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Congratulations to the Class of 2017

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on a balanced year of academic learning, exploration, outdoor experiences, performance, design and creation.

We offer congratulations to the whole cohort for a great range of results in the Higher School Certificate. Particular mention goes to the following students who achieved a Band 6 result, within the top 10% of the state:
Carla da Roza achieved four Band 6 results in Ancient History, Society & Culture, Visual Arts and English – Advanced
Luca Candotti achieved three Band 6 results in Chemistry, Mathematics and German Continuers.
Asha Wiltshier achieved two Band 6 results in Biology and English – Advanced.
Daniel Mechtersheimer achieved two Band 6 results in Biology and German Continuers.
Sami Beaumont-Cankaya and Mischa Ree both achieved one Band 6 in Mathematics General. 
Phoebe Lockwood achieved one Band 6 in Visual Arts.

As well as the Year 12 students sitting the HSC, four Year 11 students sat the HSC Mathematics 2 Unit exam as accelerated students and all achieved a Band 6 result, a remarkable achievement for which they deserve congratulations:
Edward Bacon 
Richard Nicotra 
Hugo Stackhouse 
Olivia Shurun Zhu.

Senior School Coordinator, Manu Prasad, was very pleased to see the year group had performed so well, with 55% of students achieved a mark in the top two bands (B5/6 or E3/4).

We also congratulate three students whose HSC artworks were chosen for the Smart Expressions Exhibition for April 2018. They were 
Imogen Hill for Designed to be Free 
Augusta Gunn-Lynch for Mountain Shadow 
Brianna Harris-Kairl for her video installation Fine Line. 

Glenaeon celebrates all our students who have shown commitment to learning above and beyond. We have a number of stories of growth and a struggle to achieve against difficult circumstances. For this reason, we congratulate two other students who deserve a very special mention. Jack James is currently overseas, but found out today he achieved four Band 5s (top 20%) and one Band 4. Jack arrived at Glenaeon in late primary school looking for support in a number of subject areas and his teachers are all thrilled at his growth and achievement. Noah Panambalana elected to follow a Life Skills program for his final two years at Glenaeon. Life Skills allows students to study subjects which are assessed but not examinable. Nonetheless, Noah decided to sit the English HSC exam and received a Band 4. Congratulations to both these young men on their hard work and commitment to study over the last year.

One of Glenaeon’s traditions is to take our Year 12 cohort on a four-day solo camp to undertake some landcare and astronomical observations in Coonabarrabran, NSW. For many of our graduates, these outdoor experiences become one of their fondest memories of their time at Glenaeon. As one of our Outdoor Education coordinators wrote recently, our program aims to provide meaningful experiences for our students that also equip them with the skills to safely and confidently embark on their own adventures...They also fuel a passion for conservation as the understanding of the impact of the loss of these natural places runs deeper within these students. 

The highlight of the year for many came at the very end, after the HSC had wrapped, when 22 of the 35 students travelled to the United States to kayak and hike down 300 km of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. This trip was an Australian school first, the result of Glenaeon winning a bid from hundreds of travellers around the world to raft through the canyon. There will be photos and videos to share with you when our travellers return home just before Christmas. For many of these students, HSC marks only became available when they downloaded their results in the Flagstaff, Arizona store where they were returning the dry suits they had worn for the last three weeks without showering! 

Class of 2017, we look forward to hearing about your plans for next year and beyond and send you on your way with love.

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