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Dear GlenX,

Happy New Year and welcome to the latest edition of GlenX News (Issue #5).

Firstly, warmest congratulations to our most recent graduates and alumni, the Class of 2015, on completing their schooling. To celebrate, we launched our inaugural Year 13 Drinks on 12th February, 2016. It was inspiring hearing about the varied and interesting plans our newest alumni are pursuing and we've shared a few of their profiles in this issue.

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In the lead-up to our reunions in September 2016, we are chatting to alumni who are celebrating this special milestone: our first 'reunion' profile is on Freya Taylor who graduated from Glenaeon 10 years ago with the Class of 2006. We also have Where Are They Now profiles on George Nicholas (1989) and Tohby Riddle (1982) which are a great read! 

We hope you can join us for our GlenX Night on Thursday 5th May which will be a highlight Glenaeon event for 2016! 

Stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events or reunions soon.

Andrew Hill
Collegiate Chair

Where are They Now

Freya Taylor (2006)

It’s been nearly ten years since Freya Taylor (2006) graduated from Glenaeon and she is now the owner-operator of Northern Home Podiatry, established in 2011. » Read More

What have you been doing since you left Glenaeon?

After leaving Glenaeon in 2006 I went on to study a Bachelor of Podiatry at the University of Newcastle. I then started my own business doing podiatry home visits to elderly people and nursing homes, which keeps me very busy. As of last year I also commenced studying a law degree.

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

Science was my favourite subject: Ms Totsuka and Mr Henderson were largely responsible for this! They were very knowledgeable and always made every lesson exciting. I think this definitely influenced my decision to go into the health sciences field.

Favourite Glenaeon memories?

Trying to sneak past the staffroom to go and get Subway, as well as relaxing on the oval and enjoying the surrounding bush with friends.

Plans for 2016 & beyond?

My next goal is to start a family with my husband Adam (and hopefully send them to Glenaeon!), as well as finish my law degree and work in podiatry and the medico-legal and animal rights law fields.

George Nicholas (1989)

George Nicholas is the newly appointed Global Head of the Hotel Division for Savills in London, having spent a career in hotel management and hotel acquisitions around the world. He even managed a castle for a real-life prince and princess! » Read More

George graduated from Glenaeon in 1989, and to this day, remembers the long walk up the driveway at the end of a hot summer’s day.

What have you been doing since you left Glenaeon?

After I did my HSC in 1989 at Glenaeon I left Australia and studied at Les Roches hotel management school in Switzerland for three years, where I graduated with a Diploma in Hotel Administration. I then moved to Prague at the end of 1992 where I worked for Prince and Princess Lobkowicz and managed their castle just outside Prague. I was in Prague until mid 1995 when I applied to Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration (in upstate New York, USA) and I started there in September 1995.

I wanted to get out of daily hospitality operations so I majored in real estate and finance within the lodging and commercial real estate industries so I could have more 9-5 hours. I graduated with a BSc in Dec 1997 and started working for a hotel brokerage firm in California in early 1998. We acted as real estate agents and advisors for hotels across the USA. Ironically, I don't think I've ever worked harder!

In late 1999 after almost a decade away from Australia I moved back to Sydney and took a job at Jones Lang LaSalle (a NYSE listed company) in their global hotel real estate division. I was poached a few times by various hotel real estate advisory companies and I worked across Australia, New Zealand, Pacific and Asia on numerous hotel and gaming mergers and acquisitions until 2011.

It was in early 2000 in Sydney that I met Emma Cowie who ultimately became my wife and we had our children, Leila now 7 and William 6, (who was born one week before my father Michael sadly passed away).

In 2011 my previous firm Jones Lang LaSalle offered me a job heading up hotel mergers and acquisitions in Northern Europe, based in London, and I moved the family to the UK. It has been a fascinating move and I have been responsible for some of Europe's largest hotel and real estate transactions, while working with sheikhs and reclusive billionaires. I even negotiated 1:1 against Donald Trump over a few months to sell him and his children Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland on behalf of the government of Dubai.

