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Dear Former Glenaeon Students,

Welcome to the eighth edition of GlenX News, the first issue of 2018.

Firstly, we would like to welcome the Class of 2017 to the Glenaeon Alumni Community and congratulate them all on a balanced year of academic learning, exploration, outdoor experiences, performance, design and creation!

Last year culminated for many of them in a trip to the United States to kayak and hike down 300 km of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. This trip was an Australian school first, the result of Glenaeon winning a bid from hundreds of travellers around the world to raft through the canyon. » Read More

We offer our congratulations to the whole cohort for a great range of results in the Higher School Certificate and look forward to following their journey as they embark on the next exciting phase of their lives.

In this issue, we talk to former Glenaeon students Simon Gunning (1969) and Daniel Stukel Beasly (1998) about their lives post-school. You will also read about the 2017 Reunions as well as the key events for 2018 and some of the school news. 

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and invite you to stay in touch. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events or reunions this year.

Nicole Crabb
Director of Development

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Where are They Now

Daniel Stukel Beasly (1998)

What have you been doing since school?

I studied Architecture at UNSW and graduated with first class honours in 2005. That same year I joined PTW Architects and commenced a senior role on the team designing a major extension to the National Gallery of Australia. The responsibilities included: facades, structure and high-performance internal glazing. There was also the extraordinary opportunity to realise a significant permanent artwork by the USA artist James Turrell, ‘Within Without’. » Read More

Seeking autonomy and a chance to develop my own design voice I started my own solo practice when I turned 30.The early projects explored themes of science and lighting and finding dynamic forms revealing the functional concept.

Discovering a collaborative synergy with my life partner, a costume and set designer for live theatre, the current business Stukel Stone was founded in 2014.I now co-direct this hybrid practice which offers Architecture and Performance Design services. The team of six work out of a characterful warehouse studio in Redfern.

An ongoing affiliation with UTS School of Architecture offers me current sessional work as a lecturer, tutor and guest critic. Also being an educator enables me to make a valuable contribution to the vocation.

What impact did Glenaeon have on your career choice?

True to the aspirations of the Glenaeon curriculum, I sought a well-rounded education studying high-level maths, English, languages, art and sciences.The challenge was to pursue a vocation which would continue this broad spectrum of skills and interests, and architecture seemed to be the best fit.An architect knows a little about almost everything, a true generalist, rather than a specialist. This was a chance to continue with a well-rounded education moving through adult life.

What is your favourite Glenaeon memory?

Experiences at Glenaeon are more a feeling than a memory. The sanctuary of the bushland campus and rituals in the day marked by class greetings, versus and focused main lessons, were a wonderful context within which to grow.I am confident that the encouragement to develop one’s unique individuality by the teachers and mentors is the genesis of a Glenaeon graduate’s free thinking, unfettered by social constructs.

What are your plans for the future?

Stukel Stone is the primary focus in my life at the moment. The practice is gaining momentum with industry recognition and exciting public commissions, but most importantly it is attracting clients who represent a good fit and who understand what we value. The intention is to continue approaching each new project with originality and optimism, hopefully uncovering a little gem of ingenuity.

For more information, check out Daniel’s website, Facebook page and Instagram

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Simon Gunning (1969)

Simon Gunning is a celebrated artist based in the United States. He is renowned for painting local scenery, including the Southern Louisiana landscape. Simon has the ability to reproduce scenes from different times of the day and frame them in a way that captures the light and colours so unique to the landscape. His style of painting has been described as “an iconic personal statement about life, death, sorrow, and a love affair with an exotic land.” » Read More

In 1999, Gunning was awarded a Visual Artist Fellowship by the Louisiana Division of the Arts. Through this fellowship, his work has been exhibited in many public and private locations across the U.S.A as well as Paris, London, and Australia. Congratulations to Simon on his success!

Here, Simon tells us about his career, his memories of Glenaeon and plans for the future.


I began school at Dalcross in Pymble, and studied at Glenaeon until I was 13 years old in 1969.

When my parents moved to Melbourne, I enrolled at The Victorian College of Art where I studied painting and drawing. I was privileged to have Fred Williams as a private tutor for two semesters, and he put me on the path to where I am today.

Another important artist, David Hockney, visited the college and offered postgraduate scholarships in painting at the Royal Academy in London to the students, for which I applied and was accepted. However, I never made it to London.

I moved to the U.S.A over 30 years ago and, after a year in New York, I returned to New Orleans, which became my home and where I met my wife, Shelly. I worked as a bartender and waiter in the French Quarter of New Orleans until the chips fell into place for me and I made my way into the art world in the United States.

