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Dear Former Glenaeon Students,

It's a very great pleasure to be introducing this inaugural Glenaeon Alumni (Ex-Glenaeon students or simply GlenX) Newsletter. There is now a sizable diaspora of Glenaeon students spread across the country, indeed the world, people who have in one way or another shared in the Glenaeon spirit. » Read More

Classes have regular reunions and there is a camaraderie that lives on between those who have been comrades in arms in Glenaeon classrooms. We have enjoyed a number of events over the past two years that have brought together former students, parents and teachers of the school: a Glenaeon Gala, a GlenX evening, last year’s Centenary Day.

The school has a tradition of strong community built through work, fun and shared endeavour. The stories of many GlenXer's make inspiring reading, and I hope you enjoy connecting, or reconnecting, with former friends and colleagues you met through the school.

Like any developing organism that needs to remain contemporary, Glenaeon has been through a number of changes over the years, but has always stayed true to our core task of providing a quality Rudolf Steiner education to the children and young people of Sydney, striving to enable them to take their place in Australian society as men and women of distinction. There is no higher ideal for us than to help every student in our care become the individual they are destined to become.

As one of Rudolf Steiner’s verses puts it so beautifully:

To wonder at Beauty,

Stand guard over Truth,

Look up to the Noble,

Resolve on the Good…

These remain our core values, untarnished by time and still spoken by many classes every afternoon.

To have a glimpse of Glenaeon today, you might like to enjoy our new website, and in particular to look there at our plans for the immediate future embodied in our Strategic Plan 2014-17. Please stay in touch, and visit: your teachers will enjoy seeing you again!

Andrew Hill

Collegiate Chair

School News

30 Years of Glenaeon Service

Congratulations to Peggy Day, Anne Rouse, Gill William-Smith, Brigitte Tietge-Rollans, Coral Paterson and Glennis Mowday who all celebrated 30 years service with Glenaeon. What a milestone! We thank them for all their dedication, support and guidance to generations of Glenaeon students.

John Billing Concert

We were delighted to welcome internationally acclaimed lyre player John Billing to Glenaeon in March 2014. Class 1 and 2 enjoyed an extraordinary concert at the Castlecrag campus, before John played for Classes 3-6 at the Middle Cove campus. After the concert, students from Classes 4-6 enjoyed some professional tutoring.


The Rite Journey

2014 marks the beginning of an exciting and challenging new program at Glenaeon for our Year 9's called 'The Rite Journey'. It is a unique educational programme designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible and resilient adults. » Read More

 Developed by Mr Andrew Lines of Willunga Steiner School (South Australia) the program aims to reinvent the traditional process of a rite of passage to assist in transforming the adolescent from dependency to responsibility. 

'The Rite Journey' has had remarkable success in its formative years, and is increasingly finding a place in a diverse range of schools across Australia and overseas. 

Our Year 9 group are currently into week six of the year long program which is being run by PDHPE teacher Jonas Stoebe, Middle School Coordinator Dani Finch and Digital Design teacher Evan Sanders (GlenX 2004).


Introducing GlenX

We’re very excited to announce the launch of GlenX - Glenaeon’s new online alumni portal! GlenX allows you to connect with the Glenaeon community, keep up-to-date with important information including events & reunions, post photos and share announcements. GlenX also provides alumni the opportunity to network and mentor current students. » Read More

To register, simply follow the details below:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on ‘register’ button in the login box (top right)

3.     Enter your details

Contact either Emily Fraser ( or Nicole Crabb ( with your details. 

Community News

20 Year Reunion (Class of 1993)

In November 2013, Glenaeon welcomed back the Class of 1993! The former students and teachers returned to school for an evening full of laughter and reminiscing. Evelyn Mason's (ex-Glenaeon Teacher) reflections are below on this very special reunion. » Read More

"It is hard to believe that the students I started teaching in 1982 are now older than I was when I began the 8 year journey with them in 1982!

When I look at the old photos – the children were so small – fragile and robust all at the same time.
And what a journey we had together – good times and bad, laughs and tears, routines and adventures.

One of my strongest memories goes back to Class 3 – the year we build the cubby house that is located near the Eric Nicholls building. What an endeavour that was! John, one of the fathers, not only designed the cubby but also cut all the timbers to size. The children carried and sanded and helped construct the cubby day after day even in lunch time breaks – the building fever was hot.

