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Working at Glenaeon - who needs a gym?

Working at the Middle Cove campus enables our staff to work out at work!

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For Christmas last year, Glenaeon Maths teacher, René van den Tol, received a ‘fitbit’ with which he measures the walk up the driveway from the Chemistry/Physics room to the staff room every day.
According to René, it is the equivalent of climbing 2 flights of stairs.
But if you’re coming from the Maths/Year 8 room level, that’s the equivalent of climbing 3 flights; from the Year 7 level, 4 flights and – wait for it – if you’re coming from the hall/D&T/basketball court level, that’s 5 flights.
René thinks that’s why PDHPE teacher Jonas is so fit!
In an email to staff, René wrote, "When you think about, this is a good bit of exercise, given we (teachers) would climb those levels at least a few times each day at Glenaeon. In fact, I’ve already walked over 8,000 paces, which converted to nearly 6 km, and 28 floors in the time I’ve been at school today (teaching 6 classes)."
Middle Cove teachers, we salute you!

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