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Thank you Class 4: Thank you everyone!

What a fabulous day on Saturday, at our annual Glenaeon Family Fair!

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What a fabulous day on Saturday! Thank you to all parents who contributed so much to the success of another Glenaeon Art Show and Family Fair. To everyone who did a shift, to everyone who made a cake, to everyone who worked on craft through the year, to everyone who donated and organised prizes, to everyone who contributed in any way, shape or form, a special thank you from the school community. 

Class 4 parents rose to the occasion through uniquely distressing circumstances that would challenge anyone. Our thanks and appreciation goes to you all!

There were a number of individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty:

Stephanie Graham in particular has to be singled out for her magnificent role in coordinating so much of the Class 4 effort. As well as general coordination, she also put in another year coordinating the Art Show, a task which took literally months of work, adding up to an exhausting workload over a substantial period. Thank you Stephanie for such dedication to the school community, and of course to Phillip and the children for the impact such a workload has on the family.
Class Parent Sally James assisted Stephanie in the coordination work and many thanks to Sally for holding so much of the Fair organisation.

The Art Show team was also involved over months in the selection and set up of the works:
Donna Miller, Anna Street, Sarah Callaghan, Felicity Cutts, Adrian Farrow and Cassandra Grass. Thank you for such an outstanding display of such beautiful art works.

To the Class 4 Logistics team of Amanda and Benjamin Monnet-Demarbre, and Zoltan Glozik, a huge thank you for the very complicated organisational task involved in setting up and taking down what is a very large and sprawling event.

And thank you to all Class 4 parents for running all the events and activities.

Your gift was not just to the Glenaeon community. It was impressive to meet many people from the local area with children in other schools who look forward to the Glenaeon Fair as a special moment in the calendar, when the natural and simple play impulse of the child is manifested in a whole day of fun activities, stalls, craft and displays. It was of course physically tiring for everyone, in fact exhausting for the organisers, but so rejuvenating for the spirit, a reminder of how strongly the spirit of our community lives in such events as the Fair.


Warm regards,

Andrew Hill
Head of School

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