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It is impossible to be silent on such a powerful event as last Monday night!

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It is impossible to be silent on such a powerful event as last Monday night! The school concert at The Concourse, this year in the beautiful venue of the Concert Hall, showcased the talents of our students and teachers in a beautifully smooth performance. William Barton, with his mother Aunty Delmae, made such an extraordinarily unique centrepiece of the show: a memorable performance as Artist in Residence that will be a very hard act to follow.
 There were many thanks at the end of the concert, and without going through all of them again, it is a pleasure to congratulate our students and thank our teachers for such a gift to the whole community.

In particular we have to thank our wonderful Music teachers Manu Prasad and Pru Borgert for putting together such a large scale concert with a range and scale of experiences that were continuously entertaining: it is always a challenge combining the younger and the older students in a meaningful way but last Monday night did just that. Our music instrumental tutors put in the many months of preparing the students in the ensembles, and our teachers put in a huge effort in planning, supervising and backstage support that made the performance a series of seamless transitions. To our students, we can only say thank you for the commitment and passion you demonstrated on Monday evening. You expressed something inexpressible!

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