Recently I have been asked by London Stock Exchange-listed Savills (SVS) the real estate firm, to head up their hotel real estate team globally. I will now be responsible for pulling their business together across the US, Asia and Europe under one umbrella and growing the platform.

Emma and I are currently planning to build a new house on the outskirts of London in Buckinghamshire where the kids are at school. Leila and William have cute English accents but we made a good effort to recharge their Aussie accents during a recent trip back home.

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

Interestingly, Glenaeon still subtly influences my career choice and inspiration. Initially, the exposure to European languages and having briefly attended Steiner schools in the UK and Germany gave me confidence to travel and live abroad. This stimulated me to find tertiary education overseas and it was my family who inspired me to work in the hospitality field. I always saw hospitality as the business of business, a microcosm of marketing, finance, human resources and service. Steiner's global success and penetration showed another leading example of how a concept and product based in solid principles could be implemented and adopted globally.

Favourite Glenaeon memories?

It's hard not to go past Muck-up Day 1989 but only perhaps because that is the freshest in my mind. I have fond memories from Miss Bain's kindergarten, David Hatton's childhood stories, the vegetable gardens in class 2 and 3, playing with Star Wars figurines on the little oval, The Pit and Bamboo Patch, bushwalking to the waterfall and later Gill William-Smith's art class.

But mostly, I just loved the last week of class at the end of the year when we moved up a class room, when it generally coincided with the sweltering heat of summer, cicada song, frozen drink bottles for play lunch and lunch, summer uniforms, and throwing paper planes at the ceiling fans, and finally the long walk up the driveway through the gates after the 3:25 bell.

Plans for 2016 and beyond?

My main focus for the next few years is to raise a healthy family, enjoy the most of our life in Europe and to build our house and business. One day we plan to return to Australia and have our children attend high school in Sydney, but we remain open to the twists and turns of life and who knows what opportunities will arise in the years to come.

Tohby Riddle (1982)

Tohby Riddle is an award-winning Australian cartoonist, writer and illustrator. He has written and illustrated numerous well-loved picture books and was the cartoonist for Good Weekend for nearly ten years » Read More

In early 2015, Tohby released his newest non-fiction book, ‘The Greatest Gatsby: A Visual Book of Grammar.’

What have you been doing since you left Glenaeon?

I was at Glenaeon for seven years and after high school I went to art school (Sydney College of the Arts), where two of my Glenaeon classmates turned up (Richard Claremont and Tina Pilger). Unsure of what to do with my artistic inclinations I went on to study architecture (University of Sydney), where I reconnected with another Glenaeon classmate, Simon Parsons. But in the meantime I'd also been trying my hand at cartooning and picture book illustration (and writing). As a cartoonist I ended up doing a weekly cartoon for about 10 years for Fairfax's Good Weekend magazine, and publishing two cartoon collections with Penguin Books. My architectural pursuits gave way to becoming an author of picture books and illustrated books (and working for about five years as an editor). I've created about 15 books over the years and have been lucky enough to win a number of awards and be published in many languages around the world. I've also been invited to speak about my work in places as far flung as Edinburgh, New Delhi and Sharjah (UAE), which has been an amazing experience. My latest title is a non-fiction book, The Greatest Gatsby: A Visual Book of Grammar, which presents the fundamentals of grammar as visual information – to make it more comprehensible and accessible and memorable. It came out with Penguin in April 2015.

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice?

I think my experience at Glenaeon was very influential in my career choices. I found my primary school years intensely formative. It's hard to measure or quantify this, but it seems to manifest in a spirit of doing and making and a particular form of individual expression. It meant that in later life I didn't hesitate to try to create and make things if I felt the urge. And the more imaginative the better. It was somehow second nature to me.

Favourite Glenaeon memories?
My fondest memories of Glenaeon are illustrating various myths of the world in Main Lesson; afternoons of art or woodwork or soapstone carving; and roaming the bush, creeks and caves around the school buildings with my classmates - especially the vast, awesome bamboo patch, which was so mysterious and enchanting with its cool green light and chapel-like spaces.

