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Sportsmanship is more than Sport: a Story of Australia and Hawai’i

Last week I attended the 2018 Kolisko Conference at the Honolulu Waldorf School, Hawaii, and enjoyed four days of inspiring talks, workshops and meetings around the intersection of education and medicine from perspectives working out of the impulse of Dr Rudolf Steiner. The theme was Truth, Beauty and Goodness, the classical ideals that inspire so much of our work as a school and I will be reporting on the content of the inspiring lectures over coming weeks. At the time though, it was the Hawaiian-Australian connection that was on my mind, coming as it did while the Winter Olympics were dominating the headlines. So I told this story to the Year 7 to 12 Assembly last Wednesday…

At the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, only the fifth in the modern era, there was a remarkable connection forged between two swimmers, an Australian and a Hawaiian in the US team. The Australian was Cecil Healey, a boy from Bowral who had moved to Sydney to become a member of the Manly Surf Life Saving Club. He was Australia’s fastest swimmer in the 100 metres and represented his country in the Stockholm games. Race times in those days were very rough, so none knew exactly who was in the running for medals, but Cecil was regarded as a clear candidate for a podium finish.

Below left - Cecil Healey
Below right - Duke Kahanamoku in his Olympic blazer


Duke Kahanamoku was the Hawaiian in the US team, a big powerful man whose strength had been honed in the surf of O’ahu, his island home. He was of Hawaiian royal descent, hence the name, and practiced longboard surfing, a traditional activity of the Hawaiian elite. He was also a powerful sprint swimmer. Cecil had watched his performance in the warm up trials and recognised a swimmer who would be almost impossible to beat.
Click below to read more... » Read More

Both Cecil and the Duke got through to the semifinals. On the morning of the semifinals, Cecil easily won his race and was regarded as a certainty for a medal. But at the time of the second semifinal, the US failed to appear. An official had got the time wrong! To everyone else, this was Cecil’s moment: if the Duke didn’t swim, Cecil would get gold. The rest of the Australian team was ecstatic at the prospect, but not Cecil. He appealed to the Olympic judiciary, saying it was not fair that the Duke was disqualified from swimming because of a procedural error by an official, not his own failure to follow the rules. The committee upheld the appeal, and the semifinal was held over until the US team arrived. The Duke won his semifinal by a wide margin.

In the final, the placings were what everyone had expected: the Duke came first, and Cecil came second. The Australian team were disappointed, but on the podium there was a beautiful resolution. After the medals had been awarded, the Duke reached over, took Cecil’s hand, raised it aloft and proclaimed: “Here is the true Olympic champion!”

He was recognising Cecil’s sportsmanship, that essential quality of respect, fairness and generosity that marks the true sportsman from the ordinary. Cecil lost a gold medal, but he won the respect of the Olympic community and a place in Australian Olympic folklore.

He also won a friend for life. The Duke told Cecil that if there was anything he could ever do for him, he would be happy to oblige. As a Manly surfer life saver, Cecil was keen to see the strange and fabled Hawaiian sport of longboard surfing, so he invited the Duke to visit Manly, which he did at the end of 1914. The Duke camped in bushland next to Freshwater beach, and over the New Year period he cut down a tree and fashioned a longboard from the softwood. 

Word had got around, and on a Sunday morning in January 1915, a crowd of 200 people gathered on Freshwater Beach to see the Duke paddle out the back of the surf on his new longboard. He turned, caught a wave and rode in to shore. The crowd went wild at this very first demonstration of surfboard riding in Australia. The rest, as they say in the classics, is history, as Australian surf culture begins in this moment in time. Surfing took off and within a year, boards were being manufactured all along the northern beaches.

The 1915 Freshwater event is well known of course, but the back story and how it came to happen is not. Cecil Healey’s generous act of sportsmanship, of respect for a competitor and of fairness in contest, is buried in Australian Olympic history. It should be retold every time the Olympics roll around and the media is full of stories of the best and the fastest. Last week I stood in front of the larger than life bronze statue of the Duke at Waikiki beach and took a moment to remember this beautiful story of sportsmanship, and friendship, across the Pacific. 

Passing of a Pioneer

At the end of January the last of the school’s founders, those adults present on the very first day, passed away in a Sydney retirement village. Vera Laycock was both the sister of Sylvia Brose, our founding teacher, and the mother of Linda St Clair who began on Day 1 in the first Kindergarten class of 1957. Linda’s sister Pamela attended the school later and went on to become our current English Faculty Coordinator, while Linda taught English at Glenaeon for over two decades, and was a long term School Council (Board) member, supporting the school in many and varied ways. Vera’s husband Ron Laycock was the founding Treasurer of the School Council and remained so for many years, and was also  chairperson for many years. Vera herself founded the body for parents to support the school, what was then called the “Mothers Club” which later became the Parents Association, so she was in fact the founder of the GPA.

Vera’s entire life was entwined with Glenaeon: her grandchildren all attended the school and she remained in touch with school matters through to the end. The family made substantial financial sacrifices to support the school in those early years. Our 60th Anniversary last year remembered these founding pioneers. We send our condolences to Linda and Pamela for their loss, and salute a life of service to Glenaeon.

With best wishes,

Andrew Hill
Head of School
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School News

This week's cover photo

This week's cover photo shows student work on display at Glenaeon's showcase of Academic, Art and Design Education at Art Space at The Concourse in Chatswood. 

