Sport and Language lessons will be in progress.

Teachers in our HSC programs will have a display hub in the Senior Library and will be available for enquiries regarding senior studies courses leading to the HSC. Our Learning Support team will be in the Junior Library hosting an outline of the work they do through the school in assessing, supporting and reporting on the progress of students who need extra support.

Open classrooms run from 9am through to 10.15 am, followed by morning tea (provided by our own school café), the Year 10 Musical preview, and an opportunity for Q&A in the Sylvia Brose Hall. The Open Day closes by 11.30 am.

We invite all parents to join us for the morning and to bring along friends who are interested in a Glenaeon education. Parking is available on the basketball courts and on the driveway. Traffic wardens will be in place to ensure there is no parking in Glenroy or Greenfield Avenues. To book a place on the tour go to I look forward to seeing you there!

STEM has become a buzzword and a fad: NSW education minister

“Ultimately, STEM seeks to dehumanise education – reducing it to an equation of inputs and outputs. Yet excellence has always been most evident when education is at its most personal.” 

These are the words of NSW Education Minister Mr Rob Stokes, one of our most highly educated of Education Ministers: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW. Yesterday the MInister delivered a lecture where he questioned the “fad” of putting STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as a priority ahead of all other subjects in our school curriculums. This article from today’s Sydney Morning Herald puts a cogent case for retaining a healthy balance of subjects in our schools, a case that Glenaeon both supports and puts into practice.
Click below to read more... » Read More

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes says the push to promote STEM subjects such as science and maths above other disciplines was an act of "intellectual snobbery", arguing schools should avoid educational "fads" by pushing a wide range of subjects including humanities.

Mr Stokes used the Balmoral Lecture on Wednesday night to "challenge the dominance of the STEM orthodoxy in Australian education".

“STEM as a concept has become a buzzword,” Mr Stokes told (his audience) at the lecture series which invites speakers to discuss big ideas.

“From government ministers to journalists – from industry CEO’s to senior public servants – people of influence are piling in to denounce the value of philosophy, the arts, and the social sciences – insisting that only by bowing before the altar of STEM will today’s students be adequately equipped to thrive in the 21st century.”

STEM - the acronym used for the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in schools -has had a national push in recent years. In 2015 all Australian education ministers agreed to a 10-year national strategy to improve STEM education. And last year, the state government announced the first school fully devoted to STEM education would open in 2021 at the planned Sydney Science Park in western Sydney.

Mr Stokes said he was not denigrating the passion of scientists, or suggesting that the solution to climate change or the next medical breakthrough would come from a philosopher.

"I am simply stating that the idea our education system must be structured to preference STEM at the expense of the arts is demonstrably ludicrous," he said.

He said the concept that students would be unemployable in the future if they do not choose to study STEM over arts does not make sense.

“It has become an educational fad that places academic disciplines into silos – pitting the sciences against the arts in a self-defeating zero sum game of intellectual snobbery,” he said.

Mr Stoke said he did not doubt that science and maths are “crucially important”.

“In a world that is increasingly mechanised and digitised, it is important to acknowledge the critical need for students to be numerate, and to have a comprehensive understanding of the hard sciences,” he said.

But the idea that STEM is somehow superior to the arts is everywhere, he said.

“Whether it is a facetious 'would you like fries with that' joke about the value of an arts degree, or whether it is a person of influence claiming that you are doomed to a life of underemployment unless you study STEM, it appears that devotees of scientism have reduced education to an assessment of whether or not you can get a job in Silicon Valley,” Mr Stokes said.

Society should be careful not to reduce the value of a school education or a university degree to an assessment on whether it prepares a student for one specific job.

“Education is not simply about getting a job. Our educational institutions exist primarily to help educate the next generation to build a more just and more engaged society,” Mr Stokes said.

“They exist to provide students with higher-order skills that are flexible and adaptable to a changing world.”

 He said the key to a robust 21st century education system was “not the overt preferencing of STEM” but the championing of a true multidisciplinary system.

"Ultimately, STEM seeks to dehumanise education – reducing it to an equation of inputs and outputs. Yet excellence has always been most evident when education is at its most personal.”

With best wishes,

Andrew Hill
Head of School
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School News

This week's cover photo

Our cotton has buds! Last Sunday's soaring temperatures did the trick! Pictured above are some Class 2 children admiring the plants that have produced cotton just on harvest time. » Read More

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Blackboard Beauties

This week's blackboard is from the Class 5 Revision of Fractions main lesson, and was drawn by class teacher, Rodney Dean. » Read More

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Harvest festivals held this week

Kindergarten classes and Years 7-12 celebrated the Autumn equinox this week, with Classes 1-6 holding their Harvest Festivals on Friday morning. 

In the Sylvia Brose Hall, Year 7 and 12 students joined together for a beautiful rendition of a song from the Year 7 King Arthur main lesson, all years sang the song they've been rehearsing for the last few weeks, "When a Knight won his spurs", Andrew Hill told the story of Sir Lancelot and the dragon and Fiona Zielinski from OzHarvest explained to the audience the amazing job being done by the charity. OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1000 charities supporting people in need across the country. 

Among other information, Fiona told us that in Australia, 4 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, enough to fill 8,400 Olympic sized swimming pools, and 35% of the average household bin is food waste. Glenaeon donates all the food donated by the students for the festival to Ozharvest, from where it will be made into nutritious meals for those in need.
Click below for more photos... » Read More

Kindy feast

Kindy Festival

Fiona Zielinski from OzHarvest

High School Jazz band

Students creating the display
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High School Information Morning thank you

A big thank you to all the students who came along last Saturday morning to help guide our guests during our High School Information morning. Over 100 people came to the tour and it meant a great deal to have our High School students so ably representing the school for us. Thanks go to Jasper Brown, Ruby Vella, Horatio Gunn-Lynch, Luca Gifford Neill, Julia Johnston, Mitch Wood, Fiona Ryan, Natasha Petit, Sky Boe, Luke Johnston and Tabitha Dunlevey Cooke. » Read More