Essentially, I have drawn and painted all my life and plan to continue to do so, as I have not yet realised my contribution to the language of art.


Glenaeon had an enormous impact on my life and career as an artist. I was encouraged from the beginning and was nurtured in a very personal way. Alan Whitehead was one of my teachers; he was an artist, the first real one I met. Miss Sylvia Brose took me under her arm and provided me with a room to draw when the other kids pursued a broad range of cultural activities. The teachers were incredible; I don't remember all their names, however, we had a Math Teacher who took us camping in the Kangaroo Valley. The impact of the teachers was profound.


There are so many memories of Gleanaeon; from the day to day activities to playing in the bamboo patch and coming to school up Sugar Loaf Bay by kayak.

Also, there was an amusing incident when my brother Dan caught a red belly black snake and was sent home with the snake in a duffel bag. I went home with him for "safety " reasons, however, when Dan showed the snake off in the back of the bus to the housewives, they were not amused, and we were kicked off the 203 bus. As mum was driving along Edinburgh Road, she caught us heading home and brought us back to school and took the snake home. Much to our disappointment.


Being an artist is a hard-earned privilege, with which comes a responsibility to share and pass on the torch to others and shed light on the world. Thus, to use what you have created for a positive force in the world. It is the gift of alchemy. The future is an unfinished painting, and none of this would have ever been possible without the love and support of my wife and family.

See below for a few famous pieces of art created by Simon Gunning

Simon Gunning
Two Wrecks with Black Crowned Heron

Simon Gunning
Blue Nets on Blue

Simon Gunning
Passing Through the Harvey Canal

Want to know more about Simon Gunning and his work? Visit for more information.

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Did you Know?

Stop Press

Community News

Foundation Update

The Glenaeon Foundation has been operational for five years now and it is encouraging to witness our culture of philanthropy grow. In 2017 nearly 50% of our families made a donation through either the Building Fund or through our Annual Giving program and we are very thankful for your support. All donations to the Glenaeon Foundation are tax deductible. » Read More

In 2017 our Fundraising program has raised over $132,000, a substantial amount of which will be used for the much needed repair and renovation of our beloved Sylvia Brose Hall. Funds raised will be put to very good use with a program of works that includes;

The installation of a new energy efficient heating and cooling system
Rendering the walls to create a more modern feel
Sanding and repairing the floor boards
Installing a state of the art audio visual system
Repairing the worn curtains with stage quality curtains

Work is expected to commence shortly on the Sylvia Brose Hall.

In 2016 we opened the Glenaeon Community Kitchen which was the first program of work for the Foundation. The Kitchen has been operational for a year now and students and staff are enjoying delicious organic food thanks to Sharon Dirkin, our Canteen Operator. 

The end of year Foundation Cocktail Party was held on 29th November 2017 to thank our generous donors for their support this year. This event is always a highlight in the Foundation calendar.
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2017 Reunions

In 2017 we had the pleasure to host three reunions where we could reconnect with our former students from classes of 1897, 1997 and 2007. Check out below what we found out about our former students. » Read More

This year we were pleased to host three reunions where we reconnected with our former students from the classes of 1987, 1997 and 2007. Check out below what we found out about our former students below.
On Saturday 2 September we held a Class of 1997 reunion. There was great excitement amongst the Alumni and some of their former teachers as they re-connected and shared stories of what they had been doing for the past 20 years.
It was a unique opportunity to hear exciting stories about the Class of 1997’s lives. Prana Arnold has spent 18 years as a humanitarian volunteer based in India. She is now based outside of Byron Bay, managing an organic vegan food business. Purdie Wood is an Integrative Therapist and is also a vocalist for the group “Care in the Sky”.
Ninna Millikin was our photographer for the evening and has been working as a writer, director and editor. Ninna is a filmmaker and her most recent production, ‘Plan Bee’, follows a group of former refugees who are budding beekeepers learning the importance of bees in our world.
Alex Yeomans, who works in the field of Engineering shared his impressions of being back at Glenaeon:
“Returning to the school after 20 years has rekindled many memories. I must pass credit to Glenaeon and the passionate teachers for many of my life skills and as well as the basis for learning many more technical skills since leaving. As a student, the adage of 'education for life' and learning skills through play have stayed with me and touring the school shows that this is just as important now as it was for me”.