That same year we turned a deserted part of the grounds into a vegetable garden. A hired rotary hoe dug up the hardened soil and a team of eager pupils got to work. There was no water nearby so bucketing water in become a fervent task during the dry months. Luckily Emma lived locally so she and her parents took over the watering during the school holiday period! No mean task.

But there is more to Glenaeon than looking back. There is the exciting and rewarding present. Seeing my former students facing the world, taking on responsibilities for work, partners, children, and in some cases parents is the greatest reward I could have as a class teacher.

The variety of occupations they have chosen, the diversity of interests, the confidence in which they are tackling life’s challenges – these are the gifts a Rudolf Steiner education has given them.

If I have one wish for all my former students it would be that they are true to themselves.  By this I do not mean to invoke selfishness – but the finding of an inner truth – what could be more fulfilling than living a life well lived?"

Evelyn Mason

Mid-Winter Festival

We would like to invite all Glenaeon Alumni to the Mid-Winter Festival on Thursday 19th June at 6.30pm at the Middle Cove Campus. This is an opportunity to re- connect with the Glenaeon community and celebrate the longest night of the year and to pause and ponder on light itself. » Read More

We begin our Festival with the mug of warm punch by the fire, a very social beginning to this festival that celebrates the eternal cosmic rhythm. Following on from this event we invite you to join us for some drinks at the Willoughby Hotel.  More details coming soon!

Parent Education

Do you know about our Parent Education program at Glenaeon? Just as our teachers make each class a 'learning community for our students', we strive to make Glenaeon a learning community for parents and friends as well. » Read More

Through this program we hope to ensure:

  • Parents and teachers are able to build a common picture of our education and the developmental needs of the students 
  • The work of Dr Rudolf Steiner (and others who contributed to his impulse) is alive within the school

What form does Parent Education take? 

  • Class Meetings (at least twice a year)
  • Multi-class Meetings
  • A regular program of morning talks & workshops 
  • Evening talks & workshops with visiting speakers 
Want to know more?  Come join us at our upcoming Parent Education workshops:

Optisimising our Ability to Learn – How movement is a fundamental part of development and education

Date & Time: Friday 28th March, 9.15am-11am 

Venue: Marion Mahony Griffin Hall (Castlecrag Campus)

Guest Speaker: Annette Barone

Developing Child’s Body and Soul Relationship

Date & Time: Wednesday 7th May, 7.30pm 

Venue: Sylvia Brose Hall (Middle Cove Campus)

Guest Speaker: Lisa Romero

Where are They Now

What is Where Are They Now?

In this series 'Where Are They Now?' we explore what some of our alumni are now doing with their lives.

Brenna Hobson (1993)

Brenna Hobson is Executive Director at one of Australia’s most celebrated and acclaimed theatre companies – Belvoir. During Brenna’s tenure, Belvoir has committed to international touring with productions in New York, London, Seoul, Oslo, Vienna and Amsterdam with more planned for 2014. » Read More

As an independent producer, Brenna has produced Vital Organs (B Sharp), Now that Communism is Dead My Life Feels Empty (B Sharp, Seymour Centre, and Malthouse Theatre / Melbourne International Arts Festival), The Suitors (Old Fitzroy Theatre) and the documentary With Hearts and Hands.

Brenna attended Glenaeon (K-12) graduating in 1993. At school, she excelled in English, Math and Modern History and recalls the many hours spent exploring the bushland setting at Middle Cove. Her career began at Belvoir 20 years ago in 1994 when she started out as an Assistant Stage Manager and was promoted to Production Manager in 1999. Brenna is also secretary of the Belvoir St Theatre Board, and a board member of Arts on Tour as well as a member of the Seymour Centre’s Artistic Advisory Panel. 

Brenna holds a Master of Arts Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. She was recently appointed the Sydney Opera House Trust where she sits on the Audit and Risk Committee.

Congratulations Brenna on your success!