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Year 7 Tarpology lessons

Our Year 12 Outdoor Education Captains have been hard at work training our new Year 7s in the fine art of ‘Tarpology’. Tarps must be securely tied using naturally available materials such as sticks, trees and stones and there is much skill in making them water tight and wind resistant. Our young apprentices are having their first opportunity to practice these newfound skills in the field with Year 7 Group A out in the bush for their first adventure together this week. We look forward to sharing images from that program on our return! More photos below... » Read More

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Year 7 Acoustics and Optics

As part of their first High School Science unit on Acoustics and Optics, Year 7 made pinhole cameras in the Chemistry Lab on Friday afternoon. The following extract is taken from the introductory teaching notes for the program:

“In Year 7, we start our science course with a question “What is Science?” and we identify the key skills needed in the study of science: close observation of the phenomena, questioning and clear record keeping of observations. Our focus in the first unit is for students to extend their observational skills and to improve their skills in manipulation of lab equipment. Acoustics is approached from the relationship between tone and vibration. Optics is deepened now with those images which lend themselves to mechanical manipulation - the mirror and the pin hole camera.”
Children in these photos – (right) Clara Borrud, (below) Luca Ximenes and Flynn Tanner » Read More

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Glenaeon students in Mosman Youth Art Prize

We are thrilled to announce that Maija Tan (Year 12) took out a $100 Encouragement Award at the Mosman Youth Art Prize this year. The show featured 204 artworks (from the 350 pieces entered) and we congratulate Abbey Hardwick (Year 11) and Kauri Palmer (Year 7) for also being featured.
Below: Maija Tan » Read More

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Year 7 textiles

This term, the Class 7 textiles group have been sewing and using ancient shibori techniques and plunging their craft bags and aprons into the indigo vat with surprisingly fabulous results.
Elizabeth Ellean » Read More

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ISD Touch Football Carnival

On Friday 16 March, 30 students from Year 7-10 attended the ISD Touch Football Carnival at Parade Grounds, Centennial Park. Glenaeon fielded three teams - a girls and boys 15s team, as well as open boys’ team. Each played five games of 25 minutes duration against some tough opposition. The games provided an insight into both skills and personalities of the other schools, which by and large was the sense of fun, enjoyment and inclusion.
Our final game summed up the tournament. With most of our open team leaving early for Surf Education, we fielded a mixed team comprising our year 7 to 9 students against some year 11 and 12s from MFIS. Credit to them, they were respectful, generous and quite hilarious. Everyone was laughing and having fun, as our youngest and oldest ducked and weaved around the senior players to score tries. A perfect end to a fun day.
Before departing the referees commended the school and our teams for their fair play, attitude and respect of both referees, each other and the opposition.
A great day was had by all….
Lisa Wood & Elizabeth Ellean Click below for more photos... » Read More

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Class 4 prepare for autumn

Class 4 were very busy this week preparing bread, making corn dolls and erecting a hand-made fence for their garden. They were ably assisted in their endeavours by Grace Aloisio, Kathy Thangathurai, Elizabeth Ellean and Sandra Frain. Click below for more photos... » Read More

Making corn dolls

Bread with freshly picked herbs from the garden

Hand-made fencing
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BD stir

As part of our Autumn Festival week and to nurture and revitalise the forest on our Middle Cove school campus, the gardening staff held a biodynamic stir on Tuesday afternoon. After the stir, the children helped spread the mixture over the campus and celebrated with sour dough bread they helped to prepare. » Read More

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Ticks in the School environment

Ticks are known to carry pathogens that can be harmful to humans. Many people will be aware of the impact of the paralysis tick on their pets. They can be fatal. Some people however are less aware that ticks may carry pathogens, such as bacteria, which can be detrimental to human health. Click below for more details... » Read More

 We have, in the past, had reports of tick borne illness. Conditions such as Tick typhus and an illness similar to Lyme disease have been associated with ticks in Australia. Even tiny seed ticks can be dangerous.
What can you do?
Speak with your child about ticks and remind them not to lie on the grass or play under overhanging bushes where possible.
• Ensure they wear suitable clothing and if they are going on a bushwalk or similar make sure they have long trousers and sleeves. It can also be effective to spray with an insect repellent. Either a high strength preparation containing DEET, or ‘Mosiguard’ which does not contain DEET but is known to be quite an effective deterrent.
• Check out any sites of itching or irritation to ensure they don’t have a tick. They can be very tiny and may be in clusters. Ensure ticks are removed correctly – if in doubt get a doctor to do it.
• If your child demonstrates any symptoms of illness after a tick bite take them to the doctor as soon as possible.
A particularly nasty habit ticks have is to jump on to people and then slowly make their way to the armpits or groin etc over many hours. Sometimes they don’t attach until they have been carried by the host for some time. This can make it difficult to work out where you have picked up a tick.

Tick Removal
The latest advice on tick removal is that Lyclear should be used on larval ticks and larger ticks should be frozen using ‘wart off’ or a similar product. Once the tick has been killed with the wart off, ideally it should be left to fall naturally. Most people are very uncomfortable with this and if the tick is dead it may be removed safely with tweezers. NEVER SQUEEZE THE BODY OF A TICK!!
Removal with tweezers, while safe if done correctly, is much more difficult as it is very important not to grasp the body of the tick and thereby squeeze more toxins back into the host. Fine tipped tweezers must be used and the tick grasped very low, near its mouthparts. If the attachment site is swollen and the tick engorged this is very difficult to do. This is why wart off is now recommended.

Please report tick bites to us
We ask all children who find a tick at school to come to the office. If this occurs we will call you to collect them to have the tick removed. We always record the incident and note where the child believes they have picked up the tick. Please contact the school office (either campus) if you find a tick on your child at home.
For more information, try the following links, especially the first which is a comprehensive booklet created by the
Australian Association of Bush Regenerators who obviously come into regular contact with ticks: uploads/2013/12/AABR-Ticks-and-tick-borne-diseases- protecting-yourself1.pdf
• parasites/Pages/ticks.aspx
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Castlecrag News

Castlecrag News

Kindergarten had their annual autumn apple picking day at Cedric’s orchard in Bilpin last Saturday. We managed to pick all our apples while it was still cool and spend the heat of the day under the big oak tree the children so love to climb. Cedric has had to net a lot of the trees now because it has been so dry that the black cockatoos have discovered that apples have seeds in the middle of them – would you believe they take the whole apple just for the seeds – imagine how many apples it takes for one cockatoo!