The showcase is open from 28 February - 11 March 2018 at the following times:
11am - 5pm Wednesday – Friday
11am - 4pm Saturday - Sunday

A big thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to supervise the showcase, we are very grateful for your time. » Read More

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Blackboard Beauties

This week's blackboard is from the Year 7 King Arthur main lesson, and was drawn by class teacher, Brendan Strobl. It shows the last battle between King Arthur and his arch rival, Mordred (King Arthur prevailed). » Read More

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Preschoolers in the garden

At the preschool this week, parents were greeted by our new playgroup educator, Sandra, who offered them each one plant/flower to plant in our garden. The children really enjoyed adding their plant to the soil with the biodynamic compost from Castlecrag which some of them even helped to make! » Read More

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Class 5 mapping Cox's Road

Every year, Class 5 travel to the Blue Mountains as part of their Outdoor and Environmental Education program and visit Cox’s Road, which was the road built by convicts in 1814 to cross the Blue Mountains. The students then walk one of the routes the explorers took to descend from Mt York to the plains beyond. In this photo, the students spent some time working out 3D mapping of the area with Outdoor Ed coordinator, Scottie Willliams. » Read More

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ISD Basketball carnival

The ISD basketball carnival is our first of the year and it is such a super busy one with four teams and 19 games played, and Glenaeon teams won 14 which is quite formidable given that 11 schools were there!!! Final results were:
Open Girls - 2nd
15s Girls - 2nd
Open Boys 3rd on count back - equal 2nd with one other school
15s Boys 4th on count back - equal 2nd with two other schools) » Read More

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Year 8 cooking cous cous

Year 8 students prepared a delicious lunch of cous cous with teacher Anne Rouse this week, adding some floral decoration from our biodynamic garden.  » Read More

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Yoga offer for Year 9-12

Year 7 parent Kerry Hill is a qualified yoga instructor and yoga therapist with years of experience working with adolescents. She has kindly offered three one-hour yoga and mindfulness sessions to 10 of our Year 9-12 cohort as they head into their mid-course exams.The sessions will run from 4 – 5pm on March 7, 14 and 21 and there is a sign-up sheet on the door of Dani Finch’s office (right opposite the Year 12 room). Admission is on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis but there is a possibility of running further sessions if interest exceeds the number of places offered.
Click below to read more... » Read More

No matter what you're studying, it's guaranteed that at some point, when meeting a project deadline, performing on stage or preparing for exams, you will need high levels of cognitive control, emotional regulation and self-awareness. Yoga combined with mindfulness training for students gives you tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention and be able to focus. It does this by helping you to pay attention to the present moment through simple movement, breathing and meditation practices which increase awareness of thoughts and feelings so as to reduce stress and anxiety and boost levels of attention and concentration.
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School bags compulsory part of school uniform

As it's the beginning of the school year, it is worth mentioning that Glenaeon school bags are a compulsory part of the school uniform from Class 4 – 12. To purchase a bag, download the School Stream app and go to the Uniforms page and click on the Glenaeon One Planet School Bag page.  » Read More

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Castlecrag News

Class One skipping

The children at Castlecrag may often be seen and heard skipping joyously in the playground before and during school. There are some clear benefits in the way this is done and some less obvious ones. First is the sheer joy of the movement. Along with it comes aerobic physical exercise that centres the child, aiding balance, agility and co-ordination. It is differentiated for all abilities from the beginner jumping the slithering snake to the well-conditioned expert performing high speed peppers at the end of a varied routine of synchronized movements. Click below to read more... » Read More

What about meeting the challenge of the swinging rope? Think of the spatial and mathematical calculations that are required to achieve this. Consider the timing, rhythm, the intervals, the short skip in between; and speaking of mathematics, the counting is not only sequential but is done with one-to-one correspondence which can otherwise be taken for granted. Counting can also be done in multiples for the intermediate-advanced skipper, or be in measurements of time such as the months of the year or days of the week. Learning these rhythmically with joy and imaginative pictures from rhyme is such a contrast to straight academic learning. Number is very closely matched with the rhythmical systems and memory aspects of a child’s constitution. Reciting verses and alliterations strengthens oral language, vocabulary, aids syllabification and develops the sense of poetic metre.

On an interpersonal level, the children are taking turns, patiently waiting and encouraging each other. Teamwork and higher level communication comes in when multiple skippers sidle up together to co-ordinate their turn. Some also have a go at turning the rope. What can be more explicit values learning than actually doing it?
Roger Richards, Class 1 teacher
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Family Fair and Art Show

School Calendar

What's on at Glenaeon next week

Glenaeon Art Showcase Exhibition
Wednesday February 28 – Sunday March 11
Art Space at The Concourse

Class 1 Parent Teacher night
Tuesday March 6, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Class 6 Parent night
Tuesday March 6, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Steiner Schools Swimming Carnival Year 7-10
Thursday March 8, 9:00am – 2:30pm

Class 5 Parent Night
Thursday March 8, 7:30pm – 9:00pm » Read More

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Glenaeon School Tours

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events for Term One

Come and visit us this Sunday 4 March from 10am - 4pm at the Independent Schools Expo, being held at Luna Park. 

High School Information Morning and Tour – Saturday March 17 (9.30-11.30am)
OPEN DAY – Friday 6 April 2018 – 9am-11:30am

Castlecrag School Tour - Thursday 15 March 2018 - 9:30am – 11:30am

Willoughby Preschool Tour - Monday 7 May 2018 - 9:30am - 11:30am
to book a tour go to » Read More

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Foundation news

Dear Glenaeon Community,

I would like to keep you updated on the Foundation Projects that many of you in the community have contributed to over the the past few years. Our new Operations Manager, Julie Skuja has been busy making the necessary plans to make these projects a priority.