Future Plans?
My main plans for 2015 are to finish a new picture book and to support my new book, The Greatest Gatsby: A Visual Book of Grammar, with speaking engagements and so on, as it has only been out for a few months. The gratifying news is that many educational people are picking up on its visual approach to grammar and finding it very useful resource for students and teachers too – because there's nothing else out there like it. I think this visual approach to information began developing way back in those Main Lessons of my childhood.

Community News

Mitchell Tredinnick (2015)

In 2016, Mitchell will be attending USYD completing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science with a major in Chemistry and a minor in World Religions.

Mitchell says he was always interested in world religions, the ways in which they started and developed and the differences between the monotheistic, polytheistic and pantheistic religions. He says his interest was definitely sparked by his early exposure to world religions at Glenaeon.

Tobias Hasson (2015)

Tobias is launching into a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations, with a minor in Russian Studies, at Macquarie University

Tobias says he was always interested in Russia, its language and its history, and he hopes to travel on exchange there during his degree. According to Macquarie Uni, Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations, and with increased foreign investment in the Russian economy, graduates with Russian language skills are in high demand in the workplace! Good luck Tobias, or should that be удачи (udachi)!

Vanilla Tupu & Ella White (2015)

Both Vanilla and Ella are currently working at The Chicken Shop in Newtown. Vanilla has accepted an offer to study Music the Australian Institute of Music and Business Management at UTS, but has deferred her decision till 2017, as she is saving up to travel to Europe later this year.
Ella has accepted an offer to study a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at UTS which she will start in 2017.

Dates for the Diary

GlenX Event

Please join us Thursday May 5th free for our Glen X evening - a night of creative vision, stories and new ideas all from former students of Glenaeon; all GlenX. Glenaeon Alumni or GlenX share something unique. You enjoyed an education through design, a journey through myths and stories of the ages; you learned to foster your creative individuality, you shared with fellow Alumni a joy in growing up at school in a truly unique bushland setting on a hillside near the harbour.
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What are you doing now? What are the creative wellsprings that inspire and drive you? What are the grand ideas that inspire your work?

Come and hear on Thursday May 5th at 6.30 pm. Hear short, sharp and sweet stories/ ideas/ excursions of the mind shot through with music and great company. All in the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, Castlecrag.

Join us for a night of creative vision, story and new ideas, all from former students of Glenaeon: all GlenX !

Midwinter Festival

Our annual Glenaeon Midwinter festival celebrates the winter solstice. Which is the longest night of the year and is a time to pause and ponder on light itself, this most elusive of mysteries which we value as the foundation of life on earth: the nature of light, the nature of mind, the deeper reaches of our being and what guides us on our journey. » Read More

Come and join us for the community evening spiral walk on Wednesday 22nd June. More details to follow closer to the event.


2016 Reunions

If you left school in 1986, 1996 or 2006 we would love to hear from you! Below are the list of up-and-coming 2016 Glenaeon Reunions: » Read More

10 Year reunion (Class of 2006) - 3rd September
20 Year reunion (Class of 1996) - 10th September
30 Year reunion (Class of 1986) - 17th September

We are also hosting a reunion for anyone who graduated in the 1970's (1970-1979) on 24th September.

Reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, see what's new at Glenaeon and share stories with your class teachers. We would love to get in touch with all of our graduates from these classes, feel free to email us with your contact details at

You can also keep up to date with all the latest reunion and alumni news at

Glenaeon Reunions in 2015

Another reunion season at Glenaeon has come and gone! Over three evenings in September 2015, we hosted the 10 Year (Class of 2005), 20 Year (Class of 1995) and 30 Year (Class of 1985) reunions at our Middle Cove campus.
» Read More

It is always a powerful experience to reconnect with our former students, hear their stories and share in their favourite Glenaeon memories:

“It was great seeing everyone again, hearing about their lives, what they have been up to and what they have done. Catching up right where we left off!”
Sarah Rogers (Class of 1985) 

It was also a memorable occasion for the Glenaeon teachers who reunited with their former students:

“What struck me was the optimism and sense of enjoyment that they had with their life. It was like meeting with long lost family.”
Linda St Clair (Class of 1995 Guardian) 

A big thank you to all the everyone that attended the reunions in 2015! It was such a blast and we are looking forward to doing it again this year.