On Monday, Class 2 father Stephen Hunter helped the children build a ‘Bee B&B’ for the solitary bees who may be looking for a home. Apparently most bees in Australia are solitary. The bee hotel was filled with all sorts of barks and bottle brushes – very comfy for a wayfaring bee.

Lastly to continue the theme of footbaths I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Class 1s having their lemon footbaths during their ‘Developmental Movement’ lesson this afternoon.

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Family Fair and Art Show

School Calendar

What's on at Glenaeon next week

Year 12 Mid-Course Exams
Monday March 26, 8:30am – Thursday March 29, 3:30pm

Year 7 B Outdoor Education - Newnes Plateau
Monday March 26, 8:30am – Thursday March 29, 3:30pm

Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA) - AGM
Wednesday March 28, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Pysanky Workshop Traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating
Thursday March 29, 7pm – 10pm

Good Friday - School Closed » Read More

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The Little Mermaid Year 10 musical

Tickets now available at trybooking on

Friday 6 April 7.30pm
Sunday 8 April 2.00pm
Monday 9 April 7.30pm
Tuesday 10 April 7.30pm

Adult $30.00
Student (13 years – University)/Concession $20.00
Child / pensioner (under 12) $15.00

The Little Mermaid is a stage musical produced by Disney Theatrical, based on the animated 1989 Disney film of the same name and the classic story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen about a mermaid who dreams of the world above the sea and gives up her voice to find love. 

Based on Hans Christian Andersen story and the Disney film
produced by Howard Ashman & John Musker
and written & directed by John Musker and Ron Clements
Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions
Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).
All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia. » Read More

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Glenaeon School Tours

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events for Term One and Two

OPEN DAY – Friday 6 April 2018 – 9am-11:30am

Castlecrag Kindy Entry School Tour - Saturday 12 May 2018 - 9:30am – 11:30am

Monday 7 May 9.30-11.00am

To book a tour please go to
» Read More

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Glenaeon Parents' Association (GPA) News

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human being, the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living” Rudolf Steiner

Dear Parents,
The Glenaeon Parents Association is having its Annual General Meeting on March 28th. At this event the Steering Group and Office Bearers who will act and respond on behalf of all the Parents will be elected. Mostly parents volunteer and step into the role - there’s rarely a tussle for positions - though that would be fun. The current Steer Group have put in place changes to the way meetings are run to minimise the amount of time taken up, however we do need people in the roles to effectively run the Association. We are asking a number of you to consider stepping into a role on the Steer Group, and thus expanding your Circle of Influence in a most rewarding way. Click HERE for agenda and nomination form.

Glenaeon Parents Association AGM Wednesday March 28th 7.30pm
Twilight Market - Castlecrag Campus Friday April 6th 3:00 pm 

Deanne Hardwick
Glenaeon Parents Association
Contact us at 
» Read More

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Twilight Coordinator needed

Dear parents, sadly our last Twilight Market Coordinator moved to a new town, and we are looking for someone new to hold the role. The Twilight Market is a fundraising and community building event held at the end of end of term 1 and term 3 at the Glenaeon Castlecrag Campus, usually on a Friday, from 3pm – 6pm. It is a fun and casual event where parents and children can mingle and enjoy homemade treats from the “Coffee & Cake Stall” (and sometimes other food stalls) and also, browse the wares from a selection of external stallholders who set up stalls for the afternoon/early evening. The Coordinator is the go to person for the Class hosting the Café, and the contact person for the External Stall holders. Please contact Mary Heard at the Castlecrag office if you would like to offer your time and services. Mary Heard: or call 9958 0774. Click below for more details: » Read More

Essentially the role involves:
• Liaising with the Class Group running the food stalls.
• Contacting and booking the External Stallholders
• liaising with Michele Harris (Communications Coordinator) to publicise the event
• Overseeing the Set-up and Take-down.
Holding this role is both satisfying and rewarding, not only will you fulfil all your CIP requirements, you will be supporting a much-loved community event whilst being fully supported by the GPA and the school. The role has been well documented, and we are all willing to support the new Coordinator.
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Community News

School Canteen

Dear Parents,
Please sign up to the volunteer roster on SignUp Zone - - and you can log in and sign up to whatever day works for you. I will make you a great coffee while we chat, cook and prepare food!
Click READ MORE for more details and menus for next week: » Read More

We operate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and most terms are only 9 or 10 weeks, meaning there are about 30 shifts over the four terms, or about 120 shifts per year. As the school has approximately 360 students, if just one third of those families could help with just one shift per year we would have one helper each day, which is really what’s required. Good food requires a good amount of input to produce! I do however understand that not everyone can sign up once a year and some love to come once a term as they have enjoyed the experience so much.
A mum suggested we might get more helpers if we said 9ish (after drop off) until 1pm for four hours, as those extra two hours before pick up for some parents can be a help if you need to fit something else into your busy schedules.
We thank you all in advance, we will look forward to meeting you all throughout the year.
Cheers Sharon & Lorna
If for any reason you cannot make your nominated shift, please find another volunteer to work in your place. 

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Glenaeon Studios 2018

Elizabeth Ellean has put together a program inviting some distinguished workshop presenters for parents, teachers and friends of Glenaeon.