The Community Kitchen Deck and Seating Project

Our community of staff, teachers and students have been enjoying delicious and healthy treats prepared by Sharon and Lorna in the Glenaeon Canteen for 18 months now. Our Canteen team are doing an excellent job in catering for our students as well as all of the school events and are an integral part of the fabric of Glenaeon.

Planning for Stage 2 of the Community Kitchen Project is well underway. Stage 2 involves completing our vision for the ‘heart and soul ‘of the school; a communal area where students and staff can gather and connect over a healthy nutritious meal. Plans for the Deck are well underway. We will build a deck and seating overlooking the glorious bushland that surrounds Glenaeon. Council has approved a Development Application for the Deck subject to our preparation of a Flood Management Plan. We have appointed Accor Engineering for this piece of work and once completed we can move to the next stage of implementation. We are hopeful of the Deck being completed by the end of 2018. Click below for the Sylvia Brose Hall update... » Read More

Sylvia Brose Hall Renovation

Last year our Annual Giving Campaign raised over $114,000 with a large portion of these funds being directed to the renovation of our much loved Sylvia Brose Hall. For over 30 years the Hall has been the cornerstone of life at Glenaeon however it is now in urgent need of renovation and repair.

Our first priority is to repair the Deck and Walkway surrounding the Hall and planning for this project is well underway and completion is estimated for end of 2018.

We will then move to the interior of the Hall – the floor will be sanded and oiled which will assist us in extending the life of the floor.

Stage quality curtains will replace the worn curtains in the Hall ready for school productions later in 2018. Following these improvements we will upgrade the electrical system and the heating/cooling system.

We are excited to announce soon the 2018 Projects for the Foundation which will enhance the outdoor play areas at Middle Cove for our students.

Warm regards
Nicole Crabb
Director of Development
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Glenaeon Parents' Association (GPA) News

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human being, the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living” Rudolf Steiner

Dear Parents,
This is the fortnight of Parent/Teacher nights. It can be a challenge to get there, especially as we are such a geographically spread group. If you’re not sure if you can make the time, and it’s a push with work, can I gently nudge you to do so? The teachers want to have faces for the parents of the children they teach, they want to connect and inform, because they do recognise how precious a responsibility they have. It also means that when you have a question or concern in relation to your child you have a face that you can remember in the phone conversation. Also, you quickly discover that there are no “stupid questions” – and share a laugh. These nights while heavily factual, give you an opportunity to see people in the other parents, rather than names. Parents and teachers who make up the circle of influence of your child’s life that year. Certainly, this has been my experience over the last 15 years at Glenaeon- faces and shared time, no matter how brief, gave me a thread of connection that grounds my involvement, and assures me that this is the right place for my family. It is more challenging to keep turning up for the second child, because part of my head says, “I know all this already” and sometimes I do, but the faces change, and the needs of every Year group also change.
Click READ MORE for more details...
» Read More

These evenings also allow you to meet your Class Parents in person. With the changes the Parents Association have instigated this year, the Class Parent is able to be a more responsive conduit to the wider school parent community, able to express the needs of your Class Group directly to the GPA and School Management throughout the term. 

Your Class Parents will be sending you all a copy of your Year’s contact list, so that you are able to plan, organise and arrange things among your year group. Please use this list respectfully, and if your details change or need correction let them know. 

Earn CIP Points, Opportunities to Spread the Love, and in some cases get a free Lunch!
  • Volunteer for shifts at the school canteen - please do so more- the coffee is amazing- your children get a free morning tea and lunch, and you have an insider’s perspective of the student cohort that’s hard to beat- signup link here, and more details in the newsletter.
  • The Biodynamic Garden at Middle Cove needs a few green thumbs or at least people who want to get their hands immersed in good soil -Thursday mornings Term One 8am-10am. A great way to learn whilst doing. Contact
  • Learning Support- is looking for volunteers to assist during exam blocks and exam times- and in a variety of other practical and valuable ways. Please contact Deborah- Learning Support to see where your unique skills can be helpful:
Glenaeon Parents Association AGM Wednesday March 28th 7.30pm

Deanne Hardwick
Glenaeon Parents Association

Contact us at 

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Community News

School Canteen

Dear Parents,
Lorna and I have now completed four terms at the kitchen and are currently commencing our fifth term. We are preparing delicious wholesome foods from scratch for morning tea and lunch for your children, and lovely they all are - polite, patient and hungry - all great qualities! Thank you to the parent volunteers have helped us so far – it has been a delight to meet and work with you all. I know how much your children would love to see you at school in the kitchen - their faces light up - and remember, as a thank you, your child has complimentary morning tea and lunch on the day you work. A lovely parent, Anna Street, has put together a roster on SignUp Zone - - and you can log in and sign up to whatever day works for you. I will make you a great coffee while we chat, cook and prepare food!

Click READ MORE for more details and menus for next week: » Read More

We operate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and most terms are only 9 or 10 weeks, meaning there are about 30 shifts over the four terms, or about 120 shifts per year. As the school has approximately 360 students, if just one third of those families could help with just one shift per year we would have one helper each day, which is really what’s required. Good food requires a good amount of input to produce! I do however understand that not everyone can sign up once a year and some love to come once a term as they have enjoyed the experience so much.