We were also fortunate to have a few former (and current Glenaeon) teachers along. Thanks to Ann Reeve, Marion Schwarzrock, Julie Hamann and Glennis Mowday for joining in the celebration.
The 30 Year Reunion was held on the 16th September. A small group of former students gathered together to reminisce about school days and what paths their lives had taken since school. We were also fortunate that Glennis Mowday, Brigitte Tietge-Rollans and Anne Rouse joined the celebrations.
It was great to hear interesting stories about the Class of 1987’s lives.
Jeanette Salmon, who came from Queensland especially for the reunion, became a Teacher's Aide for primary students. Amanda Vella Crompton is also in the education sector as a teacher in the Performing Arts.

Erik Thorvaldson works as an Experimental Scientist for the National Measurement Institute. Adam Meyer, who also made a trip from Queensland, is working as an Insurance Consultant, while Emilia Salgado has completed three degrees and has worked in Communications, Business, and Project Management to name a few of her specialties!
Sarah Blooman works in the data area, and she shared her impressions of being back at Glenaeon – “It has been the most amazing experience coming back to Glenaeon, and seeing everyone. Such wonderful memories that will never be forgotten”.
Andrew Hill led a tour of the Middle Cove Campus at both events, which is always a reunion highlight. The Alumni were nostalgic as they re-visited the campus as adults and reminisced about their school years.

The last reunion of the year was held on the 18th November with the Class of 2007 at Glenaeon. We had 14 students gather to reminisce about school days and the paths their lives had taken since school.
We were also fortunate that many of former teachers joined the celebration including Daniela Falecki, Chris Collins, Manu Prasad, Scott Henderson, and Brigitte Tietge-Rollans.

Here are a few stories about the Class of 2007 students.

Saraya Van Someren Boyd, Harry Goodman and Tess Gunton are working in the education sector. Paolo Apostolides is an Architect involved with social projects, and Danielle Copper works for the Indigenous Affairs Group. Mallory Grien initially studied Psychology and is currently studying to become a nurse; we wish you good luck Mallory!
Sam Shennan is a Graphic Artist, while Charles Hudson and Charlotte Grien both work in the Hospitality industry. Thank you to the former students and teachers who joined us. Also, a big thank you to Charlotte Grien who helped us to organise the reunion.
We were fortunate to witness these special moments and we hope the Class of 2007, 1997 and 1987 will stay in touch with us and let us know what they are doing in the world. Thank you to the former students and teachers who joined us. It was lovely meeting you all!

Class of 2007


Class of 1997 

Class of 1987

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2018 Reunions

We are excited to announce the Glenaeon Alumni Reunion dates for this year.
Below are the list of 2018 Glenaeon Reunions:

Year 10 (Class of 2008) – Saturday 1 September 2018

Year 20 (Class of 1998) – Saturday 8 September 2018

Year 30 (Class of 1988) – Saturday 22 September 2018

» Read More
Reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, see what's new at Glenaeon and share stories with your class teachers. We would love to get in touch with all of our graduates from these classes, so feel free to email us with your contact details at

You can also keep up to date with all the latest reunion and alumni news at
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Keep In Touch

Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Page

Have you joined the Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Page yet? This page allows you to re-connect with your former classmates, keeps you up-to-date with what's happening at Glenaeon, shares Alumni stories and upcoming events & reunions.
Check out our page at and don't forget to follow us!  » Read More

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Stay Connected

Are your contact details up to date? Did you get married and change your name? Don't forget to let us know! You can now easily change/add your contact details by completing and submitting the Stay Connected form on our website: » Read More

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School News


Glenaeon Careers Facebook page now has over 80 members and is constantly updating them with news about tertiary study, workshops, open days and much more. It's a brilliant resource for school leavers and those students and their families beginning to think about life after school.

Go to and ask to join the group for all the up-to-the-minute information about open days, courses, summer schools, application deadlines and articles of interest. » Read More

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Family Fair 2017

Family Fair week was a big one, a great weekend from the Art Show Opening on Friday 3th November 2017 through the Fair itself on Saturday and the Art Show continuing until Sunday afternoon. » Read More

A huge thank you goes to Class 4 parents who put in such enormous efforts to bring the Family Fair of 2017 to a happy conclusion. Their dedication was a gift of service to the whole community. Special thanks to Jacinta Dunn, Fair Coordinator, and to Airlie McConnell, Art Show Coordinator. They each fronted a behind the scenes team of parents who worked solidly over the past months to get the Art Show and Fair into shape including for the fair, Rod Segal, Matt Bradley, Julia and Rino Pekovitch, Jules Munro, Alison Rigby, Alix Segal and Matthew Browne for the GPA.