The first one is coming up tomorrow Friday 23rd March
, with Godwin Yidana who will be teaching the art of the Bolga basket-making, drawing on deeply rooted family traditions from his home village of Dulugu in Ghana. As it is a school day, this workshop will be held in Forestville and will run for 5 hours from 10am-3pm (including an one hour lunch break) - the cost is $190.For more information please email and visit the school website at for more upcoming workshop details. Click below for more details... » Read More

Make a Bolga Basket with Godwin Yidana at Glenaeon Studios
Friday 23rd March 10-3pm in Forestville (just over the Roseville Bridge)
Weaver and cofounder of G-lish Foundation, Godwin Yidana, supported by G-lish cofounder, Gayle Pescud, will show you how to weave your own small basket with recycled Ghanaian fabric and recycled plastic twine handmade by G-lish producers and only available exclusively in our workshops. You’ll also receive recycled Australian shopping bag twine handmade by Godwin. Whether you're a novice or an experienced weaver, you'll have fun, learn and finish your own small basket by the end of the workshop. During the workshop, you'll hear stories about weaving heritage, culture and life in Bolgatanga, the town from which this weaving style originates and still flourishes today. At this 5 hour workshop you'll learn Bolga basket weaving techniques using recycled materials to create and finish your own basket. You will learn traditional Bolga basket weaving techniques, how to start and a finish basket and how to handle twine.
• Traditional Bolga basket weaving technique
• Starting a basket
• Weaving the body of the basket
• Finishing a basket
• Handling twine
Website contact for Godwin Yidana

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Rebuilding the Haven Amphitheatre

The hall on our Castlecrag campus is named after Marion Mahony Griffin, often referred to as Glenaeon’s godmother. She studied Anthroposophy in Castlecrag in the 1920s and helped build the Haven Amphitheatre in the Castlecrag bush for theatrical performances.

The amphitheatre needs our help and there is a fundraiser to rebuild the stage next Saturday night, 24 March. An acclaimed singer is performing the lyrics of Leonard Cohen, and it would be great to support the suburb the Haven, past which so many of our classes have walked on bush walks; one day we may even be able to perform there!
The link below is to book tickets » Read More

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Vital Years Conference

The Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education is pleased to announce that Registration is now open for the Sydney Vital Years Conference - July 9-12, 2018. “Developing the Self: The Inner and Outer Work of the Early Childhood Educator”
This link will take you to our website to discover more about this deeply enriching conference theme, the Program, and our keynote speakers: Lisa Romero and Louise de Forest. We look forward to welcoming you to this Vital Years Conference being hosted at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School - Middle Cove, Sydney.
Kind Regards,
The Committee of AARSECE » Read More

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CIPs Term 1

Dear Parents,
Each family is billed $140 per term for the Community Involvement Program. When voluntary work is done and registered, it can be credited back to your account at the rate of $17.50 per hour (in other words 8 hours per term will entitle you to the full $140 credit). It is now time to start claiming your CIP credits for term 1. As there are over 340 families at Glenaeon it takes some time to process the credits for everybody so we ask that you submit your term 3 CIP hours by Friday 30th March in order to have them credited back to you via next term’s invoice. Click READ MORE for further details... » Read More

The CIP form is available online so it’s very simple to do! Simply go to the Glenaeon web-site, click on the ‘Community’ tab at the top, then click on ‘Community Involvement Program’. There is a link which appears at the bottom of the page ‘complete CIP form’. Alternatively click on this link to take you directly there:
You can complete the form on-line and hit ‘submit’. Or if you prefer there is also a link to a paper form (pdf) at the bottom of the page which you can simply print, fill out manually and hand in at reception. The paper forms are also available in the CIP folder held at reception.
Note, you must submit your CIP hours worked regardless of which committee/event/role you participate in or hold. Please refer page 34 of the Parent Handbook for more details (including what tasks are eligible for CIP credit). Note that credits are not carried over from one year to the next.
Kind regards,
Amanda Ford
(part time)
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
9am – 3pm
Ph: 9932 2310
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Glenaeon Out of School Hours care (OOSH)

Glenaeon OOSH run after school activities at the Castlecrag campus in a nurturing and safe environment for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Children from Years 3 to 6 catch the school bus from the Middle Cove campus. For more details go to their website - Here are some children planting violets in the garden last week. » Read More

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Welcome Home Playgroup

A new playgroup at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Preschool
Monday mornings: 9:15- 11:15 a.m 

118 Sydney St, Willoughby
Next to Bales Park
A warm, supportive play-based program for parents and young children (birth to three)
When: each school term: 9 week program, beginning Monday 5 February
Maximum 10 parents – Cost $240 per term.
Please call Sandra on 0413 271 308 or Preschool on 9412 4457 or email to register your interest. 
Click below for more details...

» Read More
A joyful time for relaxation and happiness,
Nourishment for parents and children as we learn and grow together.
An indoor and outdoor program: in the cottage, in the garden and the nearby parkland and bush.
We will be cooking, making stories together, learning songs, and will take part in games for young and old, puppetry and toy making

Parent Education Discussions at each play morning, a place for questions and developing answers:
* Creative discipline for challenging behaviours.
* Understanding Stages of Children’s development.
* Parenthood as an ever- evolving adventure of loving and learning.
* Learning skills to support home – making for yourself and family.
* What is ‘Steiner Education’?
* Routine, rhythm and ritual: how to create and practice them to support you and your child and family.
* Boundaries for child and family safety (physical, emotional, social)
* Celebrations: how to create meaningful celebrations for your family: birthday, seasonal.
* Health and Illnesses: how to support healthy daily living and what to do in times of trauma and illness.
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Mandarin lessons

Mandarin will be a major world language by the time our children finish school and now Glenaeon offers this language as a co-curricular subject.
WEDNESDAY 3.30-4.30pm
I now offer a high school teaching IB subject- Chinese Literature.
Classes are available for students from Class 3 to Year 9. 
Venue: Junior School Library
Fees: $200 for Term 1 per student
RSVP: Please contact Katrina Pau 
0418 295 428
Click below for more details... » Read More

The Mandarin teacher, Ms Katrina Pau, was born and raised in Taiwan. Before migrating to Australia, she worked as a broadcaster in TV and Radio in Hong Kong and Taipei and also managed a financial investment company in Taipei. After migrating to Australia, along with a BA degree previously from the University of Melbourne, she then achieved an honours degree in Classical Chinese literature from Macquarie University, Sydney. She later tutored university students, and adults privately, in Asian culture & Mandarin language, and has been teaching Mandarin for primary students in a private school since 2012.
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Teachers, parents and friends Eurythmy class

We have commenced eurythmy classes for adults from 4pm - 4-50pm, Tuesdays
Location: East Eurythmy room (to the right of the Sylvia Browse Hall upstairs).
Contact: » Read More

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Glenaeon Secondhand School Uniform Shop

The Secondhand Uniform Shop is open alternating Fridays from 3:00 - 3:45 pm. The last date for this term is March 30. Your donations of clean, gently worn uniforms are always welcome. Simply drop them at reception in a bag labeled “Uniform Shop” and we’ll put them back into circulation. Most items are priced at $5 and $10, so come grab a bargain.