A mum suggested we might get more helpers if we said 9ish (after drop off) until 1pm for four hours, as those extra two hours before pick up for some parents can be a help if you need to fit something else into your busy schedules.

We thank you all in advance, we will look forward to meeting you all throughout the year.
Cheers Sharon & Lorna

To add your name to the canteen roster please:
1. Click this link:
2. You will be asked to log in. Log in by entering your email address and a password of your choice.
3. You will then be guided through the steps to enter your name on the roster.
4. You will receive a confirmation email.

If for any reason you cannot make your nominated shift, please find another volunteer to work in your place. 

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Glenaeon Studios 2018

Workshops for parents, teachers and friends of Glenaeon.

Elizabeth Ellean has put together a program inviting some distinguished workshop presenters. The first one is coming up on Friday 23rd March, with Godwin Yidana who will be teaching the art of the Bolga basket-making, drawing on deeply rooted family traditions from his home village of Dulugu in Ghana.As it is a school day, this workshop will be held in Forestville and will run for 5 hours from 10am-3pm (including an one hour lunch break) - the cost is $190.For more information please email and visit the school website at for more upcoming workshop details. Click below for more details...

» Read More
Make a Bolga Basket with Godwin Yidana at Glenaeon Studios
Friday 23rd March 10-3pm in Forestville (just over the Roseville Bridge)
Weaver and cofounder of G-lish Foundation, Godwin Yidana, supported by G-lish cofounder, Gayle Pescud, will show you how to weave your own small basket with recycled Ghanaian fabric and recycled plastic twine handmade by G-lish producers and only available exclusively in our workshops. You’ll also receive recycled Australian shopping bag twine handmade by Godwin. Whether you're a novice or an experienced weaver, you'll have fun, learn and finish your own small basket by the end of the workshop. During the workshop, you'll hear stories about weaving heritage, culture and life in Bolgatanga, the town from which this weaving style originates and still flourishes today. At this 5 hour workshop you'll learn Bolga basket weaving techniques using recycled materials to create and finish your own basket. You will learn traditional Bolga basket weaving techniques, how to start and a finish basket and how to handle twine.
• Traditional Bolga basket weaving technique
• Starting a basket
• Weaving the body of the basket
• Finishing a basket
• Handling twine
Website contact for Godwin Yidana

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Mandarin lessons

Mandarin will be a major world language by the time our children finish school and now Glenaeon offers this language as a co-curricular subject.
WEDNESDAY 3.30-4.30pm
I now offer a high school teaching IB subject- Chinese Literature.
Classes are available for students from Class 3 to Year 9. 
Venue: Junior School Library
Fees: $200 for Term 1 per student
RSVP: Please contact Katrina Pau 
0418 295 428
The photo shows our students visiting a Chinese garden for the 2018 Chinese Festival, with a tea ceremony, traditional Chinese music and Zodiac animals' legends.
Click below for more details and photos... » Read More

Q: What is the Class structure ?
A: Lesson ideas: 
•Chinese New Year: what is the legend? Let’s celebrate!
•Chinese Calligraphy 
•The Zodiac animals 
•Ancient Chinese Legend: The Dragon and the Monkey ‘Action time’ in the middle of the lesson:
•Tai Chi and Martial arts role play
•Chinese children’s games or poems
Last part of lesson: chill out, discuss Chinese philosophy e.g. Confucius, “Ren, humanity”; Lao zi “ Dao, the Way”.

The Mandarin teacher, Ms Katrina Pau, was born and raised in Taiwan. Before migrating to Australia, she worked as a broadcaster in TV and Radio in Hong Kong and Taipei and also managed a financial investment company in Taipei. After migrating to Australia, along with a BA degree previously from the University of Melbourne, she then achieved an honours degree in Classical Chinese literature from Macquarie University, Sydney. She later tutored university students, and adults privately, in Asian culture & Mandarin language, and has been teaching Mandarin for primary students in a private school since 2012.

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Welcome Home Playgroup

A new playgroup at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Preschool
Monday mornings: 9:15- 11:15 a.m 

118 Sydney St, Willoughby
Next to Bales Park
A warm, supportive play-based program for parents and young children (birth to three)
When: each school term: 9 week program, beginning Monday 5 February
Maximum 10 parents – Cost $240 per term.
Please call Sandra on 0413 271 308 or Preschool on 9412 4457 or email to register your interest. 
Here, the playgroup is frolicking under the stately trees on our inaugural Monday February 5 get-together.
Click below for more details...

» Read More
A joyful time for relaxation and happiness,
Nourishment for parents and children as we learn and grow together.
An indoor and outdoor program: in the cottage, in the garden and the nearby parkland and bush.
We will be cooking, making stories together, learning songs, and will take part in games for young and old, puppetry and toy making

Parent Education Discussions at each play morning, a place for questions and developing answers:
* Creative discipline for challenging behaviours.
* Understanding Stages of Children’s development.
* Parenthood as an ever- evolving adventure of loving and learning.
* Learning skills to support home – making for yourself and family.
* What is ‘Steiner Education’?
* Routine, rhythm and ritual: how to create and practice them to support you and your child and family.
* Boundaries for child and family safety (physical, emotional, social)
* Celebrations: how to create meaningful celebrations for your family: birthday, seasonal.
* Health and Illnesses: how to support healthy daily living and what to do in times of trauma and illness.
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Volunteer gardeners needed from the community

We need helpers in the garden on Thursday mornings in Term One from 8am to 10am, to help us with general garden jobs like weeding and edging beds. We thought it would be good to invite our wider community to come and help out. You may have a friend of the family who likes gardening, your grandmother, or a neighbour who is interested in plants. Please contact Alison on 0404104534 or » Read More

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Year 7 applications for 2020 closing soon

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling their children at Glenaeon for Year 7 in 2020, applications close on Wednesday 11 April 2018. Please visit the Glenaeon enrolments page HERE for an application form.