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

It's no secret that there are a lot of Steiner kids who wind up in the arts. Evelyn Mason, my class teacher thought that I needed to burn off some energy and suggested I do drama classes - so perhaps I can blame her! The skill that I think has been most valuable to me in my career was an ability to think laterally and to find another way to do something if the most obvious one is blocked. That sort of creative thinking is absolutely a trait that I associate with Glenaeon.

What's your favourite Glenaeon memory?

I was there for 13 years so I have lots! Certainly I have very fond memories of the grounds and the magic of being a city kid spending time in a bush (it's possible that I sometimes took a liberal approach to what did and did not constitute out of bounds). The smell of hessian still takes me back to primary school, along with water colours, shading versus outlines, walking the spiral at midwinter with a candle in an apple (one of my classmates almost lost her ponytail due to fire), and the fact that I never worked out how to explain Eurythmy to the uninitiated. 

There are other memories that really only land with you much later. My favourite one of those is Jolyon Bromley who taught me extension history (class of 1!) every Thursday at 8am for all of my final year. I loved the subject but at the time I didn't really appreciate the extraordinary generosity of that act. I do now. I'm also very aware of the debt I owe to the school as a whole for waiving my school fees when my parents found themselves in financial trouble at the end of my schooling. It's a pretty amazing community.

David Heimann (1986)

In an impressive career spanning more than 20 years, David Heimann has cultivated a reputation as one of Australia’s leading interior designers and is co-founder/director of homewares empire Orson & Blake. We are very proud to call him one of our own! » Read More

David attended Glenaeon from Year 7 to 12, completing his HSC in 1986. At school, he excelled in creative art subjects, developing a lifelong passion and appreciation for fine art, design and fashion.

After leaving school, David relocated to London for two years where he worked for giants of the fashion and retail industry and counts Elton John as one of his celebrity clients. Inspired by his global travels, David returned home to Sydney and co-founded the luxury design and homewares institution Orson & Blake with his mother Mandy.

Orson & Blake has since expanded into a national brand synonymous with eclecticism and modern design.

In 2010, David launched the popular OB Collection - an innovative range of homewares and furniture, available in retailers nationwide. He is also familiar to television audiences as the host of the Channel Nine show homeMADE and is a regular contributor to international design magazines and blogs. As for the future, David hopes to continue to build Orson & Blake as a great Australian brand in the global market. 

We wish him all the best!

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

I was always a highly creative child who was interested in art and design. Steiner education promotes individuality, creativity and self-discovery, which suited me. The diversity of school subjects such as ceramics, woodwork and art history was ideal for a creative student like myself. Glenaeon is a very ‘spirited’ school and provided a highly supportive platform – allowing me to blossom and ultimately lead me in the direction of interior design and fashion.

Favourite Glenaeon Memory?

There are so many! I thoroughly enjoyed Rosemary Gentle’s English class. She was a very strong and supportive character. Another strong memory was Eurythmy class with Kristin Ramsden who was such a charismatic and dynamic teacher. Also, learning amongst nature at was truly inspiring. Surrounded by bushland, was such a sensory experience in itself that enhanced our education. 

Richard Claremont (1982)

Richard Claremont is an internationally acclaimed and prolific Australian artist. He has been exhibiting since the mid 1980s and his work is represented in both national and international collections. Richard has had an impressive 30-year art career and we are very proud of his success! » Read More

Richard discovered his artistic talents at Glenaeon, thriving in creative subjects such as arts and languages. He fondly remembers the many lessons on mythology and folklore, which appealed to his sense of wonder about humanity and became a source of artistic inspiration. It was at Glenaeon that Richard experimented with different art practices and techniques, which led him to enrol at Sydney College of the Arts after completing his HSC. Since leaving school, Richard has consistently exhibited in Australia and his artwork is on permanent display at BlueScope Visitors Centre in Port Kembla. In late 2013, Richard was named a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize.

Richard’s artwork juxtaposes the natural and synthetic worlds, oftentimes blurring the lines between the two. His unique talent in capturing the simplicity of a subject whilst simultaneously commentating on its inner fragility and beauty continues to resonate with audiences and critics alike.

Congratulations Richard on an impressive and successful career!

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

Steiner education places a high value on integrating academic, practical and artistic interests. Glenaeon encouraged my creative pursuits and aided my personal development. As a student, I developed a fascination with folklore, mythology and ancient civilisations – themes that continue to inspire me in my artwork.