I am also seeking a parent volunteer who will learn the ropes and replace me later in the year when my son graduates. It’s an enjoyable way to earn your CIP credits and meet the children, staff and other parents. No special skills necessary, and it only takes a couple of hours per fortnight.

Thank you! Lori Graff 0428668056 » Read More

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Glenaeon Careers Centre

Glenaeon Careers Facebook group now has nearly 90 members and is constantly updating them with news about tertiary study, workshops, open days and much more. It's a brilliant resource for school leavers and those students and their families beginning to think about life after school.

Go to and ask to join the group for all the up-to-the-minute information about open days, courses, summer schools, application deadlines and articles of interest. » Read More

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Parent Education

Supporting your child through Steiner education

With Lakshmi Prasanna
Friday 23rd March 9.15am–11.00am
What are your questions for Lakshmi as she brings her pictures, experiences and wisdom of the developing human being – a being of body, soul and spirit – to support health, wellbeing and balance in yourself, your family and your class community? We look forward to your presence and active participation on the morning.
Marion Mahony Griffin Hall Castlecrag campus
Mary Heard, Castlecrag office: 9958 0774 or
Joy Day: 0451 152 227, » Read More

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Physiology of the Foundation Stone Meditation weekend workshop

‘At the Turning Point of Time …’
Mystery of Human Etheric
Physiology of the Foundation Stone Meditation
Saturday, 24th March 2018, 10am – 4pm and Sunday, 25th March 2018, 9am – 2.30pm
An exploration with Patries Orange, Eurythmist and Lakshmi Prasanna, Physician
Lakshmi and Patries have been offering a series of popular workshops over the last 3 years, unlocking the secrets embedded in our human physiology.
Venue: Castlecrag Campus, Glenaeon Steiner School
121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag, Sydney 2068 NSW
Course Cost: $260.00 for the weekend
Morning tea provided; please bring your own lunch
Bookings, enquiries, payments: 
Joy Day, mobile 0451 152 227
Mary Heard, Castlecrag Office: ph 9958 0774
Click below for more details...
» Read More

We live our own physical reality without much question. All is taken for granted until it becomes a disturbance. In our quest for meaning and direction in our life, the wisdom of our physiology shows us an example of a profound collaboration of cosmic proportions! Anthroposophy gives us a pathway to explore and mobilise experiences through which we can arrive at an understanding of the spiritual nature of the human being.

Patries’ and Lakshmi’s unique way of collaboration creates an atmosphere of ‘action research’. All of us are part of this exploration through the presentations, movement, eurythmy and conversations.
No previous attendance or experience is needed. Each workshop stands on its own. These workshops are appropriate for anyone who is interested in life and its many mysteries!
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Pysansky - Traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating workshop

Thursday 29th March 7.00–10.00pm

Taking the time to decorate an egg allows one to create a space for stillness and reflection – an artistic meditation. Traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs are called Pysanky. The intricate traditional designs are laden with symbols. At this introductory course you are welcome to follow a traditional design or to make up your own unique contemporary design.
Bookings: Mary Heard, Castlecrag office: 9958 0774 More details below... » Read More

Marion Mahony Griffin Hall Castlecrag campus
121 Edinburgh Road
Anthea and Eleanor Pilko
$40/ $20 students (year 4 and over). Please bring 2 blown white eggs if possible.
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Raphael’s Rooms

Transition to Kindy parent group

Kindergarten parents have been experiencing and discussing ways to support their child and family’s transition to kindergarten, and Raphael’s Rooms Lyn Clifton, community health social worker and anthroposophical nurse, has been joining with interested parents these last two Tuesday mornings.  
Here is a beautiful account from one kindy parent……
Kindy Parents were kindly offered the support of Lyn Clifton to assist both the parents and our children transitioning into the rhythm of daily school life.
Lyn guided us through a very sensory experience of smelling and drinking freshly brewed tea made with herbs from the children's garden, tasting nourishing and warming porridge and congee and trying elixirs and other healing remedies.
This was followed by a lemon foot bath. I thought this would be a simple and nice process… I certainly didn’t anticipate the depth of effect a foot bath could create.
Lyn’s calm, soothing presence, her slow, gentle and very intentional process had my energy shift from the mornings energy of arrival into a deeply still place. The room became quiet, the toddlers in the room lay or sat down and took in the peace of their parents.
What I took away and know others did too was a beautiful sense of being deeply nurtured. Lyn fed us, listened to us, and soothed away our concerns in a pool of lemon water.
The feeling and effects remained for several days and influenced my whole home.
I felt I had my energy topped up by being so nurtured and I felt an abundance of caring available for my family. I wanted them to feel that nurtured and whilst its always my intention to do so, so often life gets fast and bristly.
I gave my son, who feels he is a big boy now in Kindy, a foot bath in the way we were shown and watched as he settled deeply and then came to sit in my lap for some big cuddles and let some tears flow. I saw and felt how much he gained from that nurturing time, rather than just time playing or being together.
I am very grateful to have had a reminder from Lyn of what is feels like to be nurtured so I can hold a greater intention of that warmth for my family.
Click READ MORE for more details... » Read More

Woollen and cotton socks can be bought on line through or from Lyn
Some parents have also decided to further their understanding of Steiner education and are in the process of enrolling in EduCareDo, a 12 month 26 lecture online adult education self-study course, which covers such areas as caring for the senses, temperaments, watercolour painting, nutrition, biodynamic farming etc. Study group meetings give an opportunity to share resources, work through the exercises and experiments, and practice what has been learnt.
We are planning to meet monthly to extend our self reading and study through discussion and activities . Others are most welcome to join us . 
Lyn Clifton
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Parent Craft


GlenX Alumni video

Join our vibrant Alumni community and keep up-to-date with the latest Glenaeon news, upcoming events & reunions and publications. Please complete the form on our website HERE and submit. We look forward to hearing from you!