We are holding a High School Information Morning and Tour on Saturday March 17 from 9.30-11.30am. To book a tour, go to
» Read More

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Volunteers needed for Learning Support

Would you like to directly contribute to the academic life of the school, without taking on an ongoing or overly demanding role? Learning Support is looking for volunteers to assist during examination and test blocks, if and when you are available. This role is to help a student in their examination period for one or more exams, perhaps reading or writing for him or her, or supervising groups of students.
It can’t hurt to find out more by telephoning or contacting Learning Support Teacher Deborah Lloyd on 9417-3193 or email at
This is a very rewarding and important function in the school so your help would be enormously appreciated! We welcome • Parents • Carers • Grandparents • Past students • Friends of the school
» Read More

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Glenaeon Secondhand School Uniform Shop

The Secondhand Uniform Shop is open alternating Fridays from 3:00 - 3:45 pm. Dates remaining this term are March 2, March 16 and March 30. Your donations of clean, gently worn uniforms are always welcome. Simply drop them at reception in a bag labeled “Uniform Shop” and we’ll put them back into circulation. Most items are priced at $5 and $10, so come grab a bargain.

I am also seeking a parent volunteer who will learn the ropes and replace me later in the year when my son graduates. It’s an enjoyable way to earn your CIP credits and meet the children, staff and other parents. No special skills necessary, and it only takes a couple of hours per fortnight.

Thank you! Lori Graff 0428668056 » Read More

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Parent Education

Appreciation for Glenaeon Alumni Choir & Psyche and Eros last Saturday

The magic of the human voice - some rapturous audience responses...

A space candlelit, strewn with red rose petals, hung with woven felted images of trees, expectant of further beauty to come. An evening expressing many aspects of love, with beauty of tone, exciting harmonies and rhythms, clear diction, exquisite choice of songs (each choir member choosing their favourite), expressing youthful yet mature, sensitive and deep aspects of trust, insight into the other, being able to wait. The choir under the baton of Theodore Lillicrap produced rare gems of a cappella purity.

Then lights were dimmed and the storyteller and musician, (guitarist and singer), took us back to Ancient Greece with the intricate story of Psyche and Eros, which wound between the Gods and Humans, and finally Psyche, the soul, and Eros, love, were united – love and life became one.

Thank you Jonathan Drew and Robert Hanley for these ancient images which still have an after image glow in modern times. Thank you also to Joy Day for organising these events with such flare.

Looking forward to further events as they unfold.
Rose-Marie van Hoogstraten Educator
Click below for more responses... » Read More

In this life of screen-time, instant messaging, and the ability to access information as and when it’s required, a story-telling offers a much needed sanctuary of quiet for the racing mind! I was reminded of this recently while spending Saturday evening allowing Jonathan Drew’s carefully selected words to build pictures in my imagination of places and events. There’s no doubt that a story-telling is a fulfilling event to experience, but what makes it so? For me, the answer lies in the real-time connection between story-teller and audience, each time the story is told, it is also recreated and refreshed. I personally find this a very satisfying way to receive the themes and lessons that the story offers.... They say the future holds the possibility of teleportation and time travel, but maybe we already have them. I’m sure Psyche and Eros were alive in Castlecrag on Saturday night.

Theodore Lillicrap Alumni Choir Conductor

I followed the trail left by an invitation to a Steiner storytelling event and it was a magical evening that unfolded. Greeted by a welcoming face, we were guided by rose petals scattered on the floor into a candlelit room. I felt comfortable and at peace knowing I was in for a treat. What I didn’t expect was to receive the sweet Harmonies of the Glenaeon Alumni Choir who complemented each other so beautifully. They warmed up the audience with their sweet love songs.

We were greeted by a passionate rendition of ‘rings of fire’ as the opening for the Greek myth Psyche and Eros. The tone of the real deep love and heartbreak had been set for Jonathan to work his magic. He painted the most exquisite pathway for the audience to enter into the journey. We accompanied the characters of Psyche and Eros and their tortured love story. The story of how Soul married Love. Captivated by the joys and pains, by the heroic quests, I was on seat’s edge hanging on to every word.

Lessons of connection and morality filled the air as the story was brought to settle in a pure moment of silence at the end. What better way to integrate the journey than by a colourful array of supper fruits and treats? A wonderful soul nourishing evening. I look forward to more. 

Samantha Herbert Founding Director Seeds of the Future
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Harvest workshop With Ebba Bodame

In the first of our Seasonal Workshops, Ebba looks at the treasures that lie within Autumn, Harvest time and Easter. During the course of this afternoon session, we will cover how to celebrate the turning of the year and bring a sense of the richness of each season to the young child. Ebba will discuss how our contemporary world can so easily miss the rich tapestry of Nature’s garment that is all around us, constantly and subtly changing each day and each season.
• DATE AND TIME Sunday 18th March 2.00pm – 5.00pm (please note date change)
• VENUE Marion Mahony Griffin Hall Castlecrag campus, 121 Edinburgh Road
• COST $10. Material included
Mary Heard, Castlecrag office: 9958 0774
Click below for more details... » Read More

Topics covered will include:
• Stories and songs suitable for the season
• Seasonal activities
• The Cosmos and the Earth
• You will also learn how to create a Nature table and make an Easter craft for it.