Special thanks the school Maintenance team led by the ever dependable Facilities Manager Michael Thomson plus Mary Heard for the Castlecrag campus, Margaret Millikin for school liaison and Michele Harris for the fabulous marketing.

The Art Show Opening on Friday night featured Alumni Annie Laerkesen (GlenX ’86), an established artist who officially opened the show. This very large undertaken was the work of a committee whose labours over many months brought this inspiring show together. As well as Airlie in the Art Show Committee, we thank Stephanie Graham, Donna Miller, Felicity Cutts, Adrian Sparrow and Sarah Callaghan.

Thank you to all parents: your presence and commitment made the Fair possible, all the way from set up, through running so many activities through to pull down and return to normal. A wonderful piece of work!

And the weather?? Well, our undaunted spirits shone through, making the day a success!

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New Glenaeon Mosaic

Do you know about our new Glenaeon mosaic? It was designed by teacher Brendan Strobl and unveiled at our 60th Anniversary Founders Day assembly on 22nd November 2017. The mosaic will be installed on the wall outside the entrance to Sylvia Brose Hall. What a beautiful mosaic it is!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and plant
» Read More
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Year 12 HSC results

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on a balanced year of academic learning, exploration, outdoor experiences, performance, design and creation. » Read More

We offer congratulations to the whole cohort for a great range of results in the Higher School Certificate. Particular mention goes to the following students who achieved a Band 6 result, within the top 10% of the state:
• Carla da Roza achieved four Band 6 results in Ancient History, Society & Culture, Visual Arts and English – Advanced
• Luca Candotti achieved three Band 6 results in Chemistry, Mathematics and German Continuers.
• Asha Wiltshier achieved two Band 6 results in Biology and English – Advanced.
• Daniel Mechtersheimer achieved two Band 6 results in Biology and German Continuers.
• Sami Beaumont-Cankaya and Mischa Ree both achieved one Band 6 in Mathematics General.
• Phoebe Lockwood achieved one Band 6 in Visual Arts.

As well as the Year 12 students sitting the HSC, four Year 11 students sat the HSC Mathematics 2 Unit exam as accelerated students and all achieved a Band 6 result, a remarkable achievement for which they deserve congratulations:
• Edward Bacon
• Richard Nicotra
• Hugo Stackhouse
• Olivia Shurun Zhu.

Senior School Coordinator, Manu Prasad, was very pleased to see the year group had performed so well, with 55% of students achieved a mark in the top two bands (B5/6 or E3/4).

We also congratulate three students whose HSC artworks were chosen for the Smart Expressions Exhibition for April 2018. They were
• Imogen Hill for Designed to be Free
• Augusta Gunn-Lynch for Mountain Shadow
• Brianna Harris-Kairl for her video installation Fine Line.

Glenaeon celebrates all our students who have shown commitment to learning above and beyond. We have a number of stories of growth and a struggle to achieve against difficult circumstances. For this reason, we congratulate two other students who deserve a very special mention. Jack James is currently overseas, but found out today he achieved four Band 5s (top 20%) and one Band 4. Jack arrived at Glenaeon in late primary school looking for support in a number of subject areas and his teachers are all thrilled at his growth and achievement. Noah Panambalana elected to follow a Life Skills program for his final two years at Glenaeon. Life Skills allows students to study subjects which are assessed but not examinable. Nonetheless, Noah decided to sit the English HSC exam and received a Band 4. Congratulations to both these young men on their hard work and commitment to study over the last year.

One of Glenaeon’s traditions is to take our Year 12 cohort on a four-day solo camp to undertake some landcare and astronomical observations in Coonabarrabran, NSW. For many of our graduates, these outdoor experiences become one of their fondest memories of their time at Glenaeon. As one of our Outdoor Education coordinators wrote recently, our program aims to provide meaningful experiences for our students that also equip them with the skills to safely and confidently embark on their own adventures...They also fuel a passion for conservation as the understanding of the impact of the loss of these natural places runs deeper within these students.

The highlight of the year for many came at the very end, after the HSC had wrapped, when 22 of the 35 students travelled to the United States to kayak and hike down 300 km of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. This trip was an Australian school first, the result of Glenaeon winning a bid from hundreds of travellers around the world to raft through the canyon. There will be photos and videos to share with you when our travellers return home just before Christmas. For many of these students, HSC marks only became available when they downloaded their results in the Flagstaff, Arizona store where they were returning the dry suits they had worn for the last three weeks without showering!

Class of 2017, we look forward to hearing about your plans for next year and beyond and send you on your way with love.
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