» Read More
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Grassroots Eco Store – The Easter Bunny is a Hare!

Did you know that the original Easter Bunny is the hare? The symbolism of the hare brings deeper meaning and connection to Easter time – the hare travels in solitude but with an active interest in the world, will sacrifice itself for others and is courageous – the perfect capabilities to enable it to bring the message of renewal and new life all over the world through the symbol of the egg. This hare (pictured) is lovingly handmade in Australia. Come and take a look before the Easter break! A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon.
Click below for opening hours..
» Read More

Open on the Castlecrag Campus during school terms:
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am—11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am—3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am—10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm—4.00pm

Please call me on 0416 035 173 if you'd like to make a purchase outside the opening hours as I will open on request. Also, let me know if there are other products you'd like to see in the store and I'll attempt to source them.
See you soon!
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Simplicity Parenting

Last week we spoke about dinner times and, during the week, I received a lovely email from a family who said they can’t imagine where they’d be as a family without the ‘thousands of hours’ they have spent connecting over dinner. This inspired me to delve further into the idea of connection.
Click below to read more... » Read More

In his book “Simplicity Parenting’ Kim John Payne explains that by avoiding the distractions that can easily consume our time and attention, we ‘leave our emotional door open for our loved ones’. ‘Relational credits’ accumulate as we give our children our open ended time and undivided attention and this will significantly effect our relationship with our children in adolescence when they no longer look to us to meet their basic needs. Times of connection in childhood create a habitual, unconscious bond between parent and child that can carry us through the emotionally turbulent teen years.

As a parent of teenagers I have found that so many principles of Simplicity Parenting have borne fruit and come to make sense during these years and none more than the idea of relational credits.

So many of our family relational credits were built up over all those meal times we made a priority as they were growing up. Sitting down to a (vaguely) ceremonial meal is still part of our family habit pattern and what binds us together in all the unpredictability and antagonism of the late teen years. 
Mary Heard is a Simplicity Parenting Coach and runs courses in Simplicity Parenting at Glenaeon throughout the Year. The next course will be announced soon.
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Rudolf Steiner House

Did you know that there are at least two open Eurythmy classes that you can attend? These are:
- Every Thursday from 5:45pm at Rudolf Steiner House on 307 Sussex Street, Sydney
- Every Tuesday from 4pm at the Sylvia Brose Hall - Glenaeon, Middle Cove Campus, 
If you want to attend (and it doesn't matter what your level of experience is), just turn up and you can join either group.
And just a quick notice that there is still time to register for the Working with Elemental Beings conference which is on this weekend.
Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months: » Read More

23rd March: Supporting your child through Steiner education. A morning lecture in Castlecrag with Lakshmi Prasanna.
24th - 25th March: The Physiology of the Foundation Stone Meditation. A weekend workshop with eurythmy and lectures of the Mystery of the Human Etheric. 
27th March: The Hero's adventure. A talk with Jonathan Drew. Based on the work of the mythologist and storyteller, Joseph Campbell. 
31st March: Art workshop - working with the 6 basic exercises. The workshop will run for 6 months and cover one of the 6 basic exercises every month. 
31st March: Psyche and Eros. This is a storytelling performance by Jonathan Drew and songs by Robert Hanly. After the performance, there will be a sharing of a warming soup
3rd April: Eurythmy presentation with Mark Neill. TS Eliot's four quartets for eurythmy, voice & cello.
6th-9th April: Moral Technologies conference. This year Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya will be the guest speaker in Melbourne focusing on how do we be human or moral in a time of technological development with technology. 
8th April: Insects, pests, weeds and biodiversity. This is a one-day workshop with BD Sydney. 
10th April: People. The importance of the human condition. A talk with David Wansbrough. The miracle of consciousness and reflections on what remains when all else passes. Jesus said that the soul endures, but what is its relationship to the human spirit?

If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:
Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001
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Warrah School is having a Curative Seminar

Warrah School is having a Curative Seminar 16-18 April. For details, download the brochure HERE » Read More

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Mindd Mission

Integrative Healthcare offers real solutions for the whole family by combining diet, nutrient therapy, structural support, energy medicine and lifestyle to restore the body’s natural ability to grow, heal and prevent disease. Sometimes neuro therapies are also needed.
Mindd Foundation helps practitioners and patients discover and implement effective treatments for Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental conditions that often affect the mind. Click below for more details...
Mindd Foundation, Healthy Cells For Life  Brochure HERE » Read More

Our focus is on paediatric disorders such as ADHD, Asthma, allergies, autism, chronic illness, depression, learning and language delay, and digestive and behavioural disorders. Research is showing that these children are coming from families with a history of “brain-immuno-gut disorders” triggered by toxins, malnutrition and infections.
The rise in childhood disease signals a need for preventative healthcare that focuses on cellular health by optimising nutrient intake while minimising toxins.
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Reading Your Life Script, Biographical Mandala Workshop

Workshop; Spiritual Service towards World Transformation May 26 and 27, 2018
Times: Saturday 9.30am – 4pm, Sunday 9.30am – 1pm
Venue: Steiner House
Cost: $250 (inclusive of enrolment fee) for each weekend or concession on request.
Participants are welcome to attend one, two, or all three weekend. Please note that participants must enrol in each weekend. For concessions please contact Karla 0411 965 997 to determine the fee.
For more details click READ MORE below... » Read More

We draw the round of our areas of participation and our alignments. We follow our developments and their echoes and resonances with earlier periods. We add those we served, our contributions and our errors. Even if you are younger than 42 this weekend provides an understanding of those older than you as well as your vision for your own future. It offers the opportunity of understanding ageing and dying. These workshops explore our life phases and are a study of biography suitable for teachers, parents and everyone interested in individual development and the course of life.