Ebba Bodame has decades of experience in Rudolf Steiner early childhood education.
Her talks, workshops, playgroups and training sessions have inspired a generation of parents towards healthy and creative child raising practices that are positive for children and deeply fulfilling for adults.
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Supporting your child through Steiner education

With Lakshmi Prasanna
What are your questions for Lakshmi as she brings her pictures, experiences and wisdom of the developing human being – a being of body, soul and spirit – to support health, wellbeing and balance in yourself, your family and your class community? We look forward to your presence and active participation on the morning.
Friday 23rd March 9.15am–11.00am
Marion Mahony Griffin Hall Castlecrag campus
Mary Heard, Castlecrag office: 9958 0774 or
Joy Day: 0451 152 227, » Read More

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Creative Discipline Workshops for Parents

Lou Harvey-Zahra, bestselling author of ‘Happy Child, Happy Home’and ‘Creative Discipline, Connected Family’ is returning to Kamaroi Steiner School on Sunday 4th March 2018 for two workshops for parents with children from birth to seven, and then eight to twelve.
Sunday 4th March at Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School
Creative Discipline for the early years, toddler until 7 years (9am to 12.15pm)
Creative Discipline for parents with children from 8 to 12 years (1pm to 4.15pm)

Sessions $55 and $95 couple. Bookings essential to Lou and 0425 780 681 » Read More

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Raphael’s Rooms

Parent Craft



Grassroots Eco Store – Autumn Nature Table

As our seasonal table follows the natural cycle of the year, it is now that we look towards the changes that Autumn brings - the days shorten and nature's bounty is reflected in the harvest of summer ripened fruits and vegetables. Leaves start to fall and Autumn colour glows in reds, oranges and gold. If you need a piece of flowing silk or muslin in Autumnal hues, a toadstool or a hare to add to your seasonal table, come and take a look. Also available is Autumnal coloured fleece and hand dyed wool felt to craft your own pumpkins, apples and animals. A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon.
Click below for opening hours..
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Open on the Castlecrag Campus during school terms:
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am—11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am—3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am—10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm—4.00pm

Please call me on 0416 035 173 if you'd like to make a purchase outside the opening hours as I will open on request. Also, let me know if there are other products you'd like to see in the store and I'll attempt to source them.
See you soon!
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Simplicity Parenting

Now that everyone is settling into the school year it feels like a good time to look at how to create a schedule for yourself and your children that is reflective of your values as a parent. So much that complicates our family lives comes from the commercial messages that we are not enough without whatever commodity being sold to us. Nowhere is this more pervasive than in the area of extracurricular, after school and weekend activities. The underlying message seems to be that if you child doesn’t start …..ballet, violin, soccer, karate… the time they are five it will all be too late.

The message of ‘Simplicity Parenting’ is exactly the opposite – let your children play! Open ended, unstructured play is the best thing for their development. Until the 9th year children, if given the time, can fall into the imaginative world and entertain themselves for hours so why waste this time (and money) trying to structure their lives? As they approach nine and lose the ability to play, we will rely on these structured activities to focus their attention.
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One of the most disturbing statistics in the ‘scheduling’ chapter of the book is that sports participation peaks at age 11 and is followed by a steady decline through the remainder of the teen years. Anyone who has parented a teenager knows how important sport is to counteract the pull of the couch, the iPhone and the late Saturday night parties. 

So how do we deal with our nagging child who is saying ‘everyone else is playing……’? All we can say is “You will have to wait until you are in Year 3” – waiting is not such a bad thing and sometimes makes things even more special.

It is easy to want to fill our children’s lives up with activities, it makes us feel like we are being productive and also takes the pressure off us as parents. But just behind your child’s cry of ‘I’m bored’ is a great idea for a game that will have them interested and teach them flexibility, negotiation, problem solving, social inclusion and many other ingredients for successful living that are often overlooked in the busyness of life.

Mary Heard is a Simplicity Parenting Coach and runs courses in Simplicity Parenting at Glenaeon throughout the Year. The next course will be announced soon.
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Rudolf Steiner House

Hi all, Plenty of noteworthy events coming your way again. Here's one for you that I added in this email. The third instalment of the Moral Technologies conference is happening early April so now's the time to book your tickets. And it's not yet too late to sign up for some of the longer running courses that are listed below!
Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months: » Read More

Various 2018: Eurythmy school: Starting in April, the Eurythmy School in Melbourne is now taking applications for the new training to begin
Various 2018: Colour training in the Liane Collot d'Herbois method. It might seem early to mention these courses, but 2018 will be here before you know it and it might take a bit of planning to attend these course.
Various 2018: Leadership program. This is wonderful program run over four 3-day workshops in Melbourne with David Liknaitzky on leadership and how it relates to self-development, interpersonal skills, team development and organisational development. 