What is your favourite Glenaeon memory?

My favourite school memory was lunchtimes with friends - many of which were spent at the bamboo patch. It was a popular spot just off one of the lower ovals, completely surrounded by bush. All the students would run wild - having sword fights and playing games. It was an absolute highlight!

What can we expect in 2014?

I am just about to start a series of paintings based on Port Kembla, which will be exhibited in Sydney later in the year. Also, I am continuing to work with private clients producing commissioned works.

Japanese SeriesGagakuWollongong Harbour - donated to Westmead Children's HospitalVenice, Italy


Glenaeon 10, 20 and 30 Year Reunions

Did you leave school in 1984, 1994 or 2004? If so, we'd like to hear from you as we are starting to organise reunions. Below are the list of up-and-coming 2014 Glenaeon Reunions: » Read More

10 Year Reunion - Class of 2004

20 Year Reunion - Class of 1994 

30 Year Reunion - Class of 1984 

Reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, see what's new at Glenaeon and share stories with your class guardian. We are currently updating our records and need your help. You can either register with our alumni portal GlenX or email Emily Fraser with your contact details. 

Thank you to Seaton Kay Smith (2004) & Jessamyn McLachlan (1994) who have volunteered to be class representatives for their respective year groups. 

Archive Photos

Photos From Glenaeon's Past

Thank you to Phil McClelland (1979) and Eddie Jardine (1988) for sharing these great photos from the 1970's! » Read More

Birthday CelebrationsClass 12 (1979)Class 5 (1972)
Class 8 (1975)Kindergarten (1975)1970's

If you have any photographs from your time at Glenaeon please forward with names and dates attached to

Stop Press Announcements

Georgia Shillington (2009)

Congratulations to up-and-coming graphic designer Georgia Shillington (2009). At only 21, she helped launch the successful graphic design studio Bailey Street Design in early 2013 and is their Senior Graphic Designer. » Read More

Georgia and the Bailey Street Design team specialise in web design and brand identity and have already worked with a number of Inner West businesses including Retrospec'd and Healthy Numbers

Georgia is definitely a 'graphic designer to watch' and we look forward to hearing more from her throughout 2014. 

Click Here for more information on Bailey Street Design. 

Jonathan Teplitzky (1977)

BAFTA award-winning film director Jonathan Teplitzky (1977) released his fourth film ‘The Railway Man’ in late 2013. The war film is an adaptation of Eric Lomax’s bestselling autobiography of the same name. » Read More

It features a star-studded cast including Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. The Railway Man first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it received an extended standing ovation.  

Click here to watch an interview with Jonathan Teplitzky at The Railway Man Premiere. 

Phoenix Keating (2009)

In October 2013, Phoenix Keating (2009) Australia’s fastest rising fashion designer debuted his ‘Vaudevillian’ collection at New York Fashion Week. » Read More

Since his successful U.S. debut, Phoenix has been scouted by some of New York’s fashion royalty including the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Lady Gaga. 

As of 2014, he is currently working on his next collection. You can check out Phoenix's website here


Taelor Jane Hanley (2012)

Talented singer-songwriter Taelor Jane Hanley (2012) has just launched her debut EP ‘Velvet Love’. » Read More

Taelor played her first album launch at Lizotte’s in Dee Why on 12th February 2014 and the event was a huge success. Velvet Love is now available on iTunes here

School Tours

2014 School Tours & Open Days

If you have children and are considering sending them to Glenaeon, we invite you to come meet the staff and see our school in action! All School Tours incorporate a tour of the grounds and a slideshow presentation about Glenaeon and our curriculum. Students are welcome to attend. » Read More

Below are the next Tour & Open Day dates for each campus: 

Middle Cove Campus (Years 3-12) 

School Tour - Tuesday 6th May 9.30am - 11.30 am 

Open Day - Friday 4th April 9.15am - 12noon 

Castlecrag Campus Tour (Years K-2) 

School Tour - Thursday 8th May 9.30am - 11.30am 

Open Day - Saturday 17th May 10.00am - 12noon

To view the complete list of 2014 Open Days & Tours Click Here 

If you wish to make an Enrolment Enquiry the form is available on our Glenaeon website Here



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