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Year 10 Musical

Year 10 recently performed their annual musical, and gave a truly remarkable performance of The White Rose.

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To see this class rise to the impassioned performance that we saw on stage was truly remarkable and they deserve our fullest praise and congratulations. Congratulations also to our outstanding directorial team of Manu Prasad (Musical Director), Scott Henderson and Liz Chan (Directors) and Liza Lillicrap (Guardian and inspiring “angel”) who have worked wonders in lifting the class up to such heights.

With a very smart set by Sarah Sandberg, and Jacqueline Rees and parents coordinated by Kris Lojek doing costumes and all of the myriad behind scenes things that have to happen, the students, teachers and parents produced an evening of marvellous theatre that was truly uplifting as a narrative, and a real life one at that.

The story is one that deserves to be told, and retold, a tale of heroism for our age and the century to come. One of the characters in the story may even still be alive: Traute Lafrenz was imprisoned for over a year but three days before her final trial was due to take place, a trial which would have almost certainly resulted in her execution, the American army liberated the prison. She went to the US, completed her medical studies, and worked as a physician, and director of a school for developmentally delayed children. She was also a student of Dr Rudolf Steiner and was involved in the anthroposophical movement in the US for half a century. She may still be alive, as the most recent records indicate she is living in South Carolina.

Well done to all involved! This musical will live long in the memory, having given the whole school a lasting gift.

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