6th March: What are the spiritual impulses working behind conspiracy theories? A talk with John Pater. This talk is not out to prove that conspiracy theories are right or wrong but to examine some of facts used and the behaviors behind the followers; what are the spiritual impulses working here. In a number of cases truth has been sacrificed to achieve a certain result and it now seems acceptable that it happens this way.
9th March: Our esoteric community. This is a talk and shared discussion with Jan Baker-Finch where we'll have 'some reflections on where we are now and the focus of our strivings for the future." The meeting is especially for members, but friends of the Branch are welcome as well.
10th-11th March: Reading your life script. This is part of three weekend series of workshops on biography. The second weekend is on the Battle for the Soul.The third weekend is on Spiritual service towards world transformation
13th March: Youth Work; addressing challenges of the globe, culture and the self. A talk with Poppy Zaderigo & Paolo Apostolides.
17th March: Harvest workshop. A one day workshop in Castlecrag on celebrating the Autumn season.
18th March: Slow composting and stirring BD500. This is a one-day workshop with BD Sydney
20th March: Sculpture, Music and Speech. A talk with Peter Stewart. A path to understanding the human being through developing perceptive artistic faculties
23rd March: Supporting your child through Steiner education. A morning lecture in Castlecrag with Lakshmi Prasanna.
24th - 25th March: The Physiology of the Foundation Stone Meditation. A weekend workshop with eurythmy and lectures of the Mystery of the Human Etheric. 
27th March: The Hero's adventure. A talk with Jonathan Drew. Based on the work of the mythologist and storyteller, Joseph Campbell. 
31st March: Art workshop - working with the 6 basic exercises. The workshop will run for 6 months and cover one of the 6 basic exercises every month. 
31st March: Psyche and Eros. This is a storytelling performance by Jonathan Drew and songs by Robert Hanly. After the performance, there will be a sharing of a warming soup

If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:
Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001
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French traveller looking for work

Hi everyone,
I’m Mathilde, I’m French and I’m 18 years old (19 in June). I’m studying languages at the university. I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese and of course French currently. I want to travel in Australia during my summer break to improve my English. I also really want find a little job like waitress, saleswoman, cashier or something like that.
So I’m looking for a kind family who would welcome me during 3 or 4 months from June 2018. In return, I accept with pleasure to give some French courses, do babysitting or also some housework. You can contact me by email for any questions or for other possible arrangements.
My grateful thanks,
Mathilde » Read More

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Reading Your Life Script, Biographical Mandala Workshop

These workshops explore our life phases and are a study of biography suitable for teachers, parents and everyone interested in individual development and the course of life. In this three weekend course we span our biography from rebirth to post death to consciously grasp our karma and its intentions. Steiner indicates fundamental chapters in our biographical development.
For more details click READ MORE below... » Read More

Chapter 1, the period 0-20 is the iron necessity of karma where our past karma incarnates. Chapter 2, 21-41, is the battle for liberation/transformation in the sun crucible. Chapter 3, 42- 62, is service and spiritual development, our gift to world transformation. Chapter 4 the karma is now free; preparation and creativity. Deeper penetration of the details of these chapters offers a clear reading of our life tasks, our transformation direction, our karmic debts, as well as identification of the obstacles, challenges, gifts and helpers in our life script. These are made visible in the mandala you will create. 
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Warrah School Open Day

Warrah is a Rudolf Steiner organisation providing services to adults and children with disabilities in Sydney's North West. Their main campus in Dural is set on 30 acres (12 ha) and is an environmental haven. Services include Residential and Day Services for adults with intellectual and other disabilities who need support in their daily lives. Warrah Special School educates children ages 5-18 with disabilities. Warrah’s main campus includes Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Farm Shop.Values of self-determination, creativity and contribution underpin Warrah's approach to supporting people with disability. They are holding an Open Day on Saturday 17 May. For more details, visit » Read More

Warrah Farm is Sydney’s ONLY certified biodynamic farm and grows a wide range of seasonal produce which is sold through the Farm Shop. The Shop stocks a wide range of high quality biodynamic and organic produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cheeses, yoghurt, biodynamic cow’s milk, poultry and beef, vegetable and meat pies, grains, muesli, cereals and juices as well as earth-friendly cosmetics and cleaning products. Warrah provides services to adults and children with disabilities with a main campus in Dural set on 30 acres, an environmental haven. Our services include residential and day services for people with disabilities who need support in their daily lives. Warrah Special School educates children ages 5-18 with disabilities. Warrah’s main campus includes Warrah Farm.

Warrah is a Rudolf Steiner organisation and a registered charity.

Please contact Warrah’s Business Manager, Craig Gouws, on 9651 2411 or if you are interested or would like more information. 

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Accommodation needed for Vital Years conference

Dear Glenaeon community, We are seeking accommodation close by to Glenaeon (Middle Cove campus) from 8-12 of July for 6-8 staff members from the Freshwater Creek Steiner School. We would love something within walking distance or close to public transport to attend the Vital Years' conference. If you are holidaying then or know someone who has space for us please contact me on 0410 007 990. Warm regards, Kelli Lavelle, Freshwater Creek Steiner School » Read More

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House for rent - April – July 2018

Two-bedroom mudbrick home with mountain views on bush acreage, Kurrajong area NSW, approx. one hour drive from Sydney CBD, 1.5 hours by train. 2kw off-grid solar power system, solar hot water with gas backup, gas cooking, slow combustion wood stove, 100kL rainwater tank, dam fed gardens. Part furnished including energy efficient appliances & grand piano. This large property features wooded escarpment, wetland, rainforest, permanent deep creek and abundant native wildlife. This is a unique, character filled, lovingly home-made house, employing passive design principles and many recycled materials. It's a largely finished work in progress.
We are looking for an environmentally-minded, non-smoking tenant while we travel April - July 2018. The property is a 15 min drive from shops & public transport. $225 p.wk. Please call 0416 239 745 » Read More

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Live In caretaker wanted

Environmentally-minded family living on bush acreage in Kurrajong area seek caretaker to live in self-contained, off-grid bus in exchange for some help around the property, feeding animals, watering plants, fencing, building, maintenance, handy with tools highly regarded. Suit single, non-smoking person. Please call 0415 658 686 » Read More

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Maths tutoring available

Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 10 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to year 10. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required. For further enquiries please contact me on » Read More

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The Tropics art exhibition

An art exhibition, The Tropics, 16 - 25 March 2018 by local artist, Meredith Buining. For more details, click on the flyer HERE » Read More

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Hi my name is Myah Clifton and I am in Year 10 at Glenaeon. I have been doing reading with the Class Threes since the beginning of this year, and have really enjoyed spending time with the children, so I would like to offer myself for babysitting. I am also able to help with homework if needed, and I can be flexible with times.

