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The Shepherds' Play

An important event is coming up on the evening of December 8th.

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An important event is coming up on the evening of December 8th. This is the Shepherds’ Play, one of the Oberufer plays which has been performed every year since the late 1950s when the school began as a kindergarten in Pymble called Dalcross. At Glenaeon, we see it as a gift from the teachers to the children, the school community and anyone else who would like to attend. So, please do make an effort to come this year.
Some time in the 16th or early 17th century a group of German farmers settled on the little island of Oberufer on the Danube, close to the frontiers of Austria and Hungary. They took with them a cycle of religious plays which were handed down by oral tradition. For centuries, peasants had preserved these plays – both the dialogue and the tradition of acting. It was Karl Julius Schroer, a professor who studied German folklore and a friend of Rudolf Steiner, who discovered and wrote down these Oberufer plays. Even in English, here in Australia, the Shepherds’ Play preserves the wisdom and humour of those German farmers. Another of these plays, the Paradise Play, has also been performed at Glenaeon.

This year the teachers at Glenaeon are again putting themselves forward to act in the Shepherds’ Play and sing in the little choir which goes with it. We would appreciate it, if this year you could help to fill every seat in the hall. You can bring your children, relatives and friends. The Shepherds’ Play is both simple and profound and not just for children!!

VENUE: Sylvia Brose Hall, Middle Cove Campus, 
Glenaeon School, 5a Glenroy Ave, Middle Cove.

DATE: Tuesday 8th December, 2015
TIME: 7.00pm

COST: No Charge

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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