Chapter 1, the period 0-20 is the iron necessity of karma where our past karma incarnates. Chapter 2, 21-41, is the battle for liberation/transformation in the sun crucible. Chapter 3, 42- 62, is service and spiritual development, our gift to world transformation. Chapter 4 the karma is now free; preparation and creativity. Deeper penetration of the details of these chapters offers a clear reading of our life tasks, our transformation direction, our karmic debts, as well as identification of the obstacles, challenges, gifts and helpers in our life script. These are made visible in the mandala you will create. 

Karla Cryer
Karla Cryer is a trained psychologist with extensive knowledge and experience in anthroposophical biography work. Over the last couple of decades Karla has facilitated numerous workshops and conferences which combine her training in mainstream psychology with her understanding of the life phases as indicated by Rudolf Steiner. Currently she is delivering a 3 year training course in China called “The Psychology of Freedom”.
Karla Cryer is a trained psychologist with extensive knowledge and experience in anthroposophical biography work. Over the last couple of decades Karla has offered numerous workshops and conferences, which combined her training in mainstream psychology with her understanding of the life phases as indicated by Rudolf Steiner in Sydney. Currently she is delivering a 3 year training course in China called “The Psychology of Freedom”.
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Rudolf Steiner College Professional Development courses

Rudolf Steiner College has a number of Professional Development courses available. 
Click below for more information about the courses... » Read More

Visual Arts: Techniques in Watercolour Painting is a three separate one-day NESA endorsed courses focusing on Watercolour Painting. Participants will gain practical skills in a variety of watercolour techniques, as well as ideas for the planning and facilitation of Visual Arts programs in the classroom.
Day One (9 April): four seasonally themed paintings are completed, with a focus on techniques such as laying down a wash, using wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry methods, overlaid wash and layering, lifting out with sponge and brush, and positive and negative space. Emphasis will be placed on interpretation through the use of colour, tonal recession and the balance of light and dark. Understanding and mastering these basic techniques will allow participants to adapt them to their own use within the classroom over a range of primary school ages.
Day Two (10 April): three paintings derived from a range of non-western cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal, Egyptian and Indian themes. Emphasis will be placed on use of colour to convey expression and mood in relation to cultural identity, and the investigation of harmony and balance in the colour palette. Participants will be introduced to the creation of textural effects using blotting and lifting, erasing/masking with stencils, scraping, scratching and the application of paper and plastic.
Day Three (11 April): participants will experiment with a wide range of texturizing methods available through the inclusion of mixed media, to be used in association with a variety of advanced watercolour techniques. A series of four paintings will be created featuring flowers, plants and fungi. Emphasis will be placed on investigating the character of organic imagery. Participants use a range of watercolour wash techniques working with sponge and brush, balancing positive and negative space and employing a free association of colour based on Goethe’s colour theories.
Participants may attend any one or all three days. Each day provides 6 hours of NESA endorsed PD for teachers operating at Proficient Level.
Dates: 9, 10 and 11 April at Sydney CBD location.
Cost: $300 pp, per day.
For enquiries please call 9261 4001.

Approaching Literacy through Creative Writing for Years 1-6 with Shelley Davidow
This course enables primary school teachers to create teaching strategies for literacy by using creative writing as a methodology, using their knowledge of students’ developmental context as a base from which to create well structured, effective programs that engage students, improve learning outcomes and support literacy development.
Date: 14th May 2018 Sydney

The Stress Proof Classroom with Shelley Davidow
This course empowers teachers to use a newfound understanding of the role stress plays in teaching and learning experiences for their students. The practical tools gained by learning ‘high coherence’, the Restorative approach to classroom management and the adoption of strategies that lead to heart-rhythm coherence equip teachers with the skills to adjust programs and approaches where necessary to meet student needs.
Date: 15th May

Knitting for Primary: Supporting Learning
This course will equip participants with the skills they need in order to embark upon a Knitting Project with a Primary Class. Participants will learn practical techniques in order to teach knitting to students, and will be supported in the development of lesson sequences with the clear end goal of a completed item of knitting that students can keep.
Date: 25 May 2018 Sydney

Healthy Communication: Teacher’s Voice
An intensive voice health program working with all aspects of voice health for the classroom teacher. A face-to-face workshop with two full-day intensives and a period of peer observations in between. Completing this course will contribute 10hrs of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.5.2, 6.2.2, 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. 
Semester 1: Thursday 22 March and Thursday 12 April (5 hours each day)
Semester 2: Thursday 2 August and Thursday 23 Aug (5 hours each day)
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Graduate Certificate Steiner Education - University of the Sunshine Coast

Updated information about the USC course for 2018 is now on SEA website.
The course is now being offered full time. The great news is that enrolments continue to grow. Lecturer Dr Bronwen Haralambous is excited that she has 23 students in her Semester 1 course Steiner Curriculum Development and Evaluatio.
USC Student enquiries:
Course Enquiries: » Read More

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Constitutional Acupuncture in Neutral Bay

People are different. We all have different abilities and preferences, and the same applies to our health and constitution. Constitutional Acupuncture is a new and powerful approach that comes from recognising these differences and treating each patient accordingly.

Knowing your constitution is the key to leading a healthy life, including better weight control, a strong immune system, and healthy skin. Constitutional Acupuncture can also help when children are experiencing sleeping issues, emotional imbalance, headaches, digestion problems, skin complaints, and allergies.