If interested please contact me on 0422 572 997 or 02 9967 5789 » Read More

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Lawnmowing service available

I'm a year 12 student, at Davidson High School, and attended Gleneaon from years K-6. I've started a lawn mowing business and offer all domestic lawn mowing, hedge trimming, roof leaf blowing and general garden maintenance services. After learning from my father for the past four years, I have developed a professional quality standard, and provide all my own tools.
If you're interested in my services please contact me at;
Mobile: 0406620832
Email: » Read More

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German au pair looking for work

I'm Paula Kölker, 18 years old and a Rudolf Steiner student from Aachen, Germany. I would love to come to Australia for a few months from about September/October 2018 and my idea is to stay with a nice family and help them as an au pair for 3-4 months to improve my command of English and to get to know a new country. I have three little siblings and have done some babysitting in the past so I know how to deal with kids.
Yours sincerely
Paula Kölker » Read More

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Craniosacral Therapy Available in Northbridge

Craniosacral Therapy or CST, is a gentle yet powerful light touch healing modality. The client’s whole person is honoured, held and heard – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A meditative space is held, which allows the nervous system to shift from fight or flight into rest and repair. This activates the body’s own innate healing ability.
The therapist also deeply listens. When the body can express itself in whatever way it needs to, energetic blocks and resistances shift, change and transform.
Click below for more details... » Read More

Results of CST sessions will differ as they are guided by what your body wants to work through, honouring its ability to heal itself.
The treatment is a safe, gentle way for the whole person to express and unwind and for old traumas to be energetically released from the tissues without the need to revisit them mentally or verbally.
CST sessions are profoundly relaxing and should leave you feeling whole, balanced and aligned. 

Thursdays from 9.15 to 5pm
Dr Krystall Ford’s Chiropractic Clinic, 37 Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge 

Adult Initial Appointment 1.5hrs $150, Follow Up 1hr $100
Child Initial Appointment 45mins $75, Follow Up 30mins $50
Book a series of 3 treatments & receive a 10% discount

Call Jo on 0424 232 473 to arrange an appointment
Or email at & she will call you

More information at
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The GAP Project

The GAP Project is a six-month program for young people (18-30) who want to discover themselves and engage meaningfully in society. At The GAP Project participants will be inspired to use their talents and passions to create change and be part of initiatives that have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.

Contact us for further information at » Read More

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Foundations of Early Childhood - Part-time on weekends or Distance

Do you wish to deepen your understanding in Rudolf Steiner early childhood education?
Our Foundation course offers an integrated curriculum that seeks to make living and practical Rudolf Steiner's indications on the growth of the human being from birth to the seventh year. It is suitable for aspiring teachers, playgroup leaders, parents and carers.

It is suitable for aspiring teachers, playgroup leaders, parents and carers. Learn more about our Early Childhood courses in 2018: » Read More

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NHC318 Healthy Communication: Teacher’s Voice

An intensive voice health program working with all aspects of voice health for the classroom teacher. A face-to-face workshop with two full-day intensives and a period of peer observations in between. Completing this course will contribute 10hrs of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.5.2, 6.2.2, 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
Semester 1: Thursday 22 March and Thursday 12 April (5 hours each day)
Semester 2: Thursday 2 August and Thursday 23 Aug (5 hours each day) » Read More

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Sunshine Garden Playgroup

PLEASE NOTE: Sunshine Garden Playgroup Thursdays now full and TUESDAY playgroup enrolments open and begin Mar 6th. For more details, call Lila Garcia on 0414 059 158

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Diversity PA

Diversity PA offers a bespoke service for busy families and small business owners in the Lower North Shore. With over 17 years experience, I can assist with a variety of tasks including (for details click below):

Bookings are available onsite (in the Chatswood area) or virtually, on a casual basis if needed. If you’re interested in this type of service please see for more information or contact Michelle on 0420 43 23 83. » Read More

• Account reconciliation & bill payments
• Archiving, filing and stock-take
• Creating & distributing marketing material 
• Database management, data entry and collating reports
• Event, birthday or holiday coordination 
• Formatting documents, templates and presentations
• Home or office organisation
• Managing your schedule, appointments and phone calls
• Personal errands or shopping 
• Project administration & office management
• Website updates and so much more…
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Seasonal Yoga

School Hall Castlecrag Campus
Saturday, 8am-9am. Casual class $20, 10 pass card $150 . Mats provided.
Enquiries: Lisa Kavanagh 0409319289 or
Help to bring balance to body, calm the mind, strengthen core, improve flexibility.
Suitable for beginners to advanced. » Read More

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Community Events


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Middle Cove Campus:

Administration & Classes 3 to 12
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Middle Cove NSW 2068

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Castlecrag Campus:

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