Keep In Touch

Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Page

Have you 'liked' the Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Page yet? This page allows you to re-connect with your former classmates, keeps you up-to-date with what's happening at Glenaeon, shares Alumni stories and upcoming events & reunions.
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Check out our page at and don't forget to like us! 

Stay Connected

Are your contact details up to date? Did you get married and change your name? Don't forget to let us know! You can now easily change/add your contact details by completing and submitting the Stay Connected form on our website: » Read More

School News

Glenaeon Foundation Update

This year promises to be an exciting year for the Glenaeon Foundation. We begin the year by launching a range of Scholarships which will make a real difference to the lives of talented students, who through personal circumstance might not otherwise be able to access the unique benefits of a Glenaeon education. » Read More

On offer for next year are the following scholarships: 

• Sylvia Brose All Rounder Scholarship (Foundation Scholarship) Year 7 Entry. Thanks to support from our Alumni community we are able to offer this Scholarship
• Glenaeon Scholarship Year 7 entry
• Aaron MacMillan Music Scholarship Year 7-10 Entry
• Marion Mahony Griffin Scholarship Year 11 Entry

Thanks to the generous support from the Glenaeon community in 2015 we raised $80,000 to build a Community Kitchen/Café. I am pleased to advise you that plans are well progressed on this project – we are close to announcing an operator who will run the café. Final quotes are due in this week for the build and we are confident that construction will commence late this term.

We look forward to seeing at the launch of our Café/Kitchen later this year for a coffee!

Warm Regards,

Nicole Crabb 
Director of Development 

The Hills Are Alive!

Glenaeon Year 11 drama students welcomed a very special guest on Tuesday 16th February, 2016 in the shape of Captain Von Trapp himself, aka Cameron Daddo! Glenaeon alum, Cameron is currently starring in the Sound of Music at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, and we were so lucky to have him come and talk about his life as an actor, writer, director, radio presenter and musician. » Read More

He inspired our budding Year 11 thespians and had them enthralled with tales of the highs and lows of a creative life. Comparison is the thief of joy, he warned them, borrowing a particularly poignant quote from former US President, Theodore Roosevelt.

Cameron has a very special connection to Steiner education. All three of his children have or still are attending a Waldorf (Steiner) school in LA, where he and his family currently live. He brought his wife Ali, and their youngest daughter to see our school today. Thank you so much Cameron, you're a star!

Year 13 Drinks

On Friday 12th February 2016, we welcomed back to school the Class of 2015 for Year 13 Drinks. It was a great evening with our newest alumni enjoying drinks and sharing their plans for 2016 & beyond! » Read More

In the words of Glenaeon teacher Alisan Smotlak:
"It was so great to hear what our Year 13 were all up to and plans for the next year.
It is always a wonderful moment to realise that ALL that hard work was worth it. They were generous with their appreciation and you cant ask for more than that as a always keeps you going for the next year ahead!"

School Tours

School Tours 2016

If you have children and are considering sending them to Glenaeon, we invite you to come and meet the staff and see our school in action. All school tours incorporate a tour of the grounds and a slideshow presentation about Glenaeon and our curriculum. Students are welcome to attend. » Read More

Below are the next tour dates for our Middle Cove & Castlecrag Campus

Middle Cove Campus (Years 3-12) 

Tuesday 8th March 9:30am – 11:30am

Friday 1st April 9:00am - 11:30am (Open Day) 

Tuesday 3rd May 9:30am – 11:30am

Tuesday 17th May 9:30am – 11:30am

Castlecrag Campus (K-2) 

Thursday 10th March 9:30am – 11:30am

Saturday 7th May 9:30am – 11:30am

Thursday 19th May 9:30am – 11:30am

For more information, please email our Enrolments Register Jennifer Keating at


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Middle Cove Campus:

Emily Fraser - Alumni Coordinator
5a Glenroy Avenue,
Middle Cove NSW 2068

Telephone 61 2 9417 3193