More information at
For all appointments, please call or text Hyonna at 0481 287 346 » Read More

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Craniosacral Therapy Available in Northbridge

Craniosacral Therapy or CST, is a gentle yet powerful light touch healing modality. The client’s whole person is honoured, held and heard – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A meditative space is held, which allows the nervous system to shift from fight or flight into rest and repair. This activates the body’s own innate healing ability.
The therapist also deeply listens. When the body can express itself in whatever way it needs to, energetic blocks and resistances shift, change and transform.
Click below for more details... » Read More

Results of CST sessions will differ as they are guided by what your body wants to work through, honouring its ability to heal itself.
The treatment is a safe, gentle way for the whole person to express and unwind and for old traumas to be energetically released from the tissues without the need to revisit them mentally or verbally.
CST sessions are profoundly relaxing and should leave you feeling whole, balanced and aligned. 

Thursdays from 9.15 to 5pm
Dr Krystall Ford’s Chiropractic Clinic, 37 Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge 

Adult Initial Appointment 1.5hrs $150, Follow Up 1hr $100
Child Initial Appointment 45mins $75, Follow Up 30mins $50
Book a series of 3 treatments & receive a 10% discount

Call Jo on 0424 232 473 to arrange an appointment
Or email at & she will call you

More information at
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Castlecrag accommodation wanted

I am a Steiner playgroup leader and have 3 children who attend the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School. I am currently studying by distance an early childhood course with the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and will be flying to Sydney in April to attend a residential that will be held at the Castlecrag Campus. I am hoping that I may find a place to stay with a Steiner family whilst I am in Sydney that would be within walking distance of the Castlecrag Campus from Monday 16th April to Friday 20th April. I would like to see if anyone would be interested in me paying their family for a bed to sleep in. My days will be full exploring Glenaeon Castlecrag and attending lectures. I can be contacted via this email address or via phone 0413 331 262.
Many thanks and warm wishes, Kim Roche » Read More

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Accommodation needed for Vital Years conference

Dear Glenaeon community, We are seeking accommodation close by to Glenaeon (Middle Cove campus) from 8-12 of July for 6-8 staff members from the Freshwater Creek Steiner School. We would love something within walking distance or close to public transport to attend the Vital Years' conference. If you are holidaying then or know someone who has space for us please contact me on 0410 007 990. Warm regards, Kelli Lavelle, Freshwater Creek Steiner School » Read More

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Marian St Theatre Holiday Workshops

Marian Street Theatre for Young People is the North Shore’s leading drama institution, established in 1974, and has drama school and holiday workshops. Get in contact to find out more about their excellent drama programs. » Read More

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German classes in Neutral Bay

A little group of children meet in our home in Neutral Bay for German language classes after school on a Thursday. They are taught by Frau Karin Weller, a very experienced German school teacher, retired from the German International School. Karin prepares the lessons to suit the individual needs of the children. She is warm and engaging and the kids love her. The class is conducted in German with play-based games for younger kids and writing/reading/puzzles for older children, songs, pictures and conversation. Limited places may be available as we are keeping the group small at max. 4 children.
If you are interested, here are some further details …
When: Thursdays, during school term time
6-8 yr olds 1600-1700
9-10 yr olds 1700-1800
Where: 48 Young Street, Neutral Bay
Cost: $20 - $30 per class depending on size of group
Contact: Sabine Simmonds
0421 216971 » Read More

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French traveller looking for work

Hi everyone,
I’m Mathilde, I’m French and I’m 18 years old (19 in June). I’m studying languages at the university. I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese and of course French currently. I want to travel in Australia during my summer break to improve my English. I also really want find a little job like waitress, saleswoman, cashier or something like that.
So I’m looking for a kind family who would welcome me during 3 or 4 months from June 2018. In return, I accept with pleasure to give some French courses, do babysitting or also some housework. You can contact me by email for any questions or for other possible arrangements.
My grateful thanks,
Mathilde » Read More

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Lawnmowing service available

I'm a year 12 student, at Davidson High School, and attended Gleneaon from years K-6. I've started a lawn mowing business and offer all domestic lawn mowing, hedge trimming, roof leaf blowing and general garden maintenance services. After learning from my father for the past four years, I have developed a professional quality standard, and provide all my own tools.
If you're interested in my services please contact me at;
Mobile: 0406620832
Email: » Read More

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Hi my name is Myah Clifton and I am in Year 10 at Glenaeon. I have been doing reading with the Class Threes since the beginning of this year, and have really enjoyed spending time with the children, so I would like to offer myself for babysitting. I am also able to help with homework if needed, and I can be flexible with times.

If interested please contact me on 0422 572 997 or 02 9967 5789 » Read More

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Maths tutoring available

Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 10 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to year 10. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required. For further enquiries please contact me on » Read More

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Diversity PA

Diversity PA offers a bespoke service for busy families and small business owners in the Lower North Shore. With over 17 years experience, I can assist with a variety of tasks including (for details click below):

Bookings are available onsite (in the Chatswood area) or virtually, on a casual basis if needed. If you’re interested in this type of service please see for more information or contact Michelle on 0420 43 23 83. » Read More

• Account reconciliation & bill payments
• Archiving, filing and stock-take
• Creating & distributing marketing material 
• Database management, data entry and collating reports
• Event, birthday or holiday coordination 
• Formatting documents, templates and presentations
• Home or office organisation
• Managing your schedule, appointments and phone calls
• Personal errands or shopping 
• Project administration & office management
• Website updates and so much more…
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Seasonal Yoga

School Hall Castlecrag Campus
Saturday, 8am-9am. Casual class $20, 10 pass card $150 . Mats provided.
Enquiries: Lisa Kavanagh 0409319289 or
Help to bring balance to body, calm the mind, strengthen core, improve flexibility.
Suitable for beginners to advanced. » Read More

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Community Events


See Calendar

Middle Cove Campus:

Administration & Classes 3 to 12
5a Glenroy Avenue,
Middle Cove NSW 2068

Telephone 61 2 9417 3193
Fax 61 2 9417 5346

Castlecrag Campus:

Kindergarten-Class 2
121 Edinburgh Road,
Castlecrag NSW 2068

Telephone 61 2 9958 0774
Fax 61 2 9958 0754

Preschool Campus:

118 Sydney Street,
Willoughby NSW 2067

Telephone 61 2 9412 4457