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For the first time Dani and I conducted the Rite Journey Class Sleep Over as a mixed (big) group, which went very well.

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For the first time Dani and I conducted the Rite Journey Class Sleep Over as a mixed (big) group, which went very well. The Year 9 students stayed straight after school and were involved in a whole series of challenges, physical, emotional and social, to connect better to themselves and the people around them and to gain a deeper understanding of who they are.
Some activities involved groups opposing each other such as a series of tug-of-war ‘fights’, while others were more about sharing in a circle and through that, understanding each other’s journey better or gaining a deeper respect for the vast amount of great abilities within the cohort. Food was shared and social time enjoyed as well, before they each had some meditative quiet time to look inward and reflect on who they are by finding a quiet place on the lawn, the oval, on a tree or near a building in the shade. 

Individual tenacity and inner strength was displayed by many in an endurance task aiming at understanding and realising better the enormous power our mind can play: ‘mind over matter’ saw students planking as long as they could trying to access their mind’s power to persuade themselves to keep on going.

Students grouped themselves to display a physical form that would represent their class’ spirit which they found challenging, as some students took on leadership roles while others had to listen and compromises had to be found.

Late at night, an at times emotional sharing session with a candle in the middle and the talking stick making the rounds, revealed the individual and at times hard journeys of some of the students in the class. To hold this valuable information in our hearts and souls and to support those who need it more than others is one valuable outcome of this sharing session.

Cheers Jonas 

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