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The school is in full production mode at the moment. Here are just a few of the exciting events taking place through our classes:

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The school is in full production mode at the moment. Here are just a few of the exciting events taking place through our classes:

Class 3 put on a Eurythmy performance last week that was much appreciated by parents.

Class 5 enjoyed their Olympics with Kamaroi Class 5 this week at Chatswood Athletic Oval: always a wonderful athletic day. Then they are on camp at Blackheath for the rest of the week. 

Class 6 are hard to work rehearsing their play which they will perform this Friday and then for parents next Sunday.

Year 7 2016 Parent and Student Orientation last week was a joyous occasion as the incoming Year 7 met with our continuing Class 6. They enjoyed some fun-filled learning and sport adventures as a way of getting to know each other, and started their journey through high school together.

Year 8 are preparing their Shakespeare production which will happen on Thursday this week: The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last and most mysterious play will have a school production during the day, then a performance for parents in the evening.

Year 9 have just returned from their Shoalhaven trip, where they spent three days kayaking down the big river, then spent three days at Bundanon, Arthur Boyd’s former residence and art facility where they painted and drew their inspiring reflections on the trip and the landscape. The exhibition of their work will be next Monday night November 2nd from 6.30 pm: everyone is invited to enjoy the work.

Year 10 are underway on their training regime to prepare for their Tasmania trip at the end of the year. Regular afternoon hikes up the Glenaeon slopes with gradually increasing weights on their backs will build strength and resilience before they head down to the iconic South West track on the southern isle.

Year 11 has become Year 12 and underway on their HSC program with a Main Lesson Future States that focuses on study skills, tertiary entrance and career paths. We have a number of GlenX alumni coming in and sharing their stories of university and career paths as guiding examples to our current students.

Year 11/12 Drama put on their theatre piece last Friday evening to an appreciative audience of parents, fellow students and teachers. Well done to the class for taking on the challenging contemporary piece “Dressing Up, Stripping Down”, a modern take on the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

HSC exams are almost complete for Year 12 2015: they have only a few papers to go, and we will see the year group back for the Research day on Sunday November 8th when they report on their individual research/practical projects that they have completed through the year. We invite all members of the community to enjoy this summative event that marks the completion of the academic program for Year